Rob Heath

Rob Heath

 Cochrane, Alberta, CAN


Edmonton-based singer/songwriter Rob Heath is first and foremost a storyteller. Nothing human is alien to Heath; hence he has a keen eye for observance of the human condition and an ardent ear for putting it all to music.

Heaths songs speak of the lessons- good and bad- he has obviously learned during his life. Emotionally, he resides in a borderless world. His songs run the gamut from: whimsical, sceptical, explosive, introspective, hopeful, heart-rending, brooding, clever, and at times simply about true love and all of them brutally honest.

The concept of being concise does not escape him, and he presents astute assessments of life in a three to four minute format. Delivery as well is succinct, and approach is what makes Heaths vocals noteworthy. His phrasing allows the lyric to shine.

Theres myriad subject matter and musical styles, yet there is a tie that binds. Its that Heaths music is relatable poetry, supported by listener-stickable melodies.

The quality of Heaths songwriting has been widely recognized. Over the years accolades for his songs have been many: won first place in the Calgary Folk Music Festival Songwriting Contest, won the New Folk competition at the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival, and won a Canadian Radio Music Award for Songwriter of the Year, nominated for Canadian Folk Music Awards Songwriter of the Year; over 200 radio stations on six continents have played his music; hes been on songwriting panels for AMIA, WCMA and SAC; plus hes had publishing deals with Glen Campbell Music, Don Goodman Music and Criterion/Atlantic Music.

The good news is, the best is yet to come, March 2 in fact, when Heath releases his fifth album The Trick, a treasure trove of timeless tunes. While the lyric content of the recording appears to be the soundtrack to Heaths own life, his poetry reveals truths of the shape all our lives have taken in todays increasingly complex world.

The title tune is arguably his finest work to date. The story take us back to youth, with the first chorus, When you are young you see a trick/You think its magic. The second adds this line, But you grow up you see magic and you think its just a trick. By the end of the tellers life, the song, and the last chorus, its But you grow old and you realize the magics everywhere/ The trick is just to see it there. Brilliant.

On these new songs, Heaths energized and unfettered. Musical depth and artistic creativity abound on this album.


Thrill Ride Operator

Written By: Words and Music: Rob Heath

Sparks start to fly
In your skyrocket eyes
There’s static in the air
One caramel kiss
From two apple lips
Sends shivers everywhere

Head’s in a dizzying spin
Following every curl

Love is a Tilt-A-Whirl
A hammering heart ex-Zillerator
Greatest rush on Earth
In the carnival of human nature
You’re a (my) thrill ride operator

Floods every sense
Feels so intense
I’m barely holding up
But if one touch
Was just too much
Now a thousand ain’t enough

Fight flight hold on tight
I don’t want to let go girl

My pulse accelerates
My body starts to shake
How much can I take

The Trick

Written By: Words and Music: Rob Heath and Steve Williams

I was seven and a half
She got hiccups every time she’d laugh
I thought we were meant to be
Found out it wasn’t up to me

Don’t know how a heart can ache
Till the first time that you feel one break
Looking back I think it was
Just something else dressed up as love”

When you are young you see a trick
You think its magic

I gave Sandra Lynn my heart
Promised her “until death do us part”
But with a house, the job, the kids
Love soon became the last thing on our list

And when the little things get missed
That can blow the flames out of a kiss
Sometimes I wondered when I dared
Was love ever really there?

Yeah when you are young you see a trick
You think its magic
But you grow up you see magic
And you think it’s just a trick

So where’d the magic go?
What becomes of love when you get old?
Well I found it once again
I found it where its always been

When you are young you see a trick
You think it’s magic
But you grow up you see magic
You think it’s just a trick
But you grow old and you realize
The magic’s everywhere
The trick is just to see it there
The trick is just to see it there”

No Reason To Complain

Written By: Words and Music: Rob Heath and Lisa Silver

Ran across a friend of mine
Heard he’d fallen on hard times
He was looking pretty grim
I asked him how he’s hanging in

He was silent for a little while
Then answered with that funny kind of smile
He said all I know is it’s up to me
If my cup’s half full or half empty

I got no reason
I got no reason
I got no reason to complain
There’s stuff we’re always wishin’ for
Enough is just a little more
I got no reason to complain

Now lately I bin working hard
Ain’t been getting very far
But I’ve got body mind and soul
And you right here with me to hold

When I think about all the things he said
It hits me in the heart and in the head
And I know right now what I have to do
I just got to change my point of view

When I’m blue and I’m feeling down
All I got to do is look around
At all these precious things that I have today
That in a minute fate could take away

Making Love With A Broken Heart

Written By: Words and Music: Rob Heath

You’ll know that you’re getting old like me
When your regrets take the place of dreams
Just a minute here’s a photograph
Ain’t she something? She could make me laugh

Yeah love can end badly
But the ecstasy is worth the agony

Wish I had never learned
To guard my emotions
Cause I only knew love
When my heart could still be broken

Is it reckless to love at any cost?
I got cautious and look at what I lost
You get hurt a couple times and then
Start to kiss with one eye open

But when things get off track
You can’t hold on by holding back

If I had never played it safe with her
If I had taken a leap of faith
After all they call it falling

Should’ve known it then (Broken)
Life was better when (Open)
And my heart could still be broken

Glory Of God

Written By: Words and Music: Rob Heath

Oh my name is Danyal
I’m almost eighteen
Their kind killed my father
When I was just three
I learned of our struggle
From elders who taught
The righteous must triumph
For the glory of God

Bin nearly a year now
I left those I loved
And laid down my prayer book
To pick up a gun
And stand with my brothers
For men of the cloth
Who promised we’d bask in
The Glory of God

Revenge can not right
Every wrong that’s been done
And It’s hard to find heaven
Down the sights of a gun
When souls become soldiers
Something gets lost
Then mothers make martyrs
To murder for what

So now as I lie here
And breathe my last breath
I wonder where are they
Who cheered me to death
The ones who preach bullets
And for whom I fought
Don’t see them here dying
For the Glory of God

Only Dream Worth Coming True

Written By: Words and Music: Rob Heath

Room 901 at the Sunset Hyatt
House of Blues across the street all lit up
I sit here my eyes glued to this TV screen
Alone in my room with all of these dreams

Some three thousand miles
From home I came
Guitar and suitcase chasing fortune and fame

Last night I dreamt I was in bed with you
Tonight that's the only dream worth
Coming true

Who knows where dreams come from
Sometimes I do
They're all I had till I first laid eyes on you
There was a time I had plans to stand tall
And show all my doubters t
They were wrong after all

And I thought my name up there
On the marquis
Would sooner or later make them all love me

But the doubters moved on
Now they’re just memories
Got the sweetest girl back home
With my family
You tell me I made you as proud as can be
But I'm here in LA and I’m watching TV

Has life passed me by awaiting the day
When all my dreams come
And my doubts go away

Low Cut Silk Dress

Written By: Words and Music: Rob Heath

I know you know I know the game
First you bait the hook
Then you watch me sweat it out
Trying not to look

Silk was tailor made
As any girl knows
So that women can
Go naked in clothes

I try and I try
To look you straight in the eye
(Telling myself not to look down
At what you got in the gown
Don’t want to seem like the kind
With one thing on his mind)
But its out of my hands I confess
When you take a breath
Wearing that
Low cut silk dress

A better man’d fight the fight
A better man would win
But baby you’re the better man
I think I’m giving in

A thick wool turtle neck
Might be playing fair
Cause when you’re wearing that
I don’t have a prayer

Fools aren’t born
They’re designed
By pretty girls in their spare time

Even knowing that
How can I resist
The best of men are still
Men at best


Written By: Words and Music: Rob Heath

You climb from the cold
And the darkness alone
Rise from the depths of
This life that you’ve known
Shed your old ways
And leave them behind
Reveal to the world
You’ve been changing inside

New life new eyes
To search so high
New wings to try
To reach for the sky

You rest for a moment
And bask in the sun
Gaze one last time
At where you come from
No going back there
To tha life anymore
Where they don’t see you
As they did before

You’ve known struggle
But now you’ll know the feeling
To touch the wild infinite blue
It’s not easy to break the laws of gravity
But its your destiny to

Little Help Down Here

Written By: Words and Music: Rob Heath

Bartender turns on CNN
More about guided missiles
And misguided men
You think the world’s going to end?

I gaze out the tavern window
At the starry night
Wishing on all the suns of others
Burning bright
That somebody sees the light
My planet’s blue one third from right

If you’re out there picking up this telecast
Making bets on if we’ll last
Beyond a close encounter of a thermal kind
Or a big bang of our own design
And you wonder if you ought to interfere
Well its time to drop the landing gear
We could use a little help down here

Here before time leaves my kind behind to be
Fossils that creatures in the future come to see
For a lesson in history
Just a dead branch of the family tree

In case you miss it
Your first time watching from above
There’s more to man than madness
Our saving grace is that we love
It’s hard to see that
Sometimes it’s even hard for us

Miracle of Creation

Written By: Words and Music: Rob Heath and Spencer Heath

Your brush bleeds trails ‘cross the page
Like jets across a blue sky
I climb up on your knee
To witness this with my eyes

Unraveling the mystery
Surrounding this alchemy
That conjures up new worlds from imagination
This miracle this miracle of creation

How can I know right now
The power this just gave me
To move a heart with just a thought
Will forever change me

You tell me an empty page has got
The magic of showing us
How hard it would be to be God

In my own way I’ll fill that page
One day when I’m tall
So I sit still - watch and learn
From the greatest of them…all


One More Day Above Ground
released October 28, 2008

Couple of Times Round the Sun
released June 24, 2005

Play On
released 1988

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