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I Don't Wanna Know

Written By: Robin Anne Joseph

You come to me like a prizefighter
Dancing 'round the mat,
I play the game and I take some jabs,
But I still don't know where you're at.

And I'd like to go the distance,
But you're much too far away,
Why don't you come a little closer--
It would knock me out if you would stay.

I don't wanna know about your plan,
All I wanna know is if you can.
I don't wanna know if you might,
That's a battle I don't wanna fight.
I don't really know whether you should,
All I wanna know is that you could.
I don't wanna know about your fear,
I just wanna know that you are here.

Well, I've been thrown against the ropes some,
And I've won a round or two,
But I can see that you're still dodging when I
Try to come to you.
Don't need no ring around my finger,
Just don't wanna linger 'round the ring.
I hear the final bell now--
It's time to shut up or to sing!


Come to me, come to me--
I don't wanna know about before,
I don't wanna hear it anymore.
I dare you--take a leap into your fear,
And you'll see that I will still be here.