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Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE | AFM

Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE | AFM
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"Robin Brock - April 6, 2002"

I'd been anticipating this night since the first time I heard Robin Brock's debut album and was instantly blown away by it. As it happens, she played only an hour or so away from me, but I would happily have travelled anywhere in the UK to catch Robin on her first visit here.

Despite playing to much larger audiences in her native Canada, Robin confessed to me before the show that she was actually nervous about tonight - because I was in the audience. She must have heard about what an ogre I am when it comes to penning live reviews. As it happens, her concerns were unfounded, as any criticism that I could level would be directed at her touring band, but as they had been assembled just for this tour and only had one rehearsal with Robin, it would seem churlish to expect them to be watertight. What did stand out was just how much fun they were having on stage, and this wasn't lost on the sudience, whose enthusiasm matched that of the musicians, as they clapped and cheered heartily after every number.

A good mixture of tracks from both of Robin's albums saw her crooning seductively on the likes of "I'm Doin' Fine" and "I Surrender", and kicking up a storm on big hitters such as "Rockin' On the Airwaves", "She's Outta Control" and "These Walls", which was the highlight of the show and featured a steller performance from Robin.

You may recall that I was critical of the direction that Robin's second album took, ending my review of it with "I'm guessing that the chance of her performing "Naked", for me after this review is very unlikely," a comment that amused Robin so much that prior to playing "Naked", she introduced the song as being for her good friend, Mark, which was nice.

After the show, I joined Robin and her entourage for dinner, during which she mentioned that her soon to be recorded third album will be a welcome return to the rock style of her debut. So just one final question remains unanswered: where on earth did Robin's tailor find a crocodile that had mated with a tiger?

Set list:
"Lipstick & Lace",
"I'm Doin' Fine",
"In This Skin", Naked",
"I Surrender",
"The Game",
"These Walls",
"Rockin' On the Airwaves",
"If I Can Forget",
"Goddess Of Rock & Roll",
"She's Outta Control".

Words by Mark Hoaksey. Powerplay Issue 34 - June 2002
- Classic Rock Society, Rotherham

"Monsters CD review clips"

|"Monsters" is a groovy, catchy song...certainly contagious. The superbly sleazy "Master and Slave"...if you've never had a song make you feel dirty before, you need to hear this. It's mesmerizingly, filthily brilliant. -

"Various Review Clips"

What people are saying about ROBIN BROCK

"A powerful & professional piece of work"
Kamloops Midweek

"Brock's voice puts other Canadian vocalists to shame"
See Magazine - Toronto

"Robin Brock's debut album, Blame it on Rock & Roll comes flying at you with wailing guitars. Raw & powerful, this album is made of simple but fiery rock & roll. Brock has a pure, unraspy voice which takes off the edge a bit and gives it some soul."
Impact Magazine

"Brock has a style of her own and an energetic voice that makes listening to her more a joy than a chore. "
Scene Magazine

"These songs are straight ahead stuff with little pretension or condescension."
RPM Magazine

“Robin Brock unleashes an impressive collection of exuberant and driving vocals. The album has a tight energetic feel & manages to avoid the usual formulaic lyrics of most rock fare.”
Campus Canada -

“Robin Brock astounds people with a voice and an attitude that wraps itself around that big rock flag. She generates astonishment from those who hear & see her for the first time”.
Kamloops this week

“Rock singer Robin Brock is dynamite on stage.”
Eagle Valley News

“This is a definite must have for anyone out there craving something they can really get their teeth in. Robin Brock is surely on her way to success.”
Black Velvet Glam Punk Rock Magazine

“I was quickly under no illusions, this lady can rock with the best of them. Brock has a powerful rock voice, somewhere between Pat Benatar, Ann Wilson & Shania Twain. The material of this Cd suits the panache & style of her singing. Her ability & potential should make plenty of new fans & followers.”
Classic Rock Society

“Finally . . A new female rocker that can both sing & write some good songs. Robin has a great voice that reminds me a lot of Ann Wilson. This album is a must for every fan of female fronted AOR/Rock.”
- Various publishers

"More reviews"

“Whilst there are a plethora of female pop and R & B Artists currently in the limelight, there seems to be a lack of women who “rock.” Robin Brock certainly is an exception, and a good one at that. with the release of her latest album, we finally get to hear hard rock with female vocals (which has not been done in a while). And most importantly rocks.”
Wondrous Stories

“The melodic rock of Robin Brock is well worth listening to.
Strutter Magazine - Holland

“I Lied" is a beautiful mid tempo New Country/AOR tune with haunting vocals & great vocal harmonies. This girl should release an album with only ballads on it. I swear she would receive instant World fame with it.”
Majestic Magazine

The first track “She’s Outta Control” blasts you with wailing guitars and the powerful, sexy, dynamic voice of Robin Brock. Blend together both of these electric packed qualities and you have one hell of an album.” 10/10.
International Music Promotions.

“I love this album with a passion, the kind of passion that the lovely Canadian songstress has crafted into each of the 10 wonderful rocked up new country songs.”
Powerplay Magazine

“With the power & poise of Pat Benatar, the charm of Ann Wilson and Celine Dion & the lively delivery of Joan Jett, Robin is as complete a singer as you are likely to find anywhere. And with the marvelous songs to showcase her talents, I’m sure there’s nothing that she can’t achieve. Pure magic.”
Powerplay Magazine

Canada has produced some of the finest female melodic hard rock singers. Add Robin Brock to this most impressive list.

I was totally blown away, Robin Brock is rock ‘n’ roll through and through, This Cd became an instant favorite the moment I heard it and I still can’t get enough. If you buy one album this year, make sure it’s “Blame it on Rock and Roll”. There is no doubt in my mind that Robin Brock is gonna be a Star. No one hit wonder here. Robin Brock has created a tight, solid album and there’s not a weak song in sight. Just buy it, you won’t regret it...GUARANTEED!
Paul Autry - Ballbuster Magazine


I liked her set considerably more this year than last year’s acoustic set. Considering that the backing band had only met her the night before, the tightness of the performance was incredible. A nice mixture of ballads and mid-tempo rockers, her set was exceptional and very well received. 9/10

Heavy Harmonies - Ultrasound 2001, Burbank, CA.

Now it’s the time for singer Robin Brock to confirm her talent with her second album produced by expert Keith Olsen. (Whitesnake, Fleetwood Mac, etc.)
In effect these twelve songs are more mature and deep compared to the debut, and are the reign of ROCK and nothing else, setting as target the more adult audience. In HIDDEN POWER we find the tough blues “The Game”. Elegant pop like “These Walls” and “Read My Mind”, the dramatic ballad “You Let Me” allowing Robin to spread her soulful singing on the charming instrumental melodies.
Other nice songs are the hypnotic “Don’t” and the different atmosphere mixed in “I Surrender” that owns a strong refrain. “After The Storm” is a good pop/rock with an ultra catchy refrain, followed by the rough and mid paced southern rock “Naked”, and after all of this energy, there’s “Goddess” to burn the speakers with a rock worthy of the best Bachman Turner Overdrive, with semi ballad “That Scares Me” to close a well crafted Cd with no filler.

Flash Magazine - Italy.

The raw edged vitality of her voice wins your ear. Our two favourites I’m Doin’ Fine (Without You) and I Surrender.. Oh, to be that young again and emotionally dichotomous, deliberately or otherwise.

Bill Watt’s World - Toronto Free Press

Some of Robin’s songs would be ideal for radio with a commercial feel to them making them appeal to a wider audience. With 14 good songs but sadly no encore hopefully it won’t be long before we get a Welcome return from Robin Brock.

Classic Rock Society - Rotherham - Live show

All of the songs are of a very high quality, and that’s what counts. I loved the honest sound of this CD."
Metal Maidens - Holland

Canadian rocker Robin Brock’s follow-up is an impressive powerhouse release that can comfortably sit alongside the likes of Sheryl Crow and Bryan Adams.
Phase 9 Music - U.K.

Robin has a strong powerful edgy voice, she sings with passion and conviction. Hidden Power is an energetic collection of rock songs that are delivered by high powered vocalist - Robin Brock.
Laura Turner Lynch for

"These Walls" is a great melodic track with a chorus that grabs you instantly.
AOR Europe

A first listen will inevitably draw you towards her powerful voice, while a second will open a
wider vista to you that's ready to be explored.
hEARD Magazine - NSW Australia

Tracks like "I Surrender" pounce about with as much class as they do energy. "Goddess" is
a tongue-in-cheek and perhaps unintentionally prophetic work."

This new disc absolutely rocks. It gets my highest recommendation for a female recording
act in a heck of a long time.
Poineer Journal - Summerside PEI, Canada

The album is a tour de force of great songwriting and wonderful musicianship, from the opener "I'm Doin' Fine", to the closing track, the awesome "That Scares Me".
Wondrous Stories - UK

A cool and refreshing sounding rock album.
Universal Wheels

Soulful, sassy and provocative, Brock combines both ballads and powerhouse rock, with an inkling of New Country, in a performance that will keep you wanting more...Her melodious vocals inspire listeners that are looking for something jazzy to sing along with.

A good mixture of tracks from both of Robin's albums saw her crooning seductively on the likes of "I'm Doin' Fine" and "I Surrender", and kicking up a storm on big hitters such as "Rockin' On the Airwaves", "She's Outta Control" and "These Walls", which was the highlight of the show and featured a stellar performance.
Powerplay Review of Rotherham, UK show.

...I suffered for all those other female rock vocalists. Robin Brock doesn't sound anything like
them. She brings with her the inevitable promise of 'fresh energy' or 'new attitude'. All the songs are intimate. But hey! It's pop/rock - we're not looking for political beliefs or social disarray - we're looking for romantic promises and heartbreak hotels. Songs to either weep or
cuddle. Except, of course, for "I'm Doin' Fine" the ultimate advice on revenge - if "Mastercard dresses" and "Visa Shoes" tells you anything about a real woman's power...
"In This Skin" is lyrically one of the best tracks on the album. It's focus is on the author: In this skin is: the lover, the singer, the mother, the writer, the woman, the fighter...this little girl. So goes the chorus...this is my favourite. Actually, Robin Brock is Radio....
- various


Robin Brock - Blame it on Rock and Roll
Robin Brock - Hidden Power
Robin Brock - Monsters



“P!NK collides with Def Leppard to give you the lyrical sorcery of Robin Brock.”

This rock Goddess from British Columbia, Canada has definitely done things her own way, and with the independent release of her third album, she continues to do just that.
Monsters, is produced and co-written by Robin’s long time co-writer, hit songmeister John Capek. It’s graced with the brilliant guitar work of Rik Emmett, Danny Jacob and Justin Abedin.
“Monsters is about rising from the ashes. Each song is my own personal experience, but with Universal themes.” Robin says. “It has loads of rippin’guitars, flowing melodies, and plenty of attitude, but with a modern rock twist.”
Recently released to UK and European Media, the reviews are in, and they’re kick-butt.
Sturgis North, a subsidiary of world renowned Sturgis Motorcycle Rally has invited Robin and her band to perform in July 2011.
A small UK and European tour is in the works for Fall 2011.
It’s apparent who influences this self-proclaimed Kiss Freak musically - she’s been described as a mix of Kiss, Def Leppard, Shania Twain, Heart, Benatar and Pink, but without a doubt, Robin has a voice and style that‘s all her own.
Admiration for Benatar was a catalyst for getting Keith Olsen to produce her second album Hidden Power, a collection of guitar driven, heavily melodic rock songs, with Tim Pierce (guitars), Jeff Pilson (bass), and James Kottak (drums). “Each day in the studio was amazing. I learned so much, and to write, not one, but three songs with Randy Bachman was pretty damn cool too.”
Blame It On Rock and Roll, Robin’s debut album, produced and co-written by Capek, is pure classic rock at its very best. Danny Jacob (guitars), Steve Webster (bass), Jorn Andersen (drums), and Capek (keys), made that happen. “I couldn’t have asked for a better team to help me bring these songs to life.”
Robin released Blame It On Rock and Roll in Canada, and with the national airplay, the acclaim and the numerous songwriting awards it received, it got the attention of A2 Records in the UK.
A2 introduced Robin to Europe and the UK, and the Rock, Metal and Classic Rock communities fell in love with her, voting her #2 Female Vocalist and #1 International Artist in the UK Magazine Powerplay. She has been featured, reviewed in, on the cover and covermount of many European magazines and webzines, and has had extensive airplay throughout the UK and Europe. Both albums were Album of the Week on British Armed Forces Radio.
With this success, Robin has toured in Canada, Romania, Australia, USA, and the UK.
Her music is currently being played on conventional and internet radio, and numerous podcasts.
Robin signed with TSM Promotions, for European and UK promotion. She is involved with a Canadian based company who support “We Salute Our Heroes.”
Robin has forayed herself into a new venue – House Concerts. “Being in such intimate quarters with an audience, telling them what inspired my songs, without hiding behind a band was intimidating at first. But the industry has drastically changed since I released and toured with my first two albums, and it’s one more way to bring my music to my die-hard fans and make new ones."
Whether she's rocking out with a full band; blasting the crowd with wailing guitars, or if it’s just her and her guitar in an intimate house concert setting, Robin casts her spell.
Robin Brock refuses to lip-sync.
Twitter: @robinbrockrocks