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Robin English

Mansfield, Texas, United States | INDIE

Mansfield, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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"Robin English - Self-Titled"

If ever there was a girl who just wants to have fun, it has to be Robin English. But lest you think that’s all there is to this artist’s vision, read the album credits. Not only is she solo or co-writer on all the songs on this CD, she also produced, played harmonica and did the paintings on the CD.

Looking at the photos of this Texas beauty, you can’t help but immediately like her. There is just something compelling about her. The fact that the singer is shown on the inside jacket wearing a bathing suit top and short shorts, and swinging her guitar like a baseball bat, doesn’t hurt. You somehow know this girl would probably be your best friend. But don’t let the glint in her eye fool you. She’s aiming for hits.

The opening track is a song of humility and regret. It’s a perfect match for Robin’s bluesy and sincere vocal style. I’m The One makes you wish that you could be there to pick up the pieces of her broken heart, and make her love you as much as she did the fool who couldn’t love her back. Mournful, melodic and lyrically hooky, you’re ready to hear more. And she delivers.

Cotton Field Girl starts off with a verbal dissertation from Robin on her grandmother’s life. And than we hear how Frances Ann Grinder survived a life of hardship. Enjoy The Ride, Mission Of Mercy and Lion and The Lamb all have spiritual overtones. Compassionate without being preachy, there’s a common theme running thru them. Life’s not easy, but we might as well take the good with the bad, and give something back along the way.

English’s Texas roots surface several times in her other songs. Yellow Rose In Me is one of them. But the truly entertaining and witty Mama Don’t Let Your Cowboys Grow Up To Be Babies is a home run. This is for every woman who has ever been involved with a guy who just doesn’t want to grow up and take responsibility for his life. Sad to say there are way too many of them out there. Sung with a wink, Robin manages to make her point-without pointing any middle fingers at the male species. Clever Girl. But the lyric says it all. “If he looks good in the saddle, he’s all hat no cattle, ladies just let him ride on. Chances are he’s rotten, cause no one has taught him, what it really means for a man to be strong. ”Uh huh, nuff said!

Robin English is a major talent. She’s got style and substance, heart and soul, and a darn good record too. You go girl!!!
Nancy's rating:
4 out of 5 guitars
- by Nancy Montgomery

"Robin English"

Guide Rating - Three and a half stars!

The Bottom Line

Robin English is off to a great start with her self-titled debut CD. Her songwriting abilties will, no doubt, ensure a future second album.

*    No fluffy filler songs
*    All but a few of the songs were written or co-written by the artist

*    A live performance of Robin's is much better because she can really rock a stage!

Guide Review - Robin English - Robin English

Robin English has a sultry vocal style with a touch of blues entwined. Her debut album captures the true essence of Robin and her style, yet we found that attending one of her live shows truly out performs her recorded music by far.
One of the unexpected surprises of the CD was that one of my favorite local songwriters Larry Wayne Clark has co-written three of its songs. He has definitely raised the caliber of this album as he has done with many others in the past. Amazingly, Robin had a part in writing and/or co-writing every song except for one and that's no small job to accomplish. - Jan Duke

"Remarkable Acclaim"


"Robin came in here with her guitar and harmonica and was set up to sing within 45 seconds. The entire station stood still with goose bumps as she played the guitar AND her harmonica. She blew us away with her voice and left us with a moment we will never forget." - Vanessa Valli, KWEY - Weatherford, OK

"I was greatly impressed by Robin's performance during an on-air interview I did with her. Her voice and playing were flawless, the songs moving, and the overall energy, enthusiasm, and attitude told me she was going places. A bright young talent with a great future!" - Jeff (The Cos) Cosby, KRVL - Kerrville, TX

"I have just experienced the Robin English effect... she just left and I am blown away... so talented and "real"... I had her do 3 songs "live" on the radio complete with her harmonicas...If she does not make it, there is something really wrong... she is so Texas!" - Jim Patrick KIKT- Greenville, TX.

"Robin English stopped by. She was great- sounded great on air. We had a lot of callers to comment about her singing ability. They loved her songs. She did a live performance and she sounded great!" - Buddy Jackson- KYYK 98.3 Palestine, TX

"What a fantastic performer she is! SHE IS TEXAS TO THE BONE! You can expect big things from this lady. She blows an awesome harp, plays a mean guitar and what a great voice- super control! One of the best things to come across my desk in a long time! Check her out!" - Tony Horn- Mighty 93 KSTV- Stephenville, TX

"The tempo is up, but the lyric is about poverty and hard times. The message is to hang tough and persevere, no matter what. Extra points for her excellent harmonica playing." - Robert K. Oermann - Music Row (review of "Cotton Field Girl")

"The day Robin arrived was hectic and I was working from behind the eight-ball. But when she came in with her infectious personality she soon turned the day around. Then she performed. We've had quite a few artists through in the last five years and after all was said and done, she ranks right up there with Jack Ingram. We were so impressed we added "Cotton Field Girl" immediately on the spot! Here's an artist that exceeds your highest expectation... she's got what it takes to make an impression not only on Texas radio, but nationwide. Best of all, she'll be a great torchbearer for the women of Texas Country! In one word, Robin English is 'it'."
- Tony St. James, KFLP - Floydada-Plainview, TX

"Robin English is a major talent. She's got style and substance, heart and soul, and a darn good record. She delivers!"

Nancy Montgomery, Music News Nashville

"Robin was an absolute pleasure to have in the studio; beautiful, charming AND incredibly talented. Instead of the usual 5-10 minutes I set aside for interviews like that, I had Robin in for 35-40 minutes and the time just flew by. I look forward to having her back in! To say I was impressed with my introduction to Robin would be an epic understatement. Her physical beauty and engaging personality belies a powerful, soulful voice, seamless guitar and harmonica, and song writing skills all delivered with passion that commands you to sit up and take notice. Robin is a total package whose time has come!"

- Dennis Allen, KDCD - San Angelo, TX

"Awesome Girl, Singer, Performer and Person. Blew Me Away. You have got to have Robin at your radio station. Seeing, along with hearing, is believing. Giddy Up."
- JB Cloud, KBCY - Abilene, Texas

"Robin is one of the best singer/songwriters I've head in a long time. This is what Texas Music really should sound like." - Ti Martin, KBAL - San Saba, Texas

"Robin's a soulful, strong sounding country singer who can't resist the blues (that's a compliment). Her songs are solid and well sung." - Tom Geddie, Buddy Magazine - Dallas, TX

"Robin English is an outstanding artist to welcome to the scene. She's a guitar pickin', harmonica playin' talent with honest, soulful music."

Tracy Nicole, KYKC - Ada, OK

"There is not one disappointing track on this album and I can't say enough about this exceptionally talented artist."
Penny Rondinella -

"Robin English came in and rocked my world last week with the harp, the guitar, and the amazing lyrics to her songs. You have got to check her out!"

Lisa Marie, KSCN - Sulphur Springs, TX
"Robin English was in the studio last week- KILLER PERFORMANCE! THE REAL DEAL! She needs to be played!" - Jim Patrick, KIKT - Greenville, TX

"This is rockin' country with plenty of electric guitars and plenty of attitude!"

- William Ruhlmann - AllMusic Guide

"Texas-bred singer/songwriter Robin English has already made her mark as a songwriter in Nashville (Tracy Lawrence cut her co-write A Far Cry From You on his 2004 'comeback' album); and now she makes her debut on disc with this self-titled collection of mostly all original material (many of the same songs on the album were also part of earlier indie release). Robin English has a powerful and sultry vocal style, at times reminiscent of Bobbie (Ode To Billie Joe) Gentry." - Country Music News

"Last week we had Robin English in our studio and couldn't be more pleased with her visit. She was so comfortable in the studio and her musical skills and vocals were outstanding! We were very impressed with the guitar and harmonica at the same time. We're looking to see her make it big."
- Karen Erwin, KYOX - Comanche, TX

"To Country Music Radio - you need to take a look at real, God-given talent, real music - this is what music should be - absolutely terrific! This entire cd keeps my attention - everybody needs to hear it - she is a great!" - Eric Harley co-host of the Midnight Trucking Show on WBAP - Arlington, TX SIRIUS Satellite Radio - Miscellaneous


Cotton Field Girl- Top Ten in Texas- 2007
Girl In Love- Top Twenty Country Billboard Single Sales- 2001
Mama's Don't Let Your Cowboys Grow Up To Be Babies- #13 Texas Music Chart
Velvet Covered Brick- album release October 2007
One of the most played indie artists of 2007



The first time Robin English opened for Willie Nelson, she received a standing ovation. Willie invited her to sing with him during his show. When she took the stage, he motioned to whisper something in her ear. He said, "I heard you knocked 'em out!" She knocks 'em out wherever she goes.

Robin English grew up in a family jam in Texas. Her grandmother played ragtime piano, her grandfather played harmonica, her uncle played the mandolin, and her parents both played guitar, wrote songs, and sang. Her sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, and family friends all joined in to make a joyful noise. Robin found her own voice inspired by their homegrown blues, rock, country, gospel, and folk.

In addition to playing music, Robin's parents encouraged her to go to school and get an education. She studied in Dallas,TX, Paris, France, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and finally, Nashville, Tennessee where she got her degree in English and Music Business. She then went on to attend law school for several years. Although she excelled in law school, her calling was in music. So she put up her law books and got out her guitar. She set her sites on songwriting and becoming a recording artist.

She signed her first record deal in 2000 with Sony/Columbia Records. She coproduced an album with Paul Worley (Dixie Chicks), Kyle Lehning (Randy Travis) , and George Massenburg (Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, Earth, Wind, and Fire). Her single, "Girl In Love" cowritten with hit songwriter Marcus Hummon, was on Billboard's Top 20 single sales chart for more than 8 months. The video was also in the Top 10 most requested videos for GAC. In spite of the success of the single, Sony had 5 downsizes during the time Robin was on Columbia. Sony had fired most of the people who signed her and she felt that it was time to move on. It took her almost 2 years to be released.

Once she gained her freedom, Robin was ready to make more music. She decided to start an independent label with her family.

In 2007, Robin was one of the most played indie artist's in the Texas. The current album, Velvet Covered Brick, Robin's song "Cotton Field Girl" rose to the Top Ten in Texas. Robin's single, "Mama's Don't Let Your Cowboys Grow Up To Be Babies," a thought-provoking, fun tribute to her heroes, rose to number 13 and was featured on a segment on ESPN.

She has spent the last couple of years writing for a new project and playing clubs and venues in Nashville, Austin, Oklahoma, and the Dallas Fort Worth area..
She plans to return to the studio this fall and continue playing.

Robin's work ethic and experience have paid off as she has continued to hone her skills as a writer, producer, and performer. She has opened and played with great artists such as Will Hoge, Roger Creager, Reckless Kelly, Clint Black, Hal Ketchum, Brad Paisley, and Wille Nelson. She has written more than 500 songs. She has cowritten with more than 130 writers including hit writers and Hall of Famers. With the success of Velvet Covered Brick, Robin is poised to build her momentum. As Hal Ketchum said, "Robin English is a true artist who needs to be heard- the sooner the better."