Robin Hackett

Robin Hackett


Joni Mitchell and Tracy Chapman meet Nina Simone and Sheryl Crow in a cafe and then go for a ride with Keith Urban. Urban Folk/Jazz


Robin's song "Hard Left" has appeared on the CBS hit show "How I Met Your Mother".
It’s more than just the distinctive, silky voice that has won Robin Hackett acclaim. She’s also a respected musician and accomplished songwriter brazenly paving the road with a new genre of music called “urban folk.” Defined as a co-mingling of contemporary, pop, jazz, folk and world music, “urban folk” is as much about the musician as it is about the music. In a world where creativity is not always at the forefront, Robin has been
creating music as eclectic as her upbringing.
Born the only daughter of an Air Force sergeant,
Robin grew up along the Rhine River in a small German village. With no American television and too much time on her hands, she quickly gravitated toward an old beat up guitar and the book “Learn To Play the Guitar in Ten Days.” It was then that her creative journey was launched. “Not a day went by when my parents weren’t playing the likes of Joni Mitchell, John Coltrane, Wes Montgomery, Crosby Stills & Nash, and Nancy Wilson records. I just soaked in those sounds”.

Once Robin returned to the States she set her sights on New York City and immediately following college graduation moved to the Big Apple. It was in those first years that time seasoned her voice and experience seasoned the artist.
Since making her musical debut with an acclaimed collection of songs in her first CD One Foot Barefoot, she’s won the hearts of many and is being recognized as a featured artist on television. Her song Hard Left debuted on “How I Met Your Mother” on April 10, 2006 and she was a guest artist on KDFW, Fox 4 Good Day in March. Robin was also featured on CNBC television and has appeared in Acoustic Guitar Magazine, PC Magazine, and Mac World Magazine. Robin has won the hearts of many Internet listeners worldwide. Robin’s fans voted Sayin Goodbye as the #1 Jazz song on and tunes Jimmy Dean and Come On Love as the #2 and 3 best folk songs. She appeared on the charts along with other notables such as K.D.
Lang and Emmy Lou Harris. Robin performed in the world famous JVC Jazz Festival in New York City and was a Lilith Fair Finalist and has opened for Elektra Recording artist Keb Mo’ and Woodstock legend Ritchie Havens.

Today Robin lives near Dallas, TX and has been gathering a strong following playing to standing room only crowds around the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. She has also just finished two new CD projects, Now She Dances, her sophomore urban folk rock album and Love Again, her debut jazz album.

‘She sings jazz like she invented it and folk as if it was invented for her’ –CD Baby Listener Review
Contact:, 972-346-6270,


Hard Left

Written By: Robin Hackett/William Brooks

Sorry baby but its gettin too much to take
I close my eyes, I know my hearts about to break
I'm down on my knees tryin to pick myself up
When the battles over
seems nothins not enough

The way you do me
you know it hurts me to the bone
And How you touch me, I'd be better off alone
Sayin I'm sorry till I'm blue in the face
Leaves me empty with no love left to waste

We promise to have
Oh, we promise to hold
How does a promise
Ever grow old?

So listen baby, I'm gonna get back on my feet
Tuck this old shirt in and
wipe the crimson off my cheek
Remember these secrets were all that I kept
When I pull out this drive way and hang a
Hard Left


"One foot Barefoot" Produced by Jon Gordon
"Love Again" - Release Aug. 2006 Produced by Robin Hackett, Kim Bock
"Now She Dances" - Release Oct. 2006

Set List

I do my own original material acoustically and with a full band. I also have a book of Jazz standards that I perform with a jazz ensemble.