Robin J. Landry

Robin J. Landry



Robin Landry started out in a blues rock band writing and singing lead. She now writes and sings a mixture of country/rock originals. Major influences are Bruce Springsteen, Patty Loveless, Alanis Morrisette, Keith Urban


Does She Know

Written By: Landry/Wilds

Does She Know

Does she know, about you and me
Does she know you’re not the man, you want to be
Does she listen, to your fears
Does she hold you close at night,
Does she ever see your tears

Does she know, that you love her smile
But it’s not something that you’ve seen,
For quite a while
Does she know, that you’d go running back
If she said the word
Gave you the tenderness you lack


But I won’t help her make you stay
Cause she won’t love you anyway
Like I do
And so she’ll lose, your love

Does she ever, ask what you need?
Does she offer you a warm embrace,
Or does she make you plead?
Does she know, that she breaks your will
When she puts you down
And yet sometimes, you want her still



If she’d only seen the signs
Stopped to realized, that your love was slipping away
Would she try to save
What was left—of your love

What Used To Be

Written By: Robin Landry

What Used To Be

Days start too early
When I wake up all alone
The first thing I think is you
And I curse the telephone

It don’t ring, cause you don’t call
Then it hits me and I feel it all

I just want, what used to be
I never wanted to be free

Empty can’t describe
What my life’s become
There’s no color anywhere
And my body has gone numb

But you don’t care, cause you’ve moved on
You’ll forget me before too long


Amazing how easy
It all was for you
To leave me crying
A brand new shade of blue

But don’t matter in your mind
Cause you’ll just go on with your life


Only when I sleep
Only when I dream
Do you have you back

If only it could be
If you only could see
But that’s a feeling you lack


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