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Robin Lee Field

Newburyport, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Newburyport, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
Band Country Singer/Songwriter


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"Utica Music Festival Performer"

Robin has been selected to perform at the Utica Music Fest September 18-20, 2008. This festival will showcase some of the best unsigned bands and talent in the world. - Utica Music Festival

"Gold Artist Award from"

May 2008: Robin just received a Gold Artist Award from - RadioIndy.Com

"SingerUniverse Top 5 Vocalist Awards!"

Robin received 4 Top 5 vocalist awards from SingerUniverse in 2008. - SingerUniverse

"GrIndie Award from RadioIndy!"

RadioIndy is proud to present Robin Lee Field a GrIndie Award for her CD "Northeast Girl."
A GrIndie Award is RadioIndy's stamp of approval that this CD is an excellent quality CD. Please join us in congratulating this artist on this accomplishment.
Date received: September 2008 -

"11 Songs on Top 20 Charts!"

Robin has 11 of her songs on the top 20 Charts on!
Thank you so much RadioIndy and all your listeners!
January 26, 2009 -

""NorthEast Girl" CD Release"

Robin just released her very first CD "NorthEast Girl" on cdbaby! With many many more releases to come, Robin is thrilled to offer this to you as she introduces herself to the music world! Please see some initial reviews from her late May 2008 release.

CDBABY Review:
there's hope...
author: Ulf Kjell Gür
with genuine artists like Robin Lee Field there's hope for others that share her open mind and voice of music to be heard, loved and adored, "northeast girl" brings a unique message to the listener, don't miss out on this treat buddies of all sexes

"Northeast Girl" is a smooth blend of Country, Blues and Folk brought to you by Singer/Songwriter Robin Lee Field. Robin's voice is well seasoned and has a booming, powerful quality behind a graceful delivery. The lyrics are very real-world and based on reflections of life, love and emotional intricacies. "The Voice" is the instrument at the forefront of the sound. The arrangements behind are subtly driving and delicately accentual, with a good instrument variation.The production quality is very good and the musicianship is quite good. Highlights include the title track "Northeast Girl," a touching story about the artist's love for Boston. "How About Some Sweet Love" features an intimate vocal performance and a nice melodic guitar progression. "1975" has another nice guitar progression and a lovely story, reflective of earlier years. If you enjoy female singer-songwriters and relevant, real-world, and emotional lyrics, give this CD a try.
-William and the Reviewer Team


"Music Nation Features Robin!"

News Flash! May 12, 2008
Music Nation Says
"FEATURED ARTIST ROBIN LEE FIELD This “Next GAC Star” competitor proves that even New England produces future country hitmakers."
- Music Nation


Some of Robin's accomplishments:

2010 Grammy Nomination for "When You Kiss Me", Best Country Female.
SingerUniverse - top 5 vocalist award several times in both 2008 and 2010.
NorthEast Girl - First Official CD Release 2008
Silver Road - Robin's 2nd CD Release - September 2009
RadioIndy Featured Spotlight Artist - Multiple times 2009
RadioIndy GrIndie Award for "NorthEast Girl"
RadioIndy Gold Artist Award - Several songs on top 20 charts.
Selected by Moiko Records for Compilation CDs "A Wish For Country" and "Moiko Showcase".
Selected by QuickStar productions for Compilation CD "Chill Out".

I am currently recording my extensive song collection that spans 3 decades of music and always writing new material. I plan to release my third CD in 2011!



About Robin...

What does someone do when they have been writing songs all their life, in fact hundreds of songs, shared their music with only family and friends, had a demanding professional life but not in music, and then one day realize time is passing...In 2007 Robin began to share her music online. She has been a Singer/Songwriter of the heart since she wrote her first song at 9 years old. While her professional life took her elsewhere through the years, her music has always been waiting. Robin decided it was "Now or Never" and bought a home recording studio and taught herself the basics of recording. Then she began arranging all her songs, adding backup, multiple instruments and harmonies, all simply just Robin. With more than 3 decades of songs she has written, she has recorded 80+ of her songs since 2007, and has hundreds more waiting for her. She also has continued to write new material. It has been long overdue for Robin to deliver her music that has been known and loved through the years to her family and friends. Robin hopes to start appearing all over, sharing her heart, her wonderful sense of humor, and her precious music that has been waiting for her all these years… The most important thing to Robin is, she will never regret in years to come that she didn't share all these songs with you...

Robin's Story...

My name is Robin Lee Field, and I was born into a family with wonderful music roots in Southern New Hampshire, and blessed with a mother whose beautiful voice still gives me chills to this day. My mom and dad had a Country&Western band when I was young, called the Westernaires...

Both my older sister Karen and I, at ages 8 and 6, performed with my parents at various fairs and venues in New England, all decked out in traditional western dress. We were backed up by Gracie, our cool steel guitar honky tonk aunt, and a full band, with this emcee fellow named Ralph, who had a french accent and was quite a character! I had a younger brother Jeff too, but he wasn't ready yet to join the band. In years to come he would become the best rock drummer I have ever heard. We also had a radio program on WOTW that would air at 6 am and we would listen every morning all excited about hearing ourselves on the radio! Those were the good times...

It wouldn't be long before I picked up a ukelele, then a guitar and wrote my first song. I was nine years old and felt a burning need to express my innermost feelings in the shape of words and melody... My home life was full of turmoil in those days, and gone were the sweet memories of the Westernaires. My parents had a very painful marriage with all the images one can imagine... no need to say more... and I found I could take my silent feelings of pain, loss, fear, and anger and have them come to life and comfort me in the essence of a song.

I continued to write songs and when I was older, I began playing at coffeehouses in New Hampshire and later Massachusetts. My songs were my personal expressions, and my heart at it's deepest level. Words I couldn't come to say, and feelings I couldn't share with others would all be said in my songs. My style as a teenager, was growing into a blend of country and blues, contemporary and folk with influences from the 70's like Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, Dylan, Neil Young, James Taylor and Cat Stevens. I also had a great attraction to Elvis songs and the Memphis sound, but I was always the biggest fan of my Mom and still am today.

She played professionally, 6 days a week, for years at the Wagon Wheel in Massachusetts, a New England mecca for Country where big names performed there all the time. It is sad to me in some ways that she never wanted to "make it" in the music industry, because her voice is such a gift and the world should hear her. Barbara Mandrell once came to the Wagon Wheel in the 80's, and after hearing my mother sing, she asked her to go on tour with her, but the answer was a firm NO. If you knew Joanne Jones, you would indeed know why. She was never one to compromise herself, but most definately was and is a Star in the purest sense to me... It is so important to acknowledge my mom in my biography, because the gift of music I have been given, came from the woman who gave birth to me. And any person I can touch with the songs I have written, is a testimony to how I have been touched by my mom and her music...

Throughout the years I continued writing and creating, never losing my heart connection, and playing out from time to time, here and there. While my professional life took me in other directions, my music was allowed to develop at it's own pace and time, always a precious gem to me. You can hear the country background in alot of my songs, but also the blues, rock and roll, pop, and traces of the acoustic folk I loved during the 70's. My song collection is really the journal of my life, from heartfelt ballads to up tempo country rock, the music flows from an inner place that