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Hip Hop Producer and Engineer to the Stars Prepares Her Debut Release


“Robin Mays – imagine if 50 and Kanye had a baby and raised her down south”

So mused one fan of the Atlanta beauty. Robin Mays' style of hip hop is a combination of hard-hitting, self produced tracks with a southern “twang” to them and strong, street lyrics and vocals that hold you tight just before they pull you in.

Since launching her career as a Hip Hop artist, Robin Mays has established herself as an artist on the rise around the country and soon the world. Though she has years of experience in the music business as an engineer and producer, she has had no problem adjusting to life as an artist and performer. Her professionalism is renowned.

Robin Mays has been a featured artist on songs with many popular hip hop artists. Her credits include “I Luv” with Too Short, Daz, Trick Daddy and Scarface and “Quit Hatin” a song produced by Lil Jon that also featured Pimp C and E40. She also has features with artists like Lil Blunt, Paster Troy, Ghetto Mafia and more.

Not only is she an accomplished performer, but she also has production credits on artists including Ghetto Mafia, Too Short, and Lil Blunt just to name a few. And let's not forget she has engineered everyone from Jay Z to Will Smith.

Robin Mays is music.

Her debut album “Audio Dope” is packed full of her experience and talent. Scheduled to be released 12/03/07, this is a high anticipated release in the music community.

Robin's first single “Dope Boy Gurl” is already becoming a street anthem for young women everywhere. With it's message of independence and driving beat, it's no wonder her fans are screaming for more.

Referred to as “Dope as f&@k” in her feature in Murder Dog magazine, Robin Mays is the one to watch. or

For more information, a copy of the new music, or to send comments, contact:

Camille Mays
fax 404-254-0032

or mail to:

P.O. Box 50244
Atlanta, Ga 30302


Dope Boy Gurl

Written By: Robin Mays


lyrics and music by : Robin Mays

dey call me dope boy gurl, i got dat money and i ain't giving it up
i hustle everyday its sweat and tears and i be living it up
i chops it up like abdullah da butcher
but you wont catch me standing round like yo neighborhood pusher
i keeps it moving baby when you hear my keys rattle
it time to stop the chatter give me my money cause i'm up out of here
cause the game don't stop and moves don't make themselves
this shit is bigger than the block
you know i got what i got cause i hustle round the clock
yall niggas chasing pussy momma headed to the docks
i got it all in stock, no rock no toys
and i don't wanna holla at cho muthafucking boy
unless he wants 16 bars to get his label on point
it'll cost a few stacks but it'll be a hot joint
robin ain't a hater cause i know it don't pay
but i gotta get that money all night and all day

everybody want a dope boy gurl
everybody needs a dope boy gurl
dont you wish you had a dope boy gurl
everybody want a dope boy gurl

imma dope boy gurl wit a hustle on the side
i gets down on the beats so i can get another ride
i'm taking down the mall every chance that i get
while my baby daddy fucking wit cho homegirls bitch
i dont give a damn cause my pockets stay laced
i keep a pinch hitter case he catch another case
all plays fair when ya stuck in da game
and a chick gotta get it cause we hustle the same
jeans skin tight white tank fresh kicks
momma thank i'm fast but i aint slowing down shit
got my own cash so dem girls be hating
back door of the club, vip, they still waiting
driving back slow on the way to the crib
breaking all the rules cause dats the life that i live
my sons in his room playing games and making noise
while mommas on the phone wit another dope boy


imma dope boy gurl looking for another come up
the folks around the corner and i'm hoping the dont run up
and burn up anybody holding some bread
it'll be another news story bout another nigga dead
i shine like a star lite bright in the sky
i spend my money on my son and not getting high
cause the name of the game is keep your eyes on the prize
not the type of girl satisfied with just getting by
i gotta get it get it
so i say in the streets and i get wit it wit it
wont let my pockets get tight
hell it's all alright when you hustle legit
keep stacking dem dollars, i ain't ever gone quit
you can talk dat talk while i walk dat walk
and if i ever fall down imma hustle dat chalk
but cha better peep game money aint my whole world
and believe me i'm not just a dope boy gurl



"Dope Boy Gurl"

Set List

"Real" (4 mins)
"Da Struggle" (4 mins)
"Dope Boy Gurl" (4 mins)