Robin Mookerjee

Robin Mookerjee


More and more listeners are returning to the basics of a good 3-minute song: catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics. Here's an American songwriter who could be the next Coldplay for smart fans. His songs bring an intimate voice to an ambient backdrop and melodic hooks that stick and won't let go.


As the leader of Bleak House, a band lost in the wilds of rural Pennsylvania, Robin had the pleasure of playing jangly guitar rock to a country western audience. Bleak House had lyrics you couldn't make out and retro-'80s hair.

More at home, now, in New York City, Robin's music is also more accessible, drawing from '80s influences such as New Order, Depeche Mode, and The Smiths, with the directness and sincerity of recent bands like Coldplay or Keane.

The uniqueness of his style comes, not in the melodic hooks that decorate his songs, but in the poetic and ethereal lyrics. He invites the listener into a world where the line between life and death is often unclear. Love, in this world, can be an agonizing experience and friendship full of mixed feelings.

While the songs can be dark, the sweet melodies lift them up. These are songs about real life, with lyrics that hit home. They will find an audience with fans of today's Britrock and the best postpunk alternative music.


"Miserablism," 2007, independently released (cdbaby).
"Wish I Were Here," under the name Shabby Doll. Thi is largely the same material as "Miserablism," which is a remastered version.

The cd ("Miserablism") is heard on streaming services such as Audio Lunchbox, Napster, Rhapsody and on radio services such as Currently being submitted to numerous broadcast and internet radio outlets.

Set List

I Keep Imagining
Circular Time
Warmth of the Sun (cover - Beach Boys)
Blue Chair (cover - Elvis Costello)
Hampstead Heath
A Waiting Soul
Only When You Leave (cover - Spandau Ballet)
A Gem of a Girl
Starting From Zero
American Science (cover - Duran Duran)
My Secret Lover
Far Away

While the recordings have a full-band sound, the live show is mostly accoustic. Prerecorded drum and bass tracks are used for some songs.