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Robin O'Herin

Lee, Massachusetts, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Lee, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Blues Gospel




"The Blues In Britain"

Robin O’Herin has been playing blues, gospel, Appalachian and folk music around New England for over twenty years, and these are the major influences that pervade the two fine sets under consideration here.

‘Red, White and Blues’ comes with the sub-title ‘blues, gospel and originals done in the tradition of the country blues’, which is a perfect description of the music on offer. O’Herin’s vocals have a natural ambience with these styles, evoking a warmth and sincerity brings a palpable poignancy to numbers like ‘Hold On’, accentuated by her lilting slide and Peter Schneider’s Fender Rhodes keyboard, whilst her own vocals and the harmonies of Vikki True and a strong spiritual feel. ‘Hold On’ is the first of six originals on this set, other favourites being the Mississippi John Hurt styled ‘Junkfood Junkie Blues’ with it’s melancholy harmonies; the Bonnie Raitt styled boogie/rock’n’roll of ‘The Driving Song (Commuter Blues)’ with it’s rocking piano and pulsing bass lines; and the lilting instrumental ‘Ever Hopeful, with it’s fine finger picking.

There are five well chosen covers including a plaintive Sonny & Brownie styled ‘Corinna, Corrina’ replete with fine country harp from Charlie Mead; the Blind Willie Mctell styled ‘Old Country Rock’ with it’s evocative slide; the bass driven ‘Walking Blues’, with it’s ‘moaned’ vocals, haunting slide and the drum and fife band feel of Terry Hall’s drumming; and the lingering beauty of O’Herin’s delicate finger picking and gospel harmonies on ‘Precious Lord’.

‘The Road Home’ is subtitled ‘Holy Blues And Gospel’, and like ‘Red, White and Blues’ you get a mixture of O’Herin’s traditional influences on both originals and covers.

Blind Willie Johnson was one of OHerin’s major influences so we are treated to three songs associated with the master; the intoxicating intimacy of her vocals meshing seamlessly with her slide on a haunting ‘Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning’ and ‘God Don’t Never Change, and adding plaintiveness laced with grit on ‘Nobody’s Fault But Mine’, and Mississippi John Hurt’s ‘Glory, Glory’.

‘Wayfaring Stranger’ reminds me of the work of Linda Tillery, O’Herin’s clear and evocative tone and richly melodic harmonies underpinned by Dan Broad’s reverberating bass lines and Terry Hall’s finger popping percussion; ‘I Am A Pilgrim’ has a jug-band feel to it’s rhythms accentuated by Schneider’s jaunty piano, LuAnn Herring’s reverential harmonies providing an intimate counterpoint; whilst ‘Blessed Are They’ comes replete with some beautifully understated hypnotic slide.

A haunting acapella rendition of ‘Guide me O Great Jehova’, and two lilting renditions of ‘Psalm 23 (one vocal, one instrumental) are further highlights of this fine set. (

The names of both these artists may be unfamiliar to you, but if you have a penchant for acoustic blues and purchase all of these CDs, I guarantee you will return to them time and time again, providing you with many of pure listening pleasure. - Mick Rainsford

"Berkshires Week"

“Red, White and Blues” is an easy-going, laid-back effort, a tribute to tradition that extends that tradition forward in a personal vein. It also highlights O’Herin’s deft fingerpicking and slide-guitar work on numbers like Willie Moore’s “Old Country Rock” and her committed vocals on “Abilene” and a few humorous, original tunes, including “Junkfood Junkie Blues” and “The Driving Song (Commuter Blues).” - Seth Rogovoy

"Boston Blues News"

....Here’s the perfect CD to play on a rainy Sunday...or a sunny Saturday, or any time you need to break free from the demands of the, take it easy and let the day develop around you.
Red, White and Blues is the debut CD of Robin O’Herin. Punctuated by beautiful harmonies and intricate guitar, Red, White and Blues is a country blues and folk mix of old standards and originals that would make Mississippi John Hurt and Lead Belly proud. Highlights include the original instrumental Everhopeful, Thomas A. Dorsey’s Precious Lord, and O’Herin's Brian’s Song, which (if I listened right, and made the correct assumption) is an ode to O’Herin’s husband. So, get the coffee brewin’, pull up the old rockin’ chair away from the wall, grab ’hold of that Sunday paper and let Robin O’Herin’s Red, White and Blues set the pace for the day... - Bill McGowan

"Blues Revue"

“O’Herin keeps things appealingly bluesy, due in no small part to her accomplished fingerpicking and bottleneck playing...It’s her fine interpretation of standards like “Corinna, Corinna” and “Precious Lord” that are highlights. - Tom Hyslop

"Sing Out!"

Bottleneck blues, Gospel and lots of strong folk originals from Berkshire-based O’Herin, who accompanies her Appalachian edged, rein-free vocals with some creative, dancing fingerpicking. The pair of instrumental forays, on “Old Country Rock” and her own “Ever Hopeful,” along with remakes of “Preciouse Lord” (particularly bright) and Robert Johnson’s “Walkin Blues” are notable. - GvonT


Robin O' Herin is a homegrown down-to-earth talent. Home is the Berkshire's in a little town called Lee, located in western Massachusetts.

O' Herin does the blues justice by covering many of the styles the genus has gained popularity with over the last 50-70 years (give or take a few), on her latest release Red, White and Blues. The main style that reaches back to the roots of the blues is the old country style. Everything you hear today originated from those humble beginnings.

The artist sings in sequence with her strumming and picking blues guitar style beautifully. The tones and hues of the music arrive at your ears gift wrapped with love complimented by her strong and colorful vocals. The timing of the music always follows in perfect accord to her voice, thus the sounds become one force, like a river flowing out into the ocean. Does this sound a bit too poignant and reflective for the blues? Not really, it painted that kind of emotional landscape in my mind's eye. She sings and plays with such passion and honesty; it comes through loud and clear in every song. I am firmly convinced that whatever style of music this woman decided to play, her love for her craft would be evident. The only shortcoming I could find on this album was the longevity of her instrumentals. They are so good that I was disappointed they ended so quickly. Maybe next time out we can hear some more of those fine instrumentals, and just a little longer Robin?

This is a fine collection of blues songs and the theme is eclectic, so if you happen to enjoy many different styles of the genre you are in for a treat. - Muzikman


Red, White and Blues. Recorded and engineered with the help of Robby Baier in his Substation Studio in Housatonic, MA, Red White and Blues contains a mixture of ballads, blues and gospel, as well as original pieces. Her Original, "Hold On" has received quite a bit of airplay on commercial and internet radio stations.

Piano: Dave Carter on The Driving Song; Drums: Terry Hall (from Arlo Guthrie's band), on Hold On, Walkin' Blues, Old Country Rock, 

The Driving Song, and Ever Hopeful; Harmonica: Charlie Mead on Corinna and Abilene; Fender Rhodes Keyboard: Peter Schneider on Hold On; Bass: Darren Todd on Hold On, Walkin' Blues, Old Country Rock, The Driving Song, and Ever Hopeful; Backup vocals: Vikki True on Hold On

Autumn Clark on Precious Lord; Mowgli, the dog, on Precious Lord

Her 2nd Cd, "The Road Home", filled with holy bottleneck blues and Appalachian gospel was released late fall of 2003. Songs include "Wayfaring Stranger", "God Don't Never Change", "Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah" and originals such as "The Promise".

taylor, ovation and National guitars: Robin OHerin

Dulcimer: Robin OHerin on The Promise and Balm in Gilead

Martin guitar: LuAnn Herring on The Promise

Vocals and backup vocals: (except where noted): Robin OHerin

Piano: Peter Schneider on I am a Pilgrim

Drums/percussion: Terry Hall (from Arlo Guthrie's band), on I am a Pilgrim, The Prodigal, Wayfaring Stranger, The Promise, Blessed Are They

Rain stick: Robin OHerin on Psalm 23

Tambourine/hand claps: Vikki True on Glory Glory, Wayfaring Stranger: Electric Bass: Darren Todd on The Prodigal: Stand up Bass: Dan Broad on I am a Pilgrim, Wayfaring Stranger and Psalm 23: Backup vocals: Vikki True and Lisa Kantor on Glory, Glory; LuAnn Herring on I am a Pilgrim: Produced by: Robin OHerin, with wonderful input from Vikki True: Engineer: Warren Amerman: voice mics: Neuman U87: guitar mic: Neuman U87 and AKG 41

Robin has an "Instrumentals" CD of all original or originally arranged instrumentals.

Robin is currently working on a new gospel CD, to be followed by a new blues and originals CD. Fans are saying her live performance far outstrips her recorded material, so the new CDs are are being eagerly awaited by her fans.



"...OHerin keeps things appealingly bluesy, due in no small part to her accomplished fingerpicking..." Bill McGowan, The Boston Blues News

Robin O'Herin is a touring blues and gospel musician, specializing in historically rich, often interactive concerts that include original and traditional American music, for small listening rooms, festivals, libraries and schools. Her concerts are warm, affirming experiences which she shares with the audience. Let her take you on a journey of musical exploration through the Delta and Piedmont regions of the South. Song selections may include Robert Johnson, Blind Willie Johnson and Robin's own original blues and fingerstyle ballads.

Robin has shared the stage with Paul Geremia, Andy Cohen and Roy Bookbinder. She is currently working on a new gospel CD and then hopes to jump right into a new blues and original CD. She teaches beginning delta and piedmont blues guitar and songwriting and partners with and to bring the power of music into the classroom and hospitals to reach children and teachers in new and innovative ways.

She has served as song leader in several churches and led a traditional gospel choir.
Robin has performed Appalachian gospel, blues and original music regionally throughout the United States, as well as in Italy, Norway and the Czech Republic. She has been a song leader in several churches and formed a gospel choir which performed traditional gospel music.


Professional acoustic blues and gospel singer since 2002.
2013 Finalist in the Boston Blues Challenge
2013 The Driving Song played on NPR's Car Talk
2013 Guitar Jam V: Anniversary The Colonial Theatre, Pittsfield, MA
2013 ACMA Listening Room, Fort Meyers, FL
2013 Caffe Lena, Saratoga Springs, NY
2012 Tap & Blues with Stefanie Weber
2012 RockOn! Band Camp Songwriting Instructor
2012 Caffe Lena Blues Festival
2012 Partnered with Music In Common
2011-2013 Spartan Launch After-school ProgramBeginning blues guitar & songwriting.
2011 Guitar Jam III: Ladies Night Out @ The Colonial Theater, Pittsfield,
2011- Present Partnered with
2010-Present Partnered with
2011 Old Songs Sampler Concert, Altamont, NY
2010 FODFest @ The Colonial Theater, Pittsfield, MA
2010 WCUW Front Room Concert Series
2009 Telluride Acoustic Blues Challenge Finalist
2008 The Guthrie Center
2007 Taunton River Folk Festival
2007 Plymouth Blues and Folk Festival
2007 Black Potatoe Festival, NJ
2007 Opened for Paul Geremia
2007 Opened for Davis Coen, Bridgeport, CT
2006 Opened for Roy Bookbinder, Little Rock, AR
2006 Tropea Blues Festival in Tropea, Italy
2006 Memphis Blues Challenge finalist
2005 Licensed two songs to PBS for the soundtrack of the 2005 Roadtrip Nation DVD series (episodes 4 & 5)
2005 Headline act for the WRAs Resophonic Blues Festival in the Czech Republic
2004 Opened for the Doobie Brothers, Pittsfield, MA
2003 and 2005 Boston Blues Challenge Finalist
2003-Present Taught songwriting at RockOn Band Camp, Pittsfield, MA
2003 released "The Road Home" CD, holy blues
2002 released "Red, White and Blues" CD, country blues, gospel and originals

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