Robin Overall

Robin Overall

 Austin, Texas, USA

5 piece band utilizing a variety of instrumentation for the purpose of presenting this songwriters original songs.


Robin & the Redbirds are an American indie rock band founded and fronted by singer/songwriter and guitarist Robin Overall. Robin & the Redbirds were formed in and are based out of Austin, Texas.


In 2011, Robin began writing what would become Robin & the Redbirds first record entitled ‘Vision Tribe’. The idea being to have a side project for Robin to present his more simplistic rock songs that are just fun to play and listen to. After hearing the final results of the first 6 songs being recorded, Robin decided to make this more than a side project and is putting his full focus into the band. Robin has now catalogued enough material for 4 EPs and a full length record and hopes to be able to release them on vinyl as well as digital CDs. ‘Vision Tribe’ should be ready for release in September of 2015 with the band playing shows in the region for what hopes to be a very robust launch.


"Shadowlands" 2006 release date tba - It will be available for online purchase as of September 1, 2006.

Set List

Zen Overture
Thunder In The Distance
Love Tells No Lies
Call My Name Again
Distant Place
Looking For An Angel
Really Living
The Calling
Miles Away
Farther Down The Road
Come On In
State Of Mine
Circle Of Souls
Crossroads (original Cream version)
The Wind Cries Mary (Jimi Hendrix)