Robin Rex

Robin Rex

 Malmö, Skåne, SWE

A genuine artist with attitude and charisma. She's a great live performer and can really pump up the crowd. If you combine rock with pop and put some umpf on the bass, you will understand the power and energy of May Qwinten.


May Qwinten's latest single HATE S3X is topping Spotify charts all over Europe.

2010 week 12:
#1 in France, #68 in Sweden

2010 week 13:
#1 in France
#41 in Sweden
#9 in Finland
#57 in Europe

2010 week 10

May Qwinten is a fantastic rock/pop singer with a unique voice and style. She was born in Malmoe, Sweden 10th of May and she started to sing and dance

when she was only 3 years old. She has a clear goal and her mind is set on success as she works hard in the studio to deliver the best of herself to an
international audience.

Now she is working with her debut album "May Day". Her debut singel is "HATE S3X" which has a
lot of attitude and strenght and it had a digital release in october 2009. The great coorporation with the production company Euro Records gives her a very powerful album
with a lot of charisma.
The video has also been made and released. Now May is out on her promotion tour in Europe.

"This is what I'm born to do, this is what I want and what I always have been fighting for!" - May Qwinten


Single Hate S3X
Upcoming Album "May Day"

Set List

45min - 1h performance. 10 - 15 songs from artist's albums.