The story begins…

Once upon a time there was a Lord Burgess who was a very wealthy respected landowner at the turn of the last century.
He had butlers, servants and most importantly maids to wait on him hand and foot. This ‘Lord’ ended up having his wicked way with one of his maids therefore leaving the mother no other choice but to abandon her bastard child and give him to the orphanage.
This bastard of a baby was Robinson’s great grandfather, who turned out to be a coal mining alcoholic. Robinson insists that this family background has been a trigger for his creativity; however, his music is driven by the influence of Dylan and Waits.

Inspirations are endless and ongoing, from the readings of Charles Bukowski and the other down and out beats to the darker gothic sounds of eastern Europe. Whether it be guitar, piano, clarinet or sax Robinson’s melodies are pulled from many lovers.

Where does the story go from here? Will Robinson echo the life of great grandfather or is something much better waiting around the corner? To be continued…