We are 4 guys with the same goal, to make great original music, that people can sing and dance to with words that ordinary people can relate to.


Formed by a group of friends who wanted to embrace the challenge of making great original music, Robin Spider Greenfly played their first show in June 2006 to a great reception in Cypress Avenue Cork. At this moment in time they have built up a really great set of songs, and are creating a brilliant buzz whenever they play them live. With a debut EP in the pipeline in the very near future, the band hope to bring their sound nationwide and beyond!.


Good Times/Radio Single. To be released in july 2008

Set List

1.Moving On
2.Prison Cell
3.Loaded Gun
4.Remember the Times
6.Satellites and Presidents
7.Molly Do You Wanna Dance
9.In The End
10.Alley Ways
11.Weekend Star
12.Bright Light Holiday
13.Over My Head
14.Its Alright
15.Hey Charlie
16.Good Tmes
17. They By Planes
18.Falling Down