robin walker

robin walker

 Longmont, Colorado, USA

Music Written in Back Yards and Recorded in Bathrooms


No guitars are used in this music. What's that you hear? an electric ukulele is what! tricked out in my very own garage. You can find my ukulele, kick drum and I in various basements, backyards, farmer's markets, clubs, street corners, and coffee shops around Colorado. Every so often I play a real venue.

In my recordings, you will often hear glockenspiel, drums, hand bells, and various toys. Sometimes this happens live when others want to join. Which I absolutely encourage.


I have recorded ballpark of 20 songs in my bathroom. Sometimes i put them on cds and sell them. SuperBrightShow on KRCX radio was wonderful enough to have me on their show for a live session recording. And those are available to anyone who asks for a minimal price.