Rob Kirby

Rob Kirby


The Other Brother Band plays Rock-based originals, anointed Worship & very hip Instrumentals. Lots of fun live, we involve the audience with the pure joy of our music and message. You've got to see us live & check out my new solo worship CD "Your Grace, Love & Mercy". A full band CD is coming soon!


I just released my first solo worship CD "Your Grace, Love and Mercy". With a lot of help from many talented friends, of course!

This is only the first release, I am working on a band project with my new band, The Other Brother Band. It will rock, I guarantee! An Instrumental CD will be recorded simultaneously.

You really have to see us play live to get what we're about. We get in "the zone" our love for music shows when we play live. We can offer to lead a full worship service, seamlessly transition to a rockin' gospel concert and lay back with some sweet and tasty instrumentals.

We are flexible enough to minister in many different venues, styles and tastes. With lots of originals and a few "covers", we can custom fit our set list to accommodate the venue.

I promise, you've never heard another band like the Other Brother Band!


I Will Follow The Lamb

Written By: Rob Kirby

Verse 1
Holy Father, blessed Jesus, Spirit from above
Take my hand and lead me to the waters of Your love
In my heart I feel you working to wash me from my sin
Shine Your light throughout my weakness, change me from within
And I will serve You forever
You accept me just as I am
Oh, teach me to be more like You
With all my heart I will follow the lamb
Verse 2
Fight your battles through me Jesus, I'm nothing on my own
Lift me up out from the darkness, when I'm all alone
I will run into your shelter, where I'll find your peace
Surround me with your loving presence, all my fears will cease
Without you here, I will stumble
Without your help, I will fall
So I cry out as I call unto you
I surrender it all

The Only One

Written By: Rob Kirby

Lord, You are the only One
With Your endless love
You take my breath away

Lord, The Fathers only Son
Taking all my sin
Upon Yourself that day

All of Your heart and all of Your love
Paying the price
By shedding Your blood

Lord, You are the only One
With Your healing touch
You make my eyes to see

Lord, The Fathers only Son
Taking all my pain
Upon the cross for me

You have given to me, all that I need
Showing the way, how could I repay
I'm calling to You, asking for strength
To follow You all of my days


"Your Grace, Love and Mercy" - Full CD, 13 songs. Releases on October 29. Now available for downloads and samples online. iTunes ready - type in Rob Kirby in the iTunes store search engine.

Set List

We often begin with a few original Instrumentals as a prelude to our worship set. The typical worship set will include originals from my worship CD and Chris Tomlin's "Your Grace Is Enough", Matt Redman's "Blessed Be Your Name" and "Better Is One Day", David Crowder's "Here Is Our King", Hillsong United's "One Way" and "Evermore".

However, we'll sometimes do a classic hymn or a old praise chorus with our own stylistic twist. We then transition into a "Ministry" set that will include DC Talk's "So Help Me God", James Taylor's "How Sweet It Is", Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" (With lyrics modified to glorify Jesus).

Many of my originals which will go on our upcoming Band CD are very ministry minded. "Take Me To The River" Is all about asking God to help you make it through, "I'm Gonna Go Higher" is a song about wanting to worship and experience God in a deeper way. "Open Up" is a song as if Jesus was drawing us to receive the gift of salvation.

We rock, we do ba