Rob Lanter

Rob Lanter

 New York City, New York, USA
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My philosophy about writing and playing music can be summed up by ACCESABILITY. The music I write combines the styles of jazz, Latin, rock, funk, and blues in an easy to listen to smooth jazz format.


Rob Lanter, a native New Yorker studied at the Berklee College of Music where he majored in Composition with guitar as his instrument of choice. Since that time, he has scored several independent films, and has appeared on numerous recordings. In the 1980's, his group Orpheus recorded for Polydor Records and toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada playing clubs, concerts and jazz festivals.

In 1997 he self-published and produced his first solo CD, an original recording, "The Invisible Man", which presents compositions combining the styles of jazz, Latin, rock, funk, and blues in an easy to listen to format.

He has recently finished recording a solo jazz guitar CD 'Thank You Joe, A Tribute to Joe Pass'. featuring many standard jazz tunes as well some originals.

He is currently involved in many different projects. His smooth jazz group, "The Rob Lanter Group" regularly plays the clubs around New York City. He also performs solo jazz guitar supporting his CD, 'Thank You Joe'.

He is currently working on a new solo jazz guitar CD and also a pop CD called "Shadow World" which combines thoughtful lyrics with catchy grooves.



Written By: Rob Lanter

by Rob Lanter,
212 245-3395,

Verse 1:

When I was young I use to dream of the time when I would be out on my own.
I would lie awake at night with the radio on with my ears against the speaker cones.

Verse 2:

I’d listen to the words that were being sung imagining that I would become.
Someone that someday would be writing my own tales, of my life, my dreams, the melodies I loved.

Chorus 1:

Imagination, fascination, fills me up with new sensation, picks me up and carries me away.
Motivation inspiration washes way procrastination, picking the right words to say.

Verse 3:

I memorized those words and the melodies sung, thinking that’s how li9fe would unfold for me.
I never doubted for a moment my own dreams, though I knew I had to create my own fantasy.

Chorus 2:

Hesitation, rumination, leading to too much temptation, leaves me in a place far away.
Poor relations, love frustration, running from participation, way to high a price to pay.


And I came to realize life doesn't work that way
The songs that someone sings might mean something to them
But you have to find my own way
And I'm here to testify, you can't live through others eyes
It took more time than I’d like to say for me to find my way, my own style

Chorus 3:

Good vibrations, excitation, everyday new stimulation.
Life can be full of fun and play, exhilaration inspiration, each day brings a new sensation.
What more can one hope to say.

Chorus 4:

Motivation, loves creation, joy that’s free from expectation, friends and lovers all along the way.
New destinations, stimulation, each place new associations, learning something more each


"Orpheus", "The Invisible Man", "Bada Bling", "Thank You Joe, A Tribute to Joe Pass", "Shadow World" (in progress)

Set List

Jazz standards and original jazz compositions