Rob May

Rob May


Modern music with acoustic guitar providing the backdrop for harmony-driven vocals, upbeat rhythms, and interesting guitar passages

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Crooked Tree

Written By: Rob May

They were the stuff of legends
I never believed
Passing through a town that day
it all changed for me

Something ‘bout the way they moved
Something in their eyes
A feeling I’m in danger
I knew had to fly

Try to make my way out
Before the end of day
But the bridge is out at Crooked Tree
And there is no other way

Cold wind chills my bottle
Whisky calms my fear
I’m the prey they’re stalking
I try to disappear

Got a Vigilant mind racing
I’m fingering my gun
The bridge is out at Crooked Tree
And I’m waiting for the sun

Beautiful and dangerous
She came like a breeze
She said if you don’t want to live forever
I will set you free

I made a sensual surrender as
The blood went from my veins
As she held me close
In a predator’s embrace

Now the Hunger has me leaving
Everything I’ve known
The bridge is out in Crooked Tree
And I’m never going home

Too Late

Written By: Rob May

It’s too late for the caring
To touch a painted sky
Reasons why have left my world
I've long since said goodbye
You took my heart and put it
in the bottom of your shoe
With all your weight, you stomped your feet
and it still grew
Away from you

The waves have long since washed away
Our names scrawled in the sand
And the beach just don’t remember
When we walked there hand in hand
The salt that you put in my earth
And poured into my wounds
I washed away with teardrop rain
and I still grew
Away from you.

A half a dozen years have gone
Eternity it seems
Promises fade like words on pages
Where we’d written down our dreams
No place for redemption
The grays have all turned blue
Doubt embraced the changing
and I still grew
Away from you.


Written By: Rob May

Going where the wind blows
Knowing it could take us where we didn’t know
We’d ever go
Rest assured the sun will rise tomorrow
And there may be rain
But it’ll wash away the pain
And your worst day ever
Could lead to something beautiful
Beautiful – For You

Standing in a different place
Looking at familiar things
And they seem so strange
And everything you once thought out of reach
Falls into your hands
You contemplate mistakes and all the time that they waste
And it seems beautiful
Beautiful – To You

Suddenly behind the falling leaves
You see the forest and the trees
Everything you wouldn’t, couldn’t
Never thought you’d be
You’re beautiful

Blind from the sunshine
Blind from the bright night lights
When you lost your sight
It’s all the same though
‘Cause its just a trick played by the brain
You’ve got a fresh perspective
You’re reconnected and it’s beautiful
Beautiful – It’s you

Million Dollar Hunger

Written By: Rob May

Jar full of coins at grandmother’s house
She said she’d give it all to me
Counted it all and rolled it up
But it was money I’d never see
And $57 seemed like a lot that day

Looking back at goals that I’d written down
Ten grand a month would make my days
A whole lot easier in so many ways
And ten thousand dollars
Seemed like enough that day

But I grew taller and the ceiling got higher
The checks got bigger and we burned ‘em in the fire
The ashes grew up into a big pile
Of German cars and Italian tiles
While the girl on TV could eat for pennies a day
And a million dollars wouldn’t take my hunger away

Friday is payday for my little girl
I teach her to count the change
She says she won’t count pennies ‘cause they’re not worth a cent
By the time I’m done counting they’re already spent
And a dollar doesn’t seem to be
Worth much to her today

So will she want the biggest house at the end of the street?
Have a hundred head of cattle and not eat meat?
While the girl on TV still eats for pennies a day
Her checks get bigger; will she burn them in the fire?
Will the ashes grow up into a big pile
Of German cars and Italian tiles?
Will the girl on TV still eat for pennies a day?
Will my baby need a million dollars to take her hunger away?

Jar full of change at grandmother’s house
Said she’d give it all to me
And $57 seemed like a lot that day

Lost and Found

Written By: Rob May

Tell me what you want from me
Don’t know what I want from you anymore
When all my lips can speak is goodbye
Tell me what you want from me

Why did we ever take this on?
Is it just what people do together?
What I wanted for me could never come from you.
So why’d we ever take this on?

What is left for us to do?
When we’ve wasted all our time together
And we’ve over compromised who we are
What is left for us to do?

What about our little girl?
What would you tell her if I’d gone away?
Would you make her truth of lies to justify
What you couldn’t make of me?

But in our lives we make mistakes.
We realize that’s what it takes.
To lead us to a higher ground
Where what is lost can still be found.


CD in Progress.