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Rob May


Grooving, rhythmic acoustic music that blends the genres of rock, folk, funk. Emotional lyrics strong vocal harmonies and interesting musical passages. Songs inspired by current events and real-life experience - nothing contrived here.

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Written By: Rob May


Diamonds and Jewels, we sold them today
There were things that we needed
Didn’t need those jewels anyway

With the millionaires made paupers
I stood in line, outside the Prince Pawn Shop
All the fancy cars in the parking lot

The Interviews for the 5 o’clock news
Asked a man where all his money had gone
(the man said) I’m getting back to my roots
Back to where I belong

Took a trip to the country, where my neighbors have some land
Watched some Texas TV
Sipped some whisky and we held hands

Left all our troubles right where they lay
With that flimsy house of cards
And all the good impressions we had made

Wrapped tight in a blanket, we searched the stars
The world had left us naked so we could find out who we are
We were getting back to our roots
‘cause we had strayed so far away

Playing dominoes with my friend of 40 years
Talked about how our children had grown
And with good friends you’ll never be alone

And right then I thought back
to the Prince Pawn parking lot
And how the only things I’ll take with me are the memories

The tears and the smiles and lessons learned
From all the trials that we’d been through
To make it back to our roots
We did what we had to do
Music and Lyrics by Rob May ©2009

Million Dollar Hunger

Written By: Rob May

Million Dollar Hunger

There was a jar full of coins at Grandmother’s house
She said she’d give it all to me
Counted it all and rolled it up
But it was money I’d never see
And $57 seemed like a lot that day

Looking back at goals that I’d written down
A hundred grand would make my days
A whole lot easier in so many ways
And a hundred thousand dollars
Seemed like enough that day

But I grew taller and the ceiling got higher
The checks got bigger and I burned ‘em in the fire
The ashes grew up into a big pile
Of German cars and Italian tiles
While the girl on TV could eat for pennies a day
A million dollars wouldn’t take my hunger away

Friday is payday for my little girl
I teach her to count the change
She says she won’t count pennies ‘cause they’re not worth a cent
By the time I’m done counting they’re already spent
And a dollar doesn’t seem to be
Worth much to her today

So will she want the biggest house at the end of the street?
Have a hundred head of cattle and not eat meat?
While the girl on TV can eat for pennies a day

And as she grows taller, will the ceiling get higher?
When her checks get bigger, will she burn them in the fire?
Will the ashes grow up into a big pile
Of useless things that go out of style?
Will the girl on TV still eat for pennies a day?
Will my baby need a million dollars to take her hunger away?

There was jar full of coins at Grandmother’s house
Said she’d give it all to me
And $57 seemed like a lot that day

Words and Music by Rob May ©2009

Lost and Found

Written By: Rob May

Lost and Found

Tell me what you want from me
‘Cause I don’t know what I want from you anymore
When all my lips can speak is goodbye
Tell me what you want from me

Why’d we ever take this on?
Is it just what people do together?
What I wanted for me could never come from you.
So why’d we ever take this on?

What is left for us to do?
When we’ve wasted all our time together
And we’ve over compromised who we are
What is left for us to do?

What about our little girl?
What would you tell her if I’d gone away?
Would you make her truth of lies to justify,
What you couldn’t make of me?

But in our lives we make mistakes.
Sure enough that’s what it takes.
To lead us to the higher ground
Where what is lost can still be found.

Words and Music by Rob May (c) 2009


Good Days Rule, Full-length CD released February 2009
Tales from Crooked Tree, EP released March 2008

Set List

Rob May's primary focus is his original music. He currently features up to 20 original songs in his sets. Songs range from 3-5 minutes in length. May also features covers (done his own way) from the likes of Jack Johnson, Bob Schneider, Bruce Springstein, Bob Marley, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bill Ward and others. Sets are typically 40-60 minutes.