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Rob McCulloch

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"Vocals Techniques are Some of the Best"

''Stereophonics meets early Oasis, if
comparisons have to be drawn, but I
think Mr. McCulloch should be spared
these constant parallels. In these three tracks [Planet of My Own] he shows his potential, he shows his versatility and he shows great promise.
Forget the other greats from the North West for three minutes and listen to McCulloch;s work with an open mind. Then remember that moment when the next big thing is compared to a young Rob McCulloch" - Glasswerk, Manchester

"Captivating and Lasting"

'Captivating lyrics and lasting melodies are in abundance on this album, you could pick any lyric and listen to any melody at random and instantly recognise that even out of the context of the song, both would stand up on their own. Perhaps the profound lyrics on Planet Of My Own are the best demonstration of this. They're profound but not pretentious, they're deep but universal and above all, they're performed in a truthful manner that leaves a lasting print on the album.' ['Wait and See']
- Daydreamer Music Reviews

"In The City Festival"

"McCulloch had worked hard to get a crowd to his show at the Late Room, with heavy self-promotion throughout the previous evening.[In The City Festival] Those that took the bait saw a man capable of taking the typical Manc sound to the next level. With a touch of Gallagher and a dash of Ashcroft, McCulloch is worth watching, " - BBC, Manchester

"BBC Manchester"

"In his ten song collection, Thoughts
Alone, there are some beautiful
moments, such as the gentle swoon of
Beauty Inside and the rock of 'Let It Go
and the lyrics of Taking Off With You....
he could be huge."
Chris Long, Manchester BBC - Chris Long


'Wandering' (2009) single due March
'I Reckon' (2009) album due April
'Six of One' (2007) single with radio and tv airplay
'Something Abuse' (2006) single with radio airplay
'Thoughts Alone' (2005) 10 track cd album with radio airplay
'Wait and See' (2004) 15 track cd
'Planet of My Own' (2005) single with radio airplay
'Taking Off With You' single with radio airplay



Rob has previously played at many music venues, radio stations, on tv, and at music festivals; including 'In The City' (UK's international music showcasel), 'Get Loaded In The Park' and 'Summer Sundae' Festivals.

His earliest musical influences included Elvis Presley and the Beatles, later joined by Oasis, Paul Weller and Tim Burgess. Influences which have made their way into his own unique pop/rock sound. At 22 years old, this acoustic rock musician has cultivated a dedicated fan base almost entirely due to touring, reviews and the Internet. With reviewers rating his music and character highly, it is no wonder that each new song he writes is eagerly awaited; demonstrating his resonant vocals, and passionate lyrics.

Having written lyrics from an early age, Rob taught himself the guitar at the age of 17. He used this to then write songs to accompany the lyrics which had started to accumulate in a shoe box under the bed! Rob’s independent success has been the result of relentless live performances, the Internet, and word of mouth. Recent reviews have proven that all the work is paying off.

''It's not going to be long before McCulloch breaks through as the next export from Manchester ...... The world is McCulloch's if he wants it." BBC, Manchester