Rob Mehl

Rob Mehl

 Vista, California, USA

Beach-flavored folk with a hint of jazz ... Rob Mehl's show is like a travelogue for body, mind, and soul! A gentle voice and stories that mesmerize!


Rob Mehl is a well-read and well-traveled singer/songwriter based out of Southern California. He was born in Oceanside, California and spent most of his youth in Southern California and Hawaii. He began surfing in the late 1950’s, started reading classic literature in the early 1960’s, and by the mid sixties was combining the two influences in his own writing. His early music influences include traditional Hawaiian storytelling songwriters like Genoa Keawe and Gabby Pahinui, jazz artists of the day like Martin Denny and Walter Wanderly, and standard vocalists like Marty Robbins and Perry Como. His music has been recognized as having “amazing depth” and “always refreshing because it’s always evolving” by fans and peers alike.

In his own words: “I really do love life, and for reasons that will become very obvious the more you listen! I describe my music as mellow, folk-style beach ballads and stories with little bit of jazz. I’m a beach guy … from SoCal to Hawaii to Mexico to Africa to the Caribbean to the South Pacific. I didn’t move to the coast from somewhere in the Midwest as part of a mid-life crisis trying to live out my dream of not having to wear wing-tip shoes and a tie. I’ve always been a beach guy! My family moved from Southern California to Hawaii in 1958. I learned how to surf that year and nothing’s been the same since. I spent most of my youth moving back and forth from Encinitas (North County San Diego) to Waikiki (Hawaii) and back again ... so surfing, traveling to surf, and, maybe especially, surfing really warm waters for most of my life has influenced my music. So have musicians like Gabby Pahinui, Kui Lee, Jerry Santos, Astrud Gilberto, Harry Nilsson, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Walter Wanderly, Marty Robbins, Michael Franks and James Taylor. As a kid I’d sit under the banyan trees of Waikiki and listen to Pops Pahinui and other Hawaiian players. Then, since my Marine Corps drill sergeant dad had a second job as a radio disc jockey, I’d sit and listen to jazz all night. That mix helped create the musician I am now. And the beach boys (not Brian Wilson and the guys … the ones in Waikiki who actually surf!) would tell me every day, “Read, little haole boy, read!” And they’d bring me books. So I’d have to say that writers like Mark Twain, John Steinbeck, Ernest Hemingway, C.S. Lewis, John D. MacDonald, Clive Cussler and J.R.R. Tolkein influenced my own writing. Today I play guitar and ukulele … though not usually at the same time! And I love telling stories between songs … sometimes even between verses! I’m blessed with being able to travel all over the world performing at music and singer/songwriter festivals, beach resorts and house concerts. And, oh yeah, I usually bring my board!”


Slow Down Summer

Written By: Rob Mehl

Sixty-three, junior high,
Waiting for that pretty little blonde to walk by.
Streamline chassis, twinkle in her eye,
And all I can think of is, "My, my, my!"

Beach Boy summer of sixty-five,
Surfing Stone Steps, just glad to be alive,
Sneaking dad's car out for a midnight drive,
Down to Beacons for a moonlight dive.

Slow down summer, you're gone too fast,
You're the best of times, but you never last.
Slow down summer, wait for me,
I'm trying to grow old gracefully.
Slow down summer.

I remember sixty-seven like nobody else does,
Driving with a license, shaving the peach fuzz,
Laughing at Waldo, he got that flat-top buzz,
Doing what came naturally, just because.

Slow down summer, you're gone too fast,
You're the best of times, but you never last.
Slow down summer, wait for me,
I'm trying to grow old gracefully.
Slow down summer

Every now and again, as the years go by,
I think of an old song and sigh.
Better love what I've got before it's gone,
Can't remember the name of that pretty little blonde.

Slow down summer, you're gone too fast,
You're the best of times, but you never last.
Slow down summer, wait for me,
I'm trying to grow old gracefully.
Slow down summer


CD's available on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and elsewhere:
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•Neat, With A Twist
•Key Lime Limbo (Single)

Tracks getting airplay on Sirius' Radio Margaritaville, Beachfront Radio and others:
•Rhythm Of The Sea (Voted Beachfront Radio's #2 Song for 2010!)
•Key Lime Limbo (Margarita Mafia Song Of The Year Nomination...also voted Beachfront Radio's #36 Song for 2010!)
•Neat, With A Twist! (Voted Beachfront Radio's #11 Song for 2010!)
•Slow Down Summer (Voted TropRock Song of the Year for 2009!)
•Don't It Make You Wander
•Check'd Out
•Walk On The Beach
•Over You
•Out Of The Blue
•Better Times
•Waitin' For Jimmy
•When I'm Old
•Cayo Hueso
•Cool, Like Michael Franks

Set List

I write out a set list, but use it only as a suggestion ... more of a guideline, you might say! This is a sample "set list", then, from a house concert where I was the only performer. With over a hundred recorded songs the set obviously changes from venue to venue. I mix it up - fun, up, light-hearted ... mellow, stories, contemplative, romantic. Mostly original ... sometimes, depending on the crowd, a few medleys that will include another one of my own songs, or an obscure cover.

•Yes I Did (w/ Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours")
•Walk On The Beach
•Don't It Make You Wander (w/ the Beatles' "I'll Follow The Sun")
•Rhythm Of The Sea
•Cayo Hueso (w/ "Voila! An American Dream")
•Los Barrilles (w/ James Taylor's "Mexico")
•Just Another Day (w/ My Blue Guitar")
•Havana Good Time (w/ Jimmy Buffett's "Havana Daydreamin'")
•Floridita (w/ "Thomas Hudson")
•Coconut Island (w/ Van Morrison's "Brown-Eyed Girl")
•Back From The Islands (w/ John Cruz's "Island Style")
•Going Home (w/ Joni Mitche