Rob Metz

Rob Metz


Solid classic rock with bluesy experimentation and a bit of industrial-strength shredding. If you like: Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Neal Schon.


The highlight of the musical experience for Metz comes when he performs for a live audience.

Metz considers his music a gift that he carefully prepares for his audience. Perfecting his craft and expressing emotion through his music is definitely something Metz needs to do, to share – while he hopes that his audience receives the nuances within his expressive messages.

A critic, who reviewed the Legion of Dreams, took note of Metz’s ability and desire to share a musical exploration with his audience. He wrote, “You don't get any other impression than of a musician who’s got one eye on the audience's enjoyment … rather than both eyes on his technique.”



Written By: Rob Metz

This song is instrumental


Legion of Dreams 2006

This album was recorded using Cakewalk Sonar 5 and Guitar Rig 2 by Native Instruments. Presonus Firepod and a Mackie Universal were also hardware used exclusively. All synthesizers were done using Reason 3.0

Set List

The set will typically last 45-60 minutes with a little improv and some interaction with the audience.

The set list is :
1. Lost in the Machine
2. Cruisin 5th Ave
3. Uncle Ice
4. Ride
5. Ivory Dragonfly
6. Silverwheel
7. Warmouth
8. Nightshade
9. Reactor #45
10.Island Unto Myself