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At the Onset-Healing in Surrender!/album/Healing+In+Surrender+Disc+1/6405284

Our single was Anthem



My name is Rob, "the murmur", Murawski. I am 24 years old and I have been playing drums for over 13 years. I started when I has in the fourth grade concert band. I started taking private lessons for many years to further my knowledge and was blessed to be able to preform at Carnegie Hall a few times. I started my first band, Holding onto Fate, around the age of 14 and became hooked. Throughout my high school career I played in a few bands and with many different musicians. Playing all sorts of generas ranging from Pop, Rock, and Metal. And at all sorts of bars, venues, churches, and schools. Around late August of 2008 I was involved in a bad car accident which resulted in me braking my C-2 vertebra. To make a long story short it was beyond life changing and really made me question the way I have been living my life. Although I was always raised, and believed, in Jesus Christ my entire life, it was at this point when I really started to pursue it more. Through this life change is when my musical journey really picked up. Around the summer of 2010 I met some awesome guys looking for a drummer to help tour their new album. The band was called At the Onset and the album was "Healing in Surrender". This was a Christian Hardcore band located in Allentown Pennsylvania. They were signed to Transform Music Group and had just got done recording the album with producer Josh Silverburg. We ended up going out for about a month and a half hitting cities from as far north as New York and Michigan, south as Alabama and west as Wyoming. Later on that year all of the hard work showed when we were able to see the album in many retail stores as well as Best,, Itunes, and Amazon (We were able to hit Top 100 of Amazons music best sellers during preorders). A short time later a few of the members had some personal issues they needed to address so the band took a break for several months. We recently brought it back locally but myself and two other members started a new project called, The Finding, and are currently working on an EP and some tri-state shows. If I needed to some up what we sound like I would have to say Worship, Pop-Rock, Ambient, Post-Rock/Experimental mixed with some breakdowns ( I mean come on we are hardcore kids after all...) When deciding to take on this challenging idea of a band we realized that there really wasn't much out there to base ourselves off of. So we basically took our favorite parts of music, stuck them in a blender and came up with this. I would have to say our biggest influences would be Jesus Culture,Hillsong, Moving Mountains, Explosions in the Sky, mixed with some Hardcore influences like A Day to Remember and ______________. Right now I am at a point in my life, and musical career, where I want to pick up and move forward. My life goal has always been to tour and after getting a taste of it I’m addicted. As much love as I have for this band the reality is that touring is not possible because homes, wives/husbands, jobs, and children. Right now I am working at Guitar Center as an Assistant Manager and still playing drums in The finding as well as on my worship team at church. I am always looking for more opportunities to grow and further my experiences in music and the industry. With that being said, I am a Christian. I do not drink, smoke or do drugs and I have no interest in “hooking up” with anyone. My goal is to join, fill in, tour with a Christian band with similar ideals and I am willing to play Worship, Pop-Rock, or some Post-Hardcore.