Rob Nicholas & A Moment's Notice

Rob Nicholas & A Moment's Notice


Hailing from Chicago, Rob Nicholas & A Moment's Notice bring a unique mixture of rock,pop, and jazz to the ears of their adoring fans. With influences ranging from Dave Matthews to Bach, their sound has to be heard live to be fully appreciated.


Rob Nicholas and A Moment's Notice seem to be doing things backwards. "Our first show as a whole band was opening for Howie Day in front of almost 1,000 people." Rob recalls. "It was crazy; I still can't believe we pulled it off."

As a solo artist Rob Nicholas was able to pack the coffee houses and clubs alike. He made a name for himself as an outstanding singer/songwriter before even attending his first class at Colombia College in Chicago. But when Epic Records got a hold of his demo and offered to have him open for Howie Day, Rob recognized that something was missing. "To be able to rock a crowd that size you need a full band, that's all there is to it. I knew that I needed to find some guys to do the show with me." Rob didn't have to look far. He discovered half of what he was searching for right at school. Eric Woody and Robbie Tucker, both attendees of Colombia, brought the sound, and talent, that Rob desired. After adding local talent, Aaron Coppell and bassist Nick Hill to the mix, Rob Nicholas and A Moment's Notice was born.

"We really didn't have to think too hard about a name," says Rob "we got ready for the biggest show of our lives in less than a month. I looked at Paul and Woody and Aaron and Robbie...'A Moment's Notice', it just fit."

"I think we have a recipe all our own." Rob states, "We are driven by rock, jazz and pop. You don't see jazz thrown in there with those other two genres too often." With their infectious sound, raw energy, and Rob's rich melodic voice, Rob Nicholas and A Moment's have set the Chicago music scene ablaze since their first show together. Rob and company have shared the stage with rising talent such as Mer, Blissfield, and Owen Beverly. They have hit the college circuit as well, playing shows at Universities around the state.

Sensing the demand for a debut album, Rob and friends will be heading to the studio to record their freshman effort that is due to be released in late summer of 2005. After the release of their highly anticipated debut, Rob Nicholas and A Moment's Notice will be hitting the road with to do what they do best, move audiences with their music.


Secrets Never to be Told - 2005

Set List

Our sets usually will last one to two hours and will be comprised of mostly originals with 3-4 covers thrown in. Our maximum set that we have played has been 4 hours. Below are our originals and a sample of some covers that we play.

#41 - Dave Matthews
Chamelion - Herbie Hancock
In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel
Red House - Jimi Hendrix
Superstition - Stevie Wonder
Plush - Stone Temple Pilots
All Along The Watchtower - (Dave Matthews Band style)
The General - Dispatch
Karma Police - Radiohead

And I Go
The Game
Midnight Rider
You Never Know
You Say
Sittin' Away
Wasting Time