ROBOPOP is a production team based in NYC. Combining bombastic pop production with clever lyrics, this duo is set to take the music world by storm. Signed to a publishing deal with Cherry Lane (Black Eyed Peas, John Legend) in 2009, they are quickly gaining momentum with their unique sound.


Formed in spring of 2009, ROBOPOP is a production/songwriting team consisting of Brandon Lowry and Dan Omelio. Starting as a collaboration between two session players, the team developed quickly, producing a number of songs that gained the attention of major labels and artists. With Dan playing drums, guitar, and bass, and Brandon playing keys and engineering, the duo handles all of their production with a unique style and personality. Both classically trained musicians, the duo can seamlessly work in any genre including pop, rock, hip hop, dance, and indie. Their songwriting is a fresh approach to the standard “cookie-cutter” method, as the duo strives to implant every song with their signature touch. With the two 25 year olds at the helm, ROBOPOP has quickly gained momentum and critical acclaim and is set to take the industry by storm with its exceptional sound.


The Young and the Famous

Written By: Brandon Lowry


You had it from an early age,
Always taking center stage.
You had everything you never dreamt of now you never dream
Your rise to fame was meteoric.
And with the cameras all recording,
As your face lit up the tv set,
the people screamed.

Lights, camera, waking up and you're old
Your theme song is 'Whoa, oh oh oh'

We had it all but now our stars are burnt out and they're broken
How does it feel to be the young and the famous?
Our lives were fated you know the bigger you are the harder you fall.
How do you feel? You were the young and the famous.


Your show went under in the summer.
And all your fans could do was wonder
Who would be the next sensation.
Soon they all forgot your name.
Your money blown on lavish parties,
And by 18 your life was hardly
A syndicated silhouette,
And now what would you do for fame?


Now it's over, and you're older, and things never stay the same.
But we had some crazy times, and
I'll still scream your name.
(TV shows, rock and roll, flip the remote control, theme song, here we go...)


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