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Lake Orion, Michigan, United States | INDIE

Lake Orion, Michigan, United States | INDIE
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Whether you listen to him on 89.3 or just love his company, Robo-Robb's brand new album Soulbot2 will definitely be an addition to the list of things you love about him. His strong delivery paired with his conscious lyricism is a breath of fresh air after listening to radio hits rapping about alcohol, cars and hoes. Fitting perfectly in the hip-hop family that Detroit has cultivated over the years, Robo-Robb's eight-song LP delivers the goods. — TREASURE GROH - Real Detroit Weekly

"Kevin Nottingham Supports"

I know I’ve mentioned before the mass amounts of music I receive in my email. This project is definitely not one to be slept on. Moonchild is a producer out of Detroit and he’s got his homie Robo Robb on the mic. If you’re a fan of the one emcee, one producer album then this is a joint for you to check. Dope production and dope rhymes make for dope music. Listen to it after the jump and if you’re feeling it, cop that disc! -

"The Free, Fresh Flavor of Robo-Robb"

Every so often I run across an artist in town who is doing interesting work. When they want to give you an opportunity to sample their wears for free, I like to tell you about it.

That’s the case with Robo-Robb who is offering a free download right now of his new album SOULBOT2 on the bandcamp website.

I met Robo-Robb about a year a half ago at a Mitten Movie Project screening. He’s a good friend and collaborator of local funkmeister and animator Electric Otto. When I met Robb I learned that he’s also into radio. He hosts a Saturday night show on WXOU at Oakland University. Beyond that, we had the same mentor, Gene Fogel, when we were both starting in the radio business.

A few months ago Robb sent me a copy of SOULBOT2, his latest work.

I have to say for a good week I was spinning it constantly in my car as I was running from story to story.

The reason why I enjoy SOULBOT2 is Robb’s board range of sounds and ideas. For example, how many rappers write songs about the impact of their grandfather on them? The song also features a French song Robb was taught by his Québécois grandfather. If you talk to Robb you learn that he's very proud of his family's history.
My favorite track on SOULBOT2 is “Blue Skies”. The song features a sample from the jazz standard of the same name to highlight the themes of the piece. Robo is able to use the track to show the tie between classic jazz and modern era hip-hop.

Beyond that, a video for “Untitled” was recently created using stop motion techniques. You can check that out below. - 101.9 FM WDET

"Robo-Robb and Moonchild: Save the Music"

When these dudes say they’re going to “save the music,” they really mean it. Though not nationally known, Detroit natives Robo Robb (the emcee) and Moonchild (the producer) rank with some of the best tandems in history — be it the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin or the legendary twosome Eric B. and Rakim. While both have had previous individual efforts, Save the Music, their first collaborative album, provides solid rhymes from Robb over Moonchild’s pristine, soulful soundscapes. If it couldn’t get any better (and it does), Save the Music actually plays out like a real story, where in the not-so-distant future a robot from Earth and a child from the moon embark on a crusade to save the music (think hip hop cartoon where the villains are Hurricane Chris and DJ Khaled). Robo Robb and Moonchild make for an exciting team, and when the music is in their hands we need not worry. - URB Magazine


Robo-Robb "Soulbot: Search for Contentment" (Feb. 2006)

featured on Controller "Lynn Bird" (Nov. 2006)

Robo-Robb and Moon Child Present "Save the Music EP" (Dec. 2006)

features on T. McGee's "DJ Benzi and Hi-Hill Recordings Present: The Addiction Mixtape" (2007)

Robo-Robb and Moonchild Present: "Save the Music"
(August 2008)

Robo-Robb "SOULBOT2" (Feb. 2011)



Detroit is known for many things – car manufacturing, cold weather, and best of all, a respectable Hip Hop scene. However, lurking in the city’s shadows is a rapper who strays from the norm. He’s a young man with a lofty mission: to stage an intergalactic battle to save music from what he sees as a decline in quality. Looks like it’s time for Motor City to start making some spaceships.

Robo Robb led the early stages of his life in Northern New Jersey before relocating to Michigan where he spends his time studying the intergalactic art of war (really, he’s pursuing his MA in Communication Studies from Wayne State University). Though reform of the universe’s music will be even simpler once a “Dr.” is attached to his name, it’s not an easily accomplished task. His battle plan consists of three stages, a musical trilogy called Save the Music. To accentuate the trilogy, a side-project entitled SOULBOT2 (reaching #14 on CMJ Hip-Hop Charts) has been released. The lead single, “[untitled],” produced by Robert Flood, boasts a music video featuring cameo appearances from Apollo Brown, producer Skywklr, Dante LaSalle, and video producer Adrienne Williams. Collaborations with DJ Soko (of The Left) and various Jazz and Indie Rock vocalists give SOULBOT2 a different type of edge from the sound most commonly associated with Hip Hop, giving it a chance to reach an audience of more diverse interests.

Lasers, spaceships, and explosions aside, there’s more to Robo Robb than what some may call “nerdcore” rap. More properly labeled as Sci-Fi rap, it stems from the artistic desire to retain one’s integrity by being unique, yet maintaining a high-quality product. He is also working on an Electro album in addition to his work as co-owner of Hi-Hill Recordings and a radio host on Oakland University’s WXOU. His most recent album (SOULBOT 2) reached #14 on the CMJ Hip-Hop Charts in December of 2011. His album Save the Music with MoonChild also landed on URB magazine’s “Next 1000” of 2009. With all of this in place, Robo Robb is poised to emerge victorious in his plans to Save the Music, even if it takes a few laser beams.