Robot Bomb Shelter

Robot Bomb Shelter

 San Francisco, California, USA

Robot Bomb Shelter, a controllerist, is taking "live electronic dance music" to a whole new level by creating his own music on-the-fly. He blends together several types of dance music, including Techno, IDM & EBM to create a truly unique, crowd and mood-driven performance.


Robot Bomb Shelter named one of the 2011 best electronic music artists by Toronto's
- Dave MacIntyre,

Signed to:

  • Blue Pie Records (Australia)
  • Golden Age Recordings (US)
  • Friends with Benefits Records

Upcoming tours/major shows:

Recent tours/major shows:
April 2013 - Florida Music Festival, Orlando, Florida (opened for Boombox)
May 23, 2013 - Royal Phoenix, Montreal
May 2013 - One Man Band Festival, Montreal
May 24, 2013 - Midway Cafe, Boston
December 2011 - Project Nunway, Beatbox, San Francisco
September 2011 - Kansai Music Conference/Festival, Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe
August 2011 - Milk Bar, San Francisco
June 2011 - San Francisco Pride Festival
June 2011 - NXNE, Toronto
May 2011 - Chicago tour
May 2011 - UP F.A.M.A and Kahlua, Guatemala City
March 2011 - Canadian Music Fest, Toronto (opened for Kill the Noise)
September 2010 - Kansai Music Conference/Festival, Osaka, Kobe
September 2010 - Folsom Street Fair, San Francisco (opened for Nitzer Ebb)
June 2010 _ Sonar, Barcelona (chosen as an alternate)
June 2010 - Madrid Pride, Madrid

'Robot Bomb Shelter is changing the dance floor experience with his innovative, fresh, and extremely infectious brand of techno.' - the Toronto Examiner

Robot Bomb Shelter will make you worship the floor you dance on. Since 2006, controllerist Jake Brower has been crafting improvised sets from disparate elements - electro, techno and industrial/EBM. His sets redefine electronic music, and his beats inspire harmony in the wilderness of the hearts of fans around the globe.

While performing live, Robot Bomb Shelter casts off the shackles of a set list, which allows this controllerist from San Francisco to shatter the crowd's expectations, and replace the preconceived notions he has just crushed with music created in the now, built from positive tensions and interpreted through the feeling that surrounds him in the room. Robot Bomb Shelter's divine mission is to constantly seek the perfect mood and to destroy the most recent past. He is fully alive and free, ever-evolving as he, his technology and his music balance on a tightrope. Each moment he creates stands on its own, and then transforms to bring everyone to their maximum level of euphoria.

Embracing his musical heritage at an early age, Robot Bomb Shelter has been honing his craft since he first experienced Front 242 in the early 80s. Rebelling against the expected through his training days in trance, and becoming unstoppable since discovering wonky techno & electro, no two Robot Bomb Shelter sets will - or can ever be - alike, keeping his fans clamoring for more.

By popular demand, Robot Bomb Shelter has issued three studio albums, steeped in the tradition of his live sets. All albums begin being written with the bass, which pumps life through the song as fluid layers and layers of kick drums, hi-hats and other rhythm elevators are added. Loyal to only the change within himself, RBS shares his music by partnering deconstruction and reconstruction techniques while recording. His releases, the EP Robot Picnic (2009), Synthetic Famine (2009) and the full-length Staring at Screens (2010) bring the timeless complexities of Robot Bomb Shelter's unique brand of controllerism to the recorded milieu. His next EP Osculate was released in February 2013 and represents a more minimal side.

Robot Bomb Shelter tears up dance floors world-wide by mastering opposites, blending the sensuality of music with the structure of technology. His choice technology - Ableton, Akai APC40, Native Instruments' Maschine and iPad - can be fully realized only if mood is at the controls. The pull of intricate bass and drum lines is answered with the push of joyous movement from the crowd. The friction built from this pure, artistic creation builds music inspired by the feeling that builds inspiration that creates more feeling and more music.

At the forefront of techno music and technology, Robot Bomb Shelter uses his nightly musical metamorphoses to bring his fans to a state of delirium. As the tattoo spirals that symbolize change on his arm denote, the proper musical tension is built from passionate disparities, and sets everyone free.

Robot Bomb Shelter releases are available on Beatport, iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, Amazon & Napster.


The 9th Machine, EP, release date: 10/21/2013 (Beatport exclusive)
Osculate, EP, release date: 2/12/2013
Staring at Screens, LP, release date: 8/10/2010
Synthetic Famine, Single, release date: 10/4/2009
Robot Picnic, EP, release date: 6/4/2009

Art Department - Robot Heart (Robot Bomb Shelter Remix) - Official remix
Release date: 1/22/2013
Return (Robot Bomb Shelter Mix) by Adonisaurus

Release date: 5/11/2011
Mojave Phone Booth (Robot Bomb Shelter Mix) by Poor Little Saturday
Release date: 10/28/2010
Get Out (Robot Bomb Shelter Mix) by ejector
Release date: 3/1/2009