Robot Goes Here

Robot Goes Here


"Start with a computer kid in a punkhardcore band, take away the band, and this is what you get." Robot Goes Here fills the still-empty niche of fun but lyrically serious highenergy electronic rock - think Postal Service with more jumpkicks or Atom and His Package with more philosophy.


Like some sort of bizzare modern superhero, Dave Rand is a cancer research scientist by day and a Robot rock machine by night. Dave played 55 shows in 2005, touring relentlessly around NY state within the confines of a 9-5 M-F computational biology research job.

In early 2006, Dave signed a record deal with INFIDEL records in Hoboken, NJ (Antigone Rising, Skeeto, Los Burbanks) to re-release the full-length "The Byte Is In My Blood", plus 3 new tracks. Mixed by Ray Martin (Gorillaz, Mindless Self Indulgence, Iggy Pop, Shakira, Bloc Party, Gov’t Mule) at Water Music, "The Byte Is In My Blood" is due out Sept 2006, and Dave begins a PhD program in Systems Biology at Harvard in August 2006.

"Well thought out verbiage and melody combines with blips and bleeps to loose the audio carnage that is Robot Goes an ironic marriage of philosophy and sound, as catchy as it is abrasive, Robot Goes Here bends the machinery to the will of the people" - Jason M - Sample Press - Fort Worth, TX

"Robot Goes Here bends and blends genres such as electronica, rock, hip-hop, screamo, and hardcore into something unheard by most human ears...The lyrics are outstandingly intelligent...almost every song on The Byte Is In My Blood conveys some sort of positive message, usually addressing current and past social problems or concerns." - Nate Derby - Quadraphonic Online Music Magazine - Canandaigua, NY

"The music is accessible rather than mechanical, a certain desparation bleeds through the lyrics -- which are only human -- which take the opportunity to question disappointment and injustice. Here is a heartfelt case of honesty, clips from Dave’s diary, and a throat full of synthetic sound tossed into one compact packet of character." - Kim Riot - Electronic Music Magazine - Los Angeles, CA


Zen And The Science Of Nihilism

Written By: Dave Rand

Drew a black dot in the center of my palm and I was visited by the face of divinity dressed to kill in its six-sided form. Can you see the row-sham-bow that Darwin tattooed on your skin? I bet you think you can but you're obviously wrong, or you wouldn't be using protection, now would you? // CHORUS: So I burn this song as a tribute to my gods: chance and the span of four billion years. Science as religion I'm a man of the cloth: Logic and reason like the flame and the moth. Your brain is just a beautiful machine forever calculating nothing. So here's a koan for the modern age: How many rolls of the endless-sided die did it take to make a reason why? // Saw a squirrel by the base of a tree and it struck me powerfully how stupid and pointless life is. I know that's melodramatic but its true. All of our ideas about what's important are merely self-delusions. A biologist might say that sex really matters, but even that's not true cause who cares if your genes get passed on? So on the lawn of my parents' house I found nihilism - who cares what it means? CHORUS. But I'm still looking for a job and writing this song, 'cause after all, it doesn't matter that it doesn't matter. In light of this, here's another question with no answer: What will you do tomorrow?

The Minivan Diaries

Written By: Dave Rand

Have you ever found yourself studying the heart, and realized that the way you live your life is so unhealthy? Have you ever found yourself admiring the tress, and realized each and every day you drive your van to work? // CHORUS: How is the way I live my life so far from what’s in my head? Listening you’d have to wonder if I’d ever heard a single word I’d said. // How could I not have heard a single word I’d said? And the obvious next question that I’m sure you’re thinking is: If I’m not using my ears then why the hell am I running my mouth? CHORUS. But it’s not that simple, the problem’s not my ears – it’s the connection from my head to my hands and what they do, cause the distance is always infinite from your life to the shelf where your ideals sit. Failing to live up marks both the idealist and the hypocrite... Where do you draw the line between the idealist and the hypocrite? What am I at the end of the day, an idealist or a hypocrite? I don’t know... Which brings us back to the surprising heart, the ever-pumping mystery that keeps this beat going. See, I’m not talking to hear my own voice, I’m singing to feel myself breath!

What All The Screaming's About

Written By: Dave Rand

"’Once I was happy, then I was upset, and later on I felt alright again.’ In show biz that's what they call a continuity error. I could make up some shit to cover it, go on for 20 minutes about what it signified, but I won't, I’ll call it what it was: a mistake. Yeah I made a mistake, a simple oversight that could have been avoided if I'd been paying closer attention." // CHORUS: The days are gone when one could sing about the railroads. Yeah the time is past when one could sing about the West. And soon it will become too late to sing about emotions; yeah soon we'll have forgotten what it is to feel. // Replacing humans with machines is nothing new I’m afraid. We can see its mechanized fruits all around us... But this is something different, a more powerful idea: making human beings into machines, replacing feelings with little white pills, cause robots never need to get holidays. We need time for ourselves... // CHORUS // So you see that's what this screaming’s about: not anger but unbridled emotion, unplugging from the wall and dancing the dance that we feeling in our hearts. So take the microphone and scream your song. Yeah grab the mic and scream your song!


"The Byte Is In My Blood" LP INFIDEL Re-release (2006)
"Raise Your Fist Volume 1" Compilation (2004)
"Recontre du 4eme type" Robot Goes Here / Severn24 Remix Split (2005)
"The Byte Is In My Blood" LP Self release (2004)
"Cipher Records 2004 Compilation" (2004)

Set List

Usually play 6-7 song, 25-30 minute sets.