Robot Goes Here Rock

Robot Goes Here Rock


"Start with a computer kid in a punkhardcore band, take away the band, and this is what you get." Robot Goes Here fills the still-empty niche of fun but lyrically serious highenergy electronic rock - think Postal Service with more jumpkicks or Atom and His Package with more philosophy.


Like some sort of bizzare modern superhero, Dave Rand is a cancer research scientist by day and a Robot rock machine by night. Dave played 55 shows in 2005, touring relentlessly around NY state within the confines of a 9-5 M-F computationl biology research job. In early 2006, he signed a record deal with INFIDEL records in Hoboken, NJ (Antigone Rising, SKEETO, Los Burbanks) to re-release the full-length "The Byte Is In My Blood". NYC-based mixer Ray Martin has signed on to mix the album. The in-demand Martin has been working with Gorillaz, Shakira, Bloc Party and Junior Sanchez. Ray sprang to prominence for his work with Mindless Self Indulgence, Iggy Pop, the Black Crowes, Gov’t Mule and Action Reaction. "The Byte Is In My Blood" is due out Sept 2006.

"Well thought out verbiage and melody combines with blips and bleeps to loose the audio carnage that is Robot Goes an ironic marriage of philosophy and sound, as catchy as it is abrasive, Robot Goes Here bends the machinery to the will of the people" - Jason M - Sample Press - Fort Worth, TX

"Robot Goes Here bends and blends genres such as electronica, rock, hip-hop, screamo, and hardcore into something unheard by most human ears...The lyrics are outstandingly intelligent...almost every song on The Byte Is In My Blood conveys some sort of positive message, usually addressing current and past social problems or concerns." - Nate Derby - Quadraphonic Online Music Magazine - Canandaigua, NY

"The music is accessible rather than mechanical, a certain desparation bleeds through the lyrics -- which are only human -- which take the opportunity to question disappointment and injustice. Here is a heartfelt case of honesty, clips from Dave’s diary, and a throat full of synthetic sound tossed into one compact packet of character." - Kim Riot - Electronic Music Magazine - Los Angeles, CA


Seeing Green

Written By: Dave Rand

Seeing Green
_ I found the idea for this song at the bottom of a dumpster along with a book on conservation and a bottle of shampoo. Seems like someone hadn't been doing their reading... I saw a heart sunk into the pavement, and floating in it was a cigarette butt. I thought to myself "Oh, that's nice. The city loves to throw away."
_ We throw away our hearts. We throw away our minds. We throw away our time. We throw away our lives. Our hearts, our minds, our time, our lives are gone.
_ I found true love on the dance floor you know, and they sell true love in the drugstore I hear. I saw two lips in the mirror today and I felt two lips when I kissed her last night. But what's the connection? I don't know what this means. Please can you tell me what this all should mean?
_ This confusion that I'm feeling is us drowning; not drowning in our drunkenness, but drowning in conditioner [The images we're shown are not like anything we've known]. We learned to buy conditioner and rub it deep in our scalps [Can you feel is seeping down through your skin into your brain?] until everything we see is tinged a sickly green.
_ We buy and sell our hearts. We buy and sell our minds. We buy and sell our time. We buy and sell our lives. Our hearts, our minds, our time, our lives are gone.

Zen And The Science Of Nihilism

Written By: Dave Rand

Zen And The Science Of Nihilism
_ Drew a black dot in the center of my palm and I was visited by the face of divinity dressed to kill in its six-sided form. Can you see the ro-sham-bo that Darwin tatooed on your skin? I bet you think you can but you're obviously wrong, or you wouldn't be using protection, now would you?
_ So I burn this song as a tribute to my gods: chance and the span of four billion years. Science as religion, I'm a man of the cloth: Logic and reason like the flame and the moth. Your brain is just a beautiful machine forever calculating nothing. So here's a koan for the modern age: How many rolls of the endless-sided die did it take to make a reason why?
_ Saw a squirrel by the base of a tree and it struck me powerfully how stupid and pointless life is. I know that's melodramatic but its true. All of our ideas about what's important are merely selfdulsions. A biologist might say that sex really matters, but even that's not true cause who cares if your genes get passed on? So on the lawn of my parents' house I found nihilism - who cares what it means?
_ But I'm still looking for a job and writing this song, 'cause after all it doesn't matter that it doesn't matter, no it doesn't matter that it doesn't matter!
_ In light of this, here's another question with no answer: What will you do tomorrow?

01001010 (Failing The Turing Test)

Written By: Dave Rand

01001101 (Failing The Turing Test)
_ "I can no longer think what I want to think. My thoughts have been replaced by moving images." - Alexander Duhamel, 1930.
_ We've seen half this country but it's all been air-conditioned, rolling by through tinted glass. Those clouds look so crisp they must be computer generated. That music sounds so good it must be synthed.
_ Ever am I realizing how thickly the byte is in my blood, crawling under my skin and digging like a chigger. If I was a Luddite, I'd have to learn to live without myself. If I was a Luddite, I'd try to destroy myself. Where will people like me fit into the world of Small Is Beautiful (E. F. Schumacher, 1974)?
_ Just another place in my thought-space where the idea goes down more easily than an instantiation. I can talk the talk, yeah I can get excited, but if I'm really honest with myself I'll see that the times when I am truly happy, when the excitement is bubbling and overflowing, these times are few and far between and happen almost exclusively alone with my computer in the middle of the night.
_ I ask myself "What makes me truly happy?", and the half-answer I get are suspect. I can't tell how much is "I can make a convincing argument for why this should make me happy", and how much is "This really makes me happy!" What really makes me happy?
_ I've been working on a computer program to tell us what is beautiful. I think it's time to pull the plug...


"The Byte Is In My Blood" LP (2006)

Set List

Usually play 6-7 song, 25-30 minute sets.