Toronto, Ontario, CAN

The popular rock scene is in desperate need of something new and exciting. With so many acts that resemble each other, Robotman is the answer to the problem. With unforgetable hooks, strong honest lyrics, and a stage show that reeks of energy and grit, look out for Robotman to blow your mind.


Hailing from the sprawling suburbia that is Scarborough, Ontario, Robotman is a refreshing group of three like-minded individuals who push the envelope of rock music.
Consisting of three former high school classmates: vocalist John Hoffmann, drummer Mike D'Andrea, and guitarist Ricky Tillo, Robotman have honed their craft and explosive stage show at the many clubs and loft parties across Toronto. If you can imagine The Police, The Hives, DFA1979, the Yeah Yeah Yeah's and Queens of The Stone Age playing together on the same stage at the exact same time, you are almost there. Robotman daringly fuses together contrasting musical qualities: abrasive yet melodic, experimental and complex but hook driven songwriting, mechanically precise while retaining soul and emotion.
Their upcoming independent full length album to be released by end of 2008 is an ambitious display of diversity and sonic exploration while retaining instant accessibility. Soon to hit the airwaves and performed at a stage near you.


'Robot Homme' released 2009

Set List

Our typical set list is a healthy mix of all original material pieced together based on tempo and energy levels. Between 45min to 1 hour in duration. A typical set can consist of Heat, BrokenWhiteDeath, Picasso, Happy, Macro vs Micro, Tug of War, Get your drink on, Threesome, Monkey, and Berserk.