Robot Radio Station

Robot Radio Station


New age punk rock stayin true to the oldschool and far from what mainstream punk has become.


Phase 47 of world domination - take a break for pitches of pepsi and endless pepperoni pizza.
Phase 48 of world domination - Bring back punk rock that's true to the heart and keeping music what its supposed to be.
We've got songs about lesbians, drinking alone, partying, and even some of those "girlies" you hear about. But what's most important - we rock. And not necessairly in the term that we are awesome (although that does still apply), but moreso in the fact that we rock your socks off. Say goodbye to prissy modern punk and come rock on a different station - the ROBOT RADIO STATION.


We have recored our first cd, a seven track best of epic entitled "Black Tie Affair" and are returning to the studio to take down another seven tunes in the spring of 2007.

Set List

Most songs approximatelly 3 mintues long, with a few hard hitters broaching 5, and even one or two under a minute long that are sure to get your heart racing even when you are standing still.