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"Nice Fresh Sounds from Makeup Recordings Robot Trio Sampler"

This year, I hope to spend a little more time highlighting the music that catches my ears and to start things off I've decided to highlight a new label; Makeup Recordings.

I received an email from the label earlier this week, and I checked out the tunes they included. A 'net label for now, with the goal of pressing some vinyl down the road.Makeup are offering a five track sampler as their first release. The release will be available on RV soon and is produced by Robot Trio, a production trio consisting of label boss Mike Bass, and the brothers Stefano and Dante Filippelli.

The thing I like about the sampler is that it's really fresh sounding. The live instruments alongside tight drum programming delivers a nice alternative to so much of the other trendy music out there. They're not afraid to use a sprinkling of lyrics and some raw deep house soul, some of it reminding me a little of Timewriter's productions, with the result clearly being a release that Robot Trio have well thought out and put together. There are hints of disco and electro in places, which keeps things tasty and firmly cements the release in the "party music" category. People don't have to be avid electronic music fans to get into these tunes, and it's the sort of thing you can play over at your mates house on party night. It's not just party music though, there's also enough there to keep the die hard house and electro fan happy too… Ultimately, Robot Trio deliver a sound which is original so it should have the right sort of mass appeal to be successful.

With that in mind, it seems like the tunes aren't aimed at the typical main room DJ set, as they are all short in length. In fact, only one of the five tracks on the sampler is longer than four minutes which means most DJs will need a longer remix or have to re-edit them to include longer mix-in and mix-out sections. I've taken a few this afternoon to do just that, and put together a 20 minute mini-mix for your listening pleasure, which I've posted below.

I look forward to keeping an eye on Makeup Recordings, and the future releases from Robot Trio. I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I have. - Resonant Vibes by Sam Gracie


The Robot Trio Sampler - Makeup Recordings
01. Murmur
02. Metro Expresso
03. Tokyokio
04. Bus Stop
05. Kiss My Radio
06. Scared Girl
Distributed by Juno,Stompy,Lala,Resonant Vibes,iTunes



Robot Trio is an Orlando, Florida based collaboration between three longtime friends and family members Stefano Filippelli, multi instrumentalist/producer/ DJ, Dante Filippelli DJ/Producer/Comedian and Mike Bass DJ/Producer/Makeup label Boss. The three have carved a niche in the Orlando music scene since the early 1990’s. Robot Trio makes their debut on the brand new label Makeup Recordings, which will showcase a wide range of user friendly tunes while once again serving those in need a dose of syncopated, rhythmically-driven music. Their manifesto is short and to the point….
“We acknowledge the needs of those who seek and explore all shades of the music spectrum and its ever changing sounds, dance and related encompassments. Thus we hereby promise to use what ample robotics we have that are always indeed stylish at the time to deliver a wide range of sound to satisfy every mood that you might find yourself in. No matter the situation, the Robot Trio will tune in to prescribe you the right ear medicine to nurse you through these moods. We come in total peace. We like friends and those who share the same beliefs and taste in music as us. We are easy to please and please easy. Some might be a little hesitant about robots but those who embrace them will shine brighter than those who don’t. We won’t eat your young our anything like that but we will turn them out with our funky beats. Stop, look, and listen…we are all around you.”