Robot Workers

Robot Workers

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN

We are all Robot Workers. We are programmed to enjoy dancing, fun, partying, grooves, jamming, rock and roll, funk, good times, friends, infectious beats, join us! We have a unique sound, check out some tracks on our EPK.


An up-and-coming band from Calgary, AB

Whats that sound? That infectious, groove-shaking sound? Robot Workers is a four-piece fusion of rock / funk / surf and prog blended in a party mix and served with a slice of awesome. Dubbed by some as a band with the identity crisis, Robot Workers defies being pigeonholed into a single genre and instead challenges the notion that a band can be put in a single category under the code of record store labelling.

But dont be afraid, the beauty of this band is that we are all Robot Workers, toiling away and waiting to play and Robot Workers sound will bombard your eardrums with sonic harmony while causing an inexplicable desire to shake what your maker gave you.

Their debut album released Dec 21 2012


Robot Workers (2012)

Set List

Cowboy Breakdown
Heartless Friends
Nightmare Shuffle
King of Aces
Madness of the Dream
She Said