Rob Park

Rob Park


The Pearl Cowboys can't be pigeon-holed! Velvet Underground meets the Blues and then accidentally bumps into Brit Pop. A pulsating back beat, searing guitar sounds and a lead vocals with the resonance of a cello played with a chainsaw.


Our five piece band have been Influenced by the likes of the Stones, Ramones, Early Australian Punk, Nick Cave and Glam Rock to name a few. We've been playing around Melbourne for 15 years doing covers and are about to release an album of original material in early 2007.


No Real Solution

Written By: Rob Park

No Real Solution

Sometimes you think you’re going crazy
Then you realise it’s every one else
It’s not denial, it’s reality you feel

It’s best to skim across the surface
Don’t pause too long else you’ll sink
Like a sea of hands all trying to pull you in

But who am I to stop to help?
Apart from yourself I mean
And are you really helping them or yourself?

I know I said goodbye, but I had my fingers crossed
Can’t you understand that this won’t work?
Can’t you appreciate the pain and the cost?

I’ve drawn a line in the sand
But the tide keeps coming in
I don’t know if it’s me or you, or is it him?

I can’t see a solution to this,
Can’t live with or without you
So if it’s OK I’ll just fade away


The Pearl Cowboys (self titled) December 2007

Set List

We can do over 100 covers (not in one night!). Ranging from Disco to Rock to Glam and even Punk. Basically anything the punters want. But our real passion is our own music that also ranges in genres from the slow moody to full rock epics.