Rob Regal

Rob Regal

 New Carrollton, Maryland, USA
SoloHip Hop

Something new for the game...the truth found in the middle of a world of lies.


Born in the Riggs Park section of Washington, DC, Rob Regal (ne’ Rob Bailey) was raised between DC and the Prince George’s County, MD suburbs. Citing DJ EZ Rock & Rob Base’s “It Takes Two” as his earliest memory of hip-hop, he started writing rhymes at the age of 9 after hearing The LOX’s “Money, Power, Respect” and being amazed by the song. Soon after, he gained a reputation early, tearing down ciphers and battles while only in middle school. Originally stepping into the music game as "Lyriciss", Rob Regal decided in 2014 that it was time for two things: growth and change.

Now, at the age of 26, he’s already developed the mind of a businessman, focusing on the growth and future of his career. He has been inducted into a group of elite musicians with URB Magazine’s Next 1000 Program, along with being named as one of the top underground artists of 2011 on AllHipHop and one of the top hip-hop artists of 2011 on the UK-based hip-hop site, He has built a strong presence as an up-and-coming force, being posted consistently on the world’s most credible music blogs and websites, including,,,,,,, and many more. With cosigns from names including DJ Premier, Sway, Erick Sermon, No Malice (of The Clipse), Fashawn, Shawn Chrystopher, Chill Moody, Wale, Buda Da Future & more, Rob Regal seems prepared to take the industry by storm.

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- The Balance [Album] (2013)
- The Practice [Mixtape] (2010)
- The Day Job [Mixtape] (2009)
- The Hope [Mixtape] (2008)

- "The Reflection" (2014)
- "Faded (ft. Phil Da Phuture & Fat Trel)" (2013)
- "I'm Good" (2013) 
- "Maryland (ft. PRO'Verb)" (2013)
- "Vent" (2013)
- "Calling For You (ft. Chill Moody & K-Beta)" (2013) 
- "Ridin" (2013)
- "My Life" (2012)
- "The Agenda" (2012)
- "Big Gold Chain" (2012)
- "Get It & Go" (2012)
- "Stop Scheming" (2011)
- "The Balance" (2011)
- "Super Bad" (2011)
- "Hard Times (ft. K-Beta & Muggsy Malone)" (2010)
- "Hot Music" (2010)
- "Give 'Em A Show" (2010)
- "Bright Nights" (2010)

Set List

- "Super Bad"
- "I'm Good" 
- "Vent"
- "Maryland (ft. PRO'Verb)"
- "The Balance"

20 minute set