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Established on Jan, 2014
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" Feature: Ghostface Review"

You can tell a lot about an emcee by his choice of role models. For example, when a rapper styles himself after Ghostface, it’s clear that, at the very least, the man has impeccable taste. West Palm Beach native Rob Regis may not sound a damn thing like the YoMyGod spitter unleashes bar after bar of polysyllabically-rhymed, free-associative lyrical flames: “Corny with the wild look, I’m crawlin’ off a crucifix / Flashin’ my Blackberry, rhymes roll out like Ludacris / Point to where your medulla is… Now you stoned like a medusa is.” Craving more hot beats and head-spinning verses from this Panhandle State buzzmaker? Then stay tuned; The Nappy Headed Legend is currently unscheduled but, as always, we’ll keep you supplied with the latest. -

" Feature: "YoMyGod" Review"

Check out the first official release from Rob Regis YoMyGod – off of his upcoming solo album The NHL (Nappy Headed Legend). The track features Rugodzilla and Soultree. I’m really diggin’ this track. I love the dark sense Rob Regis gives off with his flow. First and second verse Rob killed it. In his first verse he gets mean!

“Can I really make it?” I ask the smoke
Can I really take it? You dash the hope
So where, do I go, this road is lookin’ hollow
There’s way too many chiefs, with no Indians to follow"

Soultree compliments the track with her soultry vocals throughout YoMyGod. adlibs + harmonizing definitely gave it that extra spice. Love her outro on the track! Vibe out and trip hard! Zillanation emcee Rugodzilla makes his appearance on the track taking over the third verse. Liked his wordplay! This dope track was produced by South Florida producer/emcee Young Blesson.

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"Golden Underground Feature: "I X L" [Music Video]"

South Florida artist, Rob Regis, today droped a very dope visual for his song “I X L (i Excel) |”. This track is off his 2012 project “The Wackness LP”, which you can download for free off his Bandcamp. Regis drops some knowledge with dope lyricism over a standout beat produced by The Militia. He then ends the video by dropping an a cappella verse about south FL. Shout out to Danny “The Sweed” Casper for sending this video my way, and stay on the lookout for more Rob Regis music! -

"Golden Underground Feature: "I X L" [Music Video]"

South Florida artist, Rob Regis, today droped a very dope visual for his song “I X L (i Excel) |”. This track is off his 2012 project “The Wackness LP”, which you can download for free off his Bandcamp. Regis drops some knowledge with dope lyricism over a standout beat produced by The Militia. He then ends the video by dropping an a cappella verse about south FL. Shout out to Danny “The Sweed” Casper for sending this video my way, and stay on the lookout for more Rob Regis music! -

" Feature: "I X L" [Music Video]"

Produced by The-Militia, Rob Regis takes it back to his “The Wackness” project with this video. Meanwhile he’s still finishing up his latest project entitled THE NHL aka “The Nappy Headed Legend” -

"KevinNottingham Feature: "I X L" (Music Video)"

Rob Regis wanted to revisit the 4th track off his first project The Wackness LP but in video form. This video depicts a bunch of chill hip-hop heads getting together and doing what they love the most, making music. Look out for Rob’s next solo album The NHL (The Nappy Headed Legend) as well as two collab albums; one with Taylor Musik and another with Dr. LaFlow. -

"ConflictRhymes Feature: "YoMyGod" Review"

The Melody will hook you. Rob Regis delivers a trippy track that is quickly catching smoke. Definitely a smokers Delight. Featuring Rugodzilla and Soultree providing an eclectic balance. -

" Feature: "YoMyGod" Review"

First official release from Rob Regis’ solo album”The NHL”, Nappy Headed Legend, Rob links up again with MIA’s Young Blesson to handle the production (see “Regi$ter”). Featuring ZillaNation MC, Rugodzilla, and some extra sharp vocals from the incredible talent house, Soultree. -

"Jojo's Block Feature: "Analog Nostalgia" (Music Video)"

As the continuing amazing work of “Stay Gold” from local artist Rob Regis he releases visuals of his single ” Analog Nostalgia”. What really is catchy is the intro of the video the words stated is truly a fact “ trying to bring hip hop to a bunch of people who appreciate even though a lot of people don’t buy records anymore” meaning that you keep grinding to make this happen. Rob Regis collab’s with RuGodZilla & BuB Styles these three artist are just a hip hop chemical explosion lyric wise they bring it all on this beat. Each artist gives a bit of their upcoming life following this dream that we are all after, Salute for the great work! -

" Feature: "Regi$ter""

Check out what’s up with hip-hop artist Rob Regis and his latest collab REGI$TER with Young Blesson. This track will be on Rob Regis upcoming project Stay Gold. Once I heard the track I felt like I was on an acid trip with that sippin’ on some syrup, slow motion state of mind. But when you really listen up, the song I can definitely relate to. Sometimes at moments you feel the need to be drastic, when money gets tight.

NIKKISIIXX: What’s Stay Gold?
ROB REGIS: My next project/album. 3/3 this year!
ROB REGIS: Since I changed over to my real name I wanted to put out 3 projects this year. Which I did: The Wackness LP, The EP MUGSHOT and Stay Gold.
NIKKISIIXX: When is Stay Gold releasing?
ROB REGIS: Probably late September
NIKKISIIXX: REGI$TER what does that mean to you?
ROB REGIS: It’s like a funny, but not actually funny, realization. Like ‘Damn, we’re really struggling. Who’s to say we dont run up in a spot and just scream gimme the money!

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"Jojo's Block: The Wackness LP Review & Interview"

As I came across this album the first thing I realized was the name and how catchy it became to me. I was curious since the get go why would you name it “THE WACKNESS” of course hypothetically speaking as a music analyst what I notice the most is how the title & how the songs relate to each other. When the intro came on I was extremely blown away , Rob Regis decides to begin with a dope freestyle with no beat at all and kept the current flowing. The choices of words and descriptions are mind-boggling. On the track “MF ROBBY” I played it over and over again reason being of how sick that beat sounds like hip hop futuristic with the different additions, but see what had me intrigued if you take a close listen that little melody in the back it’s “The Nutcracker” melody and that is one of my favorites.VERY UNIQUE!

So as for you as a Hip-Hop artist and add those kind of beats are extremely original, mix the old with the new and make something amazing. Rob Regis’s poetic words & flow are very creative, nonetheless I get the feeling this artist constantly writes poetry and likes to express it with a dope beat and get on that Mic! As you take a listen to this album you come across three platforms that seem are very realistic, in the sense of everyday life situations. Through out the whole album you show the difference as an artist in originality. I like the beats, the lyrics, and the different scenarios that you choose for your tracks.

Rob Regis you have one creative imaginative mind and I say that with a positive comment because music is a different world but you make it your own world, your own story. You tell your story little by little but with entertainment and truth. Therefore your concept of music has no wackness and remember if others do not appreciate the real good music don’t worry others will.

Q’s & A’s

JoJo Fabs: Why did you name it “The Wackness” ?

Rob Regis: – I named this LP The Wacknesss because of the influence from the movie, but also because of how hip-hop culture became, and what I was against. Where I’m throwing down actual songs, actual lyrics, but nobody bumping it, no one just out there digging it, so it just must be wack. Considering who you got at the top of the game, or coming out with ‘dope’ music. The original version of this LP I wrote, and conceptualized when I was 18. I wanted it to be my FIRST project but due to mis-steps and crazy situations it kept getting fumbled for like 3 years. So From December 2011 right up until February 6th 2012, I worked on this version of the LP to make it my ‘first’ project as Rob Regis. Me being me, right after I dropped my old name Robby Ratchett.

JoJo Fabs: What influenced you in this album ?

Rob Regis: What influenced me as a number one source was the movie because I could feel the emotions and similar despair, but at the same time, the optimism in the whole mantra of “doing what you gotta do.” As far as musically, I was influenced by the MadVillainy album, Kanye’s Late Registration, Linkin Park’s Reanimation and Kendrick’s O.verly D.edicated project. Plus alot of inspiration was drawn in from the accounts of b.s. I went through, and concepts I had for songs that I envisioned helping the story.

JoJo Fabs: Do you have a favorite song off this album?

Rob Regis: – HMMM…my FAVORITE song…nope. I can’t do it, that’s one thing about me, I can’t nail down specifics. But I do have 3 favorite joints. “Platform A” of course, because I got to incorporate some of my poetry and engineering skills into the opening track, but also it grabs you right off the bat, like “what am I listening to?!” The second would be “ZILLABOMBBEACH” mainly because it incorporated something that my brother, AKBAR, another MC in Zilla Nation came up with. Since we met up in high school and was heavy in graffiti back in the day and tagging and stuff, I wanted to bring in a track like that, since I kinda feel like that ‘died’ out in hip-hop, no one really remembers the graff element. So instead West Palm Beach, he calls it ZILLA BOMB BEACH, since that’s our stomping grounds of bombing, I really wanted to give him space to spit, so I did a poem introducing the piece and he did his thing on that track. Last but not least, ‘The Following” is another favorite. Simply because it’s not your typical ‘love’ song, but at the same time brings in the drug infused elements of love being a drug, but actual drugs, and still having a devotion to someone through ups and downs. Plus I got to play around again with my distortions, like you’re really just gone. Zoning through space.

" Feature: "Faye Valentine" Review"

Rob Regis, the big homie representing Florida (not Flo-Rida, you pricks) just gave me the go=ahead to release this single. He also wanted you all to know that he has a Rap Genius link for the lyrics. I can’t hate on this. This is pretty dope. -

" Feature: "Faye Valentine" Review"

With Dr. LaFlow on the beat and Rob Regis on the mic, the South Florida duo drops the 1st single off their upcoming Mozambique Drill project entitled “Faye Valentine.” For those not familiar, Faye is from the popular anime series, “Cowboy Bebop.” (On of my personal favorites.) -

" Feature: "Faye Valentine" Review"

Repping Florida, producer Dr. LaFlow and emcee Rob Regis are currently working on an album entitled, Mozambique Drill. The album is not done yet but they have released a track from it called “Faye Valentine.” This track has that lo-fi, eerie vibe; kind of like DOOM meets Madlib or something like that. Rob Regis holds it down on the vocals, he is a nice fit for Dr. LAFlow’s production style. Check it and lookout for the album! -

"Mieux Magazine Feature: YoMyGod Review"

The heart of West Palm Beach’s underground hip-hop scene, Rob Regis, dropped a spine chilling track just ten days ago. “YoMyGod” delves in to the vocal technique of the artist, the instrumental’s murky muse complimenting his killers bars. Produced by Carol City beat specialist Young Blesson, along with Biblical features by upcoming rapper Rugodzilla and singer Soultree’s strong set of pipes, the stellar set creates a magnum opus of mixdowns and mastering sounds, with Rob’s own sick flow conquering this achievement of higher consciousness. Watch out for The NHL (Nappy Headed Legend), yet to have a drop date. All great things take time. - Mieux Magazine

" Feature: YoMyGod Review"

Ever gotten so high you found yourself face to face with the Man Upstairs? Yeah, me neither. If that sounds like a good time, though, you may want to get in touch with Rob Regis’ dealer. On debut feature and mixtape lead single YoMyGod, the West Palm Beach native and his homies get so lifted off some Gold Diesel that they ascend to a higher plane of consciousness. In between the headliner’s blunted opening and closing bars, fellow newcomer Rugodzilla jumps on Young Blessom‘s icy synth beat to deliver a Biblically-allusive middle 16. Singer Soultree rounds out the lineup, showcasing her powerful pipes on the record’s chorus. This smokers’ anthem is just one of many bangers to be found on forthcoming street album The NHL (Nappy Headed Legend). The set currently lacks a drop date, but we’ll keep you supplied with fresh cuts and release details as they emerge. -



"YoMyGod" feat. Rugodzilla & Soultree
(produced Young Blesson)
Copyright 2013
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FREE LP's (and EP) via Bandcamp:

- The Wackness LP (Feb. 2012)

- The EP, Mugshot (May 2012)

- Zilla.High.Life: STAY GOLD (Oct. 2012)




As one of the factions of the ZillaNation collective, Rob Regis, a Palm Beach resident, sees himself standing out from the crowd. Proudly from Connecticut the young emcee and artist, made his way to West Palm Beach in 2006, a move that ultimately influenced him to pursue his dreams.

Influenced by the likes of MF DOOM, Eminem, Chino XL, Kanye West and many others, Rob took the initiative in molding a sound of his own. Fond of non-Hip-Hop acts like Linkin Park, Pink Floyd, James Blake, he took up a penchant for experimenting with his sound, whether it be the production, the mixing process, vocal alterations. (i.e. "Pause4Murder" , "YoMyGod")

In 2012, Rob had the opportunity to open for Action Bronson's first Florida show, which was another nod in the right path, so Rob continued with various shows throughout South Florida while simultaneously recording new music. The overzealous emcee released 3 free projects via his bandcamp, chronologically, The Wackness LP, The EP Mugshot and Zilla.High.Life: Stay Gold. All of which only propelling the emcee with praise and attention for the original content being released.

Currently working on a new LP, The NHL (The Nappy Headed Legend), as well as 3 more free EP's with producers Dr. LaFlow, Taylor Musik and Aquaman.

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