Rob Regis

Rob Regis

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The modern renaissance man. Blending art, hip-hop and passion, Rob Regis molds music all his own, while still being a consistent force in south Florida. Just ask Google.


As one of the factions of the ZillaNation collective, Rob Regis, a Palm Beach resident, sees himself standing out from the crowd. Proudly from Connecticut the young emcee and artist, made his way to West Palm Beach in 2006, a move that ultimately influenced him to pursue his dreams.

Influenced by the likes of MF DOOM, Eminem, Chino XL, Kanye West and many others, Rob took the initiative in molding a sound of his own. Fond of non-Hip-Hop acts like Linkin Park, Pink Floyd, James Blake, he took up a penchant for experimenting with his sound, whether it be the production, the mixing process, vocal alterations. (i.e. "Pause4Murder" , "YoMyGod")

In 2012, Rob had the opportunity to open for Action Bronson's first Florida show, which was another nod in the right path, so Rob continued with various shows throughout South Florida while simultaneously recording new music. The overzealous emcee released 3 free projects via his bandcamp, chronologically, The Wackness LP, The EP Mugshot and Zilla.High.Life: Stay Gold. All of which only propelling the emcee with praise and attention for the original content being released.

Currently working on a new LP, The NHL (The Nappy Headed Legend), as well as 3 more free EP's with producers Dr. LaFlow, Taylor Musik and Aquaman.



"YoMyGod" feat. Rugodzilla & Soultree
(produced Young Blesson)
Copyright 2013
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FREE LP's (and EP) via Bandcamp:

- The Wackness LP (Feb. 2012)

- The EP, Mugshot (May 2012)

- Zilla.High.Life: STAY GOLD (Oct. 2012)


Set List

(** not in order, depends on set time)

"I X L" -

"Cold Lo Mein" -

"Abandon All Hope" -

"YoMyGod" -

"No Shame, RAW" -

"We Represent" -


"The Following" -

"NuGoldFlow" -


"ABreakoutKing" -