Rob Ryndak

Rob Ryndak


Original Jazz music by award winning composer and pianist. Straight-ahead,Contemporary, Latin, African and Brazilian styles blend with lyrical melodies. Signed recording artist who has played with the likes of Paul Wertico, Larry Gray, Ruben Alvarez, Steve Cole and other accomplished artists.


Jazz composer, performer and teacher, Rob Ryndak has a passion for music. In his compositions he combines pop, jazz and Latin rhythms to create melodic accessible tunes. While Rob is a pianist, he draws from his percussion roots and infuses a strong baseline of rhythms within his composition and still likes to get out from behind his piano to play congas. His inspiration comes from Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis, Poncho Sanchez, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Miriam Makeba, Bob Marley, Joe Sample, Horace Silver as well as genres ranging from classical to R&B and rock.

He used this mix of genres to create four recordings of original music. These albums include a variety of musical styles and have simplicity and lyrical melodies that are accessible to audiences. He includes strong percussion and turns to flute, trumpet and sax regularly. His goal is to create music that leads to heart felt improvisation and forces the musicians to rely on their gut instinct more than habits.

In 1996 he was signed with Southport, an independent Chicago jazz label where he released his first three CDs.

Rob feels that every recording has something unique and special about it. His first album, Moving Forward has raw energy. He continues to draw on these tunes in performances because of their innocence and fun.

Rob’s second album, Boundless (released in 2000) owed a great deal to working with a tight band. They worked closely together playing out regularly together and the CD grew from this connection. They added an international touch to the recording with the addition of trombonist, Vince Benedetti.

Stay With It, Rob’s third album with the Southport Label included high profile musicians including Steve Cole on sax and Richard Patterson on bass. Rob veered clearly into Smooth Jazz territory on a number of the tunes and worked with an arranger (Gary Norian) for the first time for this CD.

In 2005, Rob signed with the Pacific Coast Jazz label. The release, A Reason to Smile debuted in September of 2006. He pulled from his percussion roots and included Latin and African rhythms. The Album received great critical reviews. Reviews on All About Jazz said the tunes on this CD were “. . . . light and upbeat, the songs have an uncluttered feel to them, and there is enough variety between each composition to keep the interest of any listener for numerous helpings.”.

Rob has recorded and played with a long list of Chicago greats including, Steve Cole, Ruben Alvarez, Carlos Cornier, Paulinho Garcia, Greg Fishman, Larry Gray, Bobby Lewis, Richard Patterson and Paul Wertico.

Robs music is autobiographical. He incorporates a great deal of what is going on in his head and heart in the music. Some of his inspiration was found in places including Sedona Arizona where he wrote “Creek Haven Blues” and “Bell Rock”. His travels to Costa Rica is the source for “Ojos Café Hermosos”. He also draws from relationships. The tunes “Clare’s Arrival” and “Lea’s Joy” are dedicated to his daughters and “Jade” and “Jadey” are named for his wife.

Rob started his career in music in high school were he played drums in a rock band. From there he studied seriously in college culminating with a Masters in Music from Northwestern University. He has learned from a host of talented teachers including Mike Mc Clead, Hal Russell, Jake Jeiger, Alan Swain, Kent Wehman, Bob Bullard and Don Owens. They have influenced his compositions, performing and his teaching.

Rob’s ensemble has regularly performed at such festivals throughout the Midwest such as Munster Indiana Jazz & Blues Festival, Nebraska’s Joslyn Museum’s Jazz on the Green, Chicago’s Music on Michigan Ave. Series and Milwaukee’s Jazz in the Park Series. Rob was featured as opening act for Steve Cole at Milwaukee’s Third Ward Jazz Festival.

In addition to composing and performing, Rob has taught music both privately and at a college level. Rob is currently located in the Chicago area with his wife and daughters.


A Reason To Smile Released on the Pacific Coast Jazz Label 2007

Stay With It Released on the Southport Label 2001

Boundless Released on the Soutport Label 1998

Moving Forward Released on the Soutport Label 1996

All recordings received national and international airplay.

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Set List

My typical set includes 80% original material and 20% jazz standards.