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Rob Scallon

Arlington Heights, Illinois, United States | SELF

Arlington Heights, Illinois, United States | SELF
Band Folk Acoustic




"Fan Made essay on the song Heard Again"

Heard Again

The iridescent glow emanates off of its solid-wood surface. An aura of bright, warm, resonating noise gently are plucked and pulled by rough fingers, assuming the form of reverberating waves. The coiled metal, charged like power lines, with soulful bliss and immense sadness are all packed into one composition. Strings as tightly taught as a drawbridge are strummed as they shimmer like rustling branches after rain. A gleaming melody composed of sunshine breaches the clouds, with a single ray of light, laying itself upon the solitary instrumentalist. Consciousness and perception come to the mind of the musician, and the ability to emote to it is a harrowing feat that can only be felt by the striving soloist. It’s a lullaby being hummed by carved wood, and singing out by a wistful thrum, that melts into song. It is a brilliance of soaring notes that drive the senses with the vividness and serenity of life. Harmonics are flicked, hands sliver up the age-worn, wooden neck, and an occasional sporadic outburst with a flickering twang concocts a sonata of colors. Like the leaves of a windy fall day, this piece simply floats to the ground and dances it’s little dance before it’s time is up, only to softly land on the cool earth beneath the tree’s boughs. It speaks to us, and to all ears worthy of its appeal and its beauty. The tune twinkles and flows seamlessly like paint stroked onto a blank canvas, and in itself, it is art. It may be but a song, but to right audience, and to the right listener, it is a masterpiece. - Kevin Foley


Summer (album now unavailable)
The Ride Home (album)
The Winter's Months (album)
Rob Scallon (album)
A Short EP (EP)
Free Sampler (EP)
Rain (single)
Teagen (single)
Time Spent Wondering (single)
Ottawa ft. Ein Astronaut (single)
Heard Again (single)
In the Morning Before Work (cover single)
To Zanarkand (cover single)



Rob Scallon started on drums in the 4th grade and has since moved on to bass, guitar, cello, banjo, piano and singing. Learning through writing; Rob brought all of these skills to create countless songs with countless bands. Then in Winter of 2007 Rob started his solo project with the release of the music video for "Summer." Played on one classical guitar; it's a tune complete with a catchy lead, bass line and even a drum beat. This song instantly began getting buzz online and sparked the solo project into full swing.

Rob's devotion to music has further led him to the ever demanding medium of online video; bringing his expertise in playing, songwriting and filmmaking together to continuously put out amazing music with professional video on YouTube. Racking up over 24,000 subscribers and 2.1 million views, Rob has built up an impressive following over the last few years.

Online: Rob posts new music videos regularly along with other lesson videos, contests, collaborations, and occasional covers on YouTube and posts updates, photos, and misc other material on other social networks daily. Engaging the audience is a big part of the project. The majority of Rob's songs also come with tabs to encourage fan-made covers and plenty of contests on a range of social networks in which fans can win signed merchandise or unreleased music. The recent musical mad libs series even allows the audience to write the lyrics for an upcoming song and the videos that result are nothing short of hysterical.

Live: Rob delivers a dynamic performance. Blending his bass, piano and drum techniques into his solo guitar songs Rob creates something truly unique and mesmerizing that the crowd will not be forgetting.

In studio: Rob has released four full solo albums writing, recording and producing all aspects of the work and has also released numerous solo guitar singles along with his music videos. While Rob's first three solo albums were recorded with a full band sound (guitar, bass, drums, vocals, cello and keys), Rob's most recent is completely solo guitar tracks. The self titled album uses a smorgasbord of different instrumental techniques that have been adapted to a six guitar. Most of these songs are accompanied by a music video and featured on the solo guitar playlist on

Rob's music has been heard on local radio, independent films, regularly on the homepage of the biggest guitar tab/news site on the web,, to millions of viewers through his channel and online collaborations on YouTube. And now Rob has plans to perform on new stages and venues around the US.