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Rob $tone

San Diego, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

San Diego, CA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop




"Rob $tone Interview with City Folk Collective"

Give people who may not have heard of you an introduction to Rob$tone?

What’s Good, I’m Rob $tone of 1207. I hope you’re having a good day. S/o to the Squad.

What has been your favorite 1207 show?

I would have to say Camp Lemon Lake! That shit was Lit. Opened a lot of eyes that night.

How did you end up linking up with everyone in 1207, how did all of you come together?

We’ve all been friends since childhood or at least knew each other for the most part from just growing up in the Grove. Those my brothers
What was the reason you named your latest project “Bummin”?

Well first off I want to say that it’s titled “Straight Bummin’.” A lot of people get that confused, but now I got that clear. Anyways, I was just going through a rough point in Life where I felt like I was bummin’ because we were being reckless doing some bum as shit. It just fit

On one of your songs there is a quote where Tupac is talking about how much money there is in this world and yet people are still broke and on the streets struggling, what was the reason you decided to use this clip?

Because it’s the Truth. There’s nothing more to that. The Truth is the Truth. Feel me?

How did you get into making music?

Just from being around Spooks and J.Davi$ when they first started going to the studio in the Grove. I always knew I wanted to create Music, I was just unsure that I could do it. I Had to just go for it. I started going to the studio in Atlanta, GA & taught myself how to rap and put together good music for about a year and Straight Bummin’ was the result.

How’s Geno liking the Lemon?

Aw man’ Geno was too Lit. I couldn’t keep him though. Monyque & my Mom were scared of him & threatened to throw him away when I wasn’t home.

What’s Lick Mob?

Hahaha Lick Moooooob! That’s just some squad shit within the squad my bro Burgerz put together. Real Grimey Boy shit.

Why do you want Texas to be your first out of state show?

Because I’ve always wanted to go to Texas one day and eat Barbecue. Haha It only makes it better that I have some true Fans in Texas. S/o to everybody out there! Texas has been showing me the most Love aside from Home. I have to go to Texas. Dallas then Houston is my goal for 2015.

When I first heard the song Chill Bill it had around 60,000 plays and I feel like within a week or so it had hit one million plays, can you describe what it felt like to see your song hit one million?

I really can’t describe it. It’s a blessing no doubt. I never expected that. I mean, it was the first song I put out on soundcloud. That’s the craziest part. Thank you everybody. S/o Spooks, J.Davi$, Alex Vibe, & especially Purpdogg.

What was the concept behind the Chill Bill video?

At first Alex Vibe and I had came up with a concept to kind of twist a scene from Kill Bill, the movie. Which is why in some shots there is a girl tied to a Tree. Haha but as the shoot went on Alex had another vision for the video & we decided to squad up & get buck like we do every day. Squad shit

Was it funny when people were confusing you with Burgers?

Haha yeah I think it’s funny. We joke with new faces like that all the time anyways. At this party the bro Tyere told these girls He was Dominican & his name was Dante. Hahaha
What music have you been listening to lately?

1207, Playboicarti, Glass Animals, Black Smurf, Xavier Wulf, Chris Travis, and random wavy ass tunes on soundcloud.
When we talked to Spooks he said you guys are working on a band called Citrus, can you give us any more info on the band?

Yeah Citrus is deep, man. It’s us really expanding on our music and doing more than rap because we definitely limit ourselves by only doing rap. The band consis of Spooks, Ed Jones, & Adam. I am not yet in the band. I am currently learning how to play the keyboard and working with different synthesizers. When I get that down, I will join the band.

What are some of your upcoming plans or projects?

Right now I am focusing on visuals and putting together a California tour for Fall 2015. I am working on a 7 track EP right now produced by my boy Dubz out in New Jersey. Then you can expect my first Album. Look out for “Pulp Fiction” by Malik Burgers up next though!

Closing Statements?

Yeah, s/o to my squad. Much Love to everybody rockin’ with us man. Stay Lemony. “We just do it for the kids nigga.” – B.Watt

- Rob $tone. - City Folk Collective


"Chill Bill" (single)


Straight Bummin' (mixtape)
Landing (EP)



Rob $tone is a 20 year old artist out of San Diego, CA. Rob $tone is one of eight musical talents in a collective of young kids from San Diego known as, 1207. $tone first made a name for himself with his first ever released single titled, "Chill Bill," featuring 1207 artists Spooks & J.Davi$. Since its release in the summer of 2014, "Chill Bill" has amassed over 2.5 million streams on soundcloud & has captured the attention of people across the globe. The official music video, directed by Alex Vibe, was released on June 21, 2015 & currently has 300,000 views on YouTube. "Chill Bill" was the first release off of $tone's first mixtape titled , "Straight Bummin'." "Straight Bummin'" has gained a lot of attention as a whole & really enabled $tone to build a foundation of support from listeners all over the world. 1207 has been coming up with a few underground shows in California & have taken their city by storm. Many look at Rob $tone to be the "frontman" or "leader" of 1207, but he often shies away from that title. $tone has proven himself to be an elite artist with his incredible discography & live performances. Despite the rowdy & savage ways of 1207, $tone & the rest have proven themselves to be undeniably one of the most talented groups of individuals. They share a bond that is way deeper than the music which is believed to be a catalyst to their success.

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