Rob Sweet

Rob Sweet


This music is devastatingly simple with razor sharp lyrical hooks. My personal mission is to bring substance back to the craft. People understand my music, it makes them laugh, it makes them think. I know audiences, and if I don't, I do before I'm off stage. Connection is key. I connect.


I have been playing professionally for ten years, the last five have been exclusively in the Florida keys. Influences include (but are not exclusive to) John Hiatt, Ray Lamontagne, Todd Snider, Lyle Lovett, Bruce Springsteen, Jack Johnson, Bob Dylan (of course), the list goes on and on. Although my original music does not pander to the fashion of the day, audiences inevitably relate enthusiastically. I'm the guy that everyone looks at and says "Damn, I knew I wasn't the only person that thinks like that. Sweet." I usually gig 4-6 days per week and have a steadily growing fan base. This is all I've ever wanted to do. And now I'm doing it. There. Email if you want to hear more.


Pieces of Mine (Limited Release) 2002
Roadtrips and Houseguests (Limited Release) 2006
Introducing Rob Sweet (Official Release CD) 2007

Set List

Aside from my original songs I include (when needed) cover songs from:
David Bowie, Eric Clapton, The Band, Pink Floyd, The Violent Femmes, Elvis Costello, Bessie Smith, Steve Earle, Guy Clark, Todd Snider, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, James Taylor, John Prine, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Jr., Marvin Gaye, James McMurtry, Extreme, Jimmy Buffett, Curtis Mayfield, Howlin' Wolf, Otis Redding, Pure Prairie League, ELP, The Hombres, John Hiatt, The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, Little Feat, Little Freddy King, and I DON'T do any Elvis Presley, Englebert Humperdinck or the Bangles, yet.
Typical sets range anywhere from 45-90 minutes depending upon venue. The bottom line is that we (performers) never get the same audience twice and versatility with prowess is essential to success.