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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada | INDIE

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Band Jazz Latin


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"Independant Artist Culture with Rob Tardik's B.E.L.L. CD"

Rob Tardik

Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love (B.E.L.L.) (Guitardik Music)

“Ringing the B.E.L.L. of Life”

Multiple award-winning Contemporary Jazz Guitarist Rob Tardik, a 2011 Billboard Artist and 2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Guitarist of the Year, returns with his 3rd CD recording B.E.L.L. A fantastic new musical offering that features a lively balanced mixture 12 tasty tracks of Rob’s liquid smooth guitar work, catchy melodic hooks, fresh grooves, and stellar musicianship!

From Contemporary Jazz to Pop, World, Lounge, Latin, and Flamenco overtones, Rob’s newest CD B.E.L.L. features an all star roster of guest artist collaborations from the likes of Paul Brown, Darren Rahn, Warren Hill, Jaared, Gabriel Mark Hasselbach and many others.

Available at:,,,
- Jazziz

"Rob Tardik — Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love on the Smooth Ride"

Rob Tardik — Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love
The Smooth Jazz Ride - September 7, 2011

Canadian Smooth Jazz Award winning guitarist Rob Tardik shows off his suave manipulations of the nylon guitar again on his latest release, Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love (aka B.E.L.L.), once again puts on full display what it’s like to be a polished veteran of the genre.

With a mix of chilled out and spirited pieces ranging from contemporary jazz to Latin to pop, Tardik grabs you and holds on until there’s no denying the attractiveness of his style in this CD of memorable moments and vibes.

Opening with "East Meets Wes" a sparkling and obvious tribute to the legendary Wes Montgomery, Tardik strides through this album, strumming up, among other tunes, an upbeat “Shakin’ the House,” the funky mid-tempo “Frolic,” a pop-friendly “The Right Time,” the handsome and beautifully melodic Latin-laced “La Buena Vida (The Good Life)” (one of my faves), the easy, mellow “Sunday Morning,” the airy little mover called “Smile,” the romantically enticing “Blue Midnight,” the multi-themed (World/Latin/jazz) beauty entitled "Waiting For Love" (another of my faves), and the light Latinesque “Corazon Contento (Happy Heart).”

Tardik says, “In my life, I have come to the conclusion that Balance, Energy, Laughter, and Love are the key ingredients in leading a rewarding and fulfilling life on every level.” We would do well to adopt his theory.

With such fine material and expert help from the likes of guitarist Paul Brown, saxmen Warren Hill and Jaared, and bassist Mel Brown, Tardik also guarantees the balance and ring of quality in this B.E.L.L.

- Ronald Jackson's Smooth Ride

"CD review: 'B.E.L.L.' by Rob Tardik"

CD review: 'B.E.L.L.' by Rob Tardik
November 5, 2011

"In my life I have come to the conclusion that Balance, Energy, Laughter, and Love are the key ingredients in leading a rewarding and fulfilling life on every level. I strive for these in mine, albeit not perfect at times, I do my very best every day." - Rob Tardik ("B.E.L.L.")

Last year, when I reviewed "The Right Time," Rob Tardik’s second release, I thought that it could not get any better. Well, after listening to "Balance. Energy. Laughter. Love" ("B.E.L.L."), I am happy to report that I was wrong. Tardik did it again.

There is something very endearing about this artist. He has an appetite for life that permeates his entire body of work and gives him the ability to reinvent himself whenever he chooses to. And with "B.E.L.L.", Tardik seems to have reached a state of complete creative freedom.

This album is what I would like to call his tour de force. Anybody familiar with his music will definitely recognize his enticing signature sound. However, "B.E.L.L." has a different energy from "The Right Time." There seems to be more passion, a greater desire to push musical boundaries. And the variety of genres is definitely a plus.

One of the best tracks on the album is none other than the eponymous piece from his previous release. The song gets a new flavour with the exquisite addition of Francois Mulder’s very Michael Buble-like vocals. Mulder can also be heard on another track, titled "When It Comes to Lovin’ You."

Tardik has collaborated with some highly respected artists on this CD, including Grammy winner Paul Brown, and contemporary jazz stars like Darren Rahn, Warren Hill, Jaared and Gabriel Mark Hasselbach. The result is a series of discussions between instruments that complement one another beautifully and harmoniously.

Whether you enjoy Latin-inspired tunes, contemporary jazz, pop, world, or lounge music, "B.E.L.L." is for you. The album is a feast for the ears and a treat for the mind.

About Rob Tardik
Rob Tardik is one of Ontario’s most prominent independent artists. This award-winning guitarist has shared the stage with legends like Phil Ramone, Greg Adams, Paul Brown, Peter White, Liberty Silver, David Sanborn, and Jose Feliciano.

Tardik was named Mississauga’s 2007 "Established Performer of the Year" for his musical contributions, an award won previously by Oscar Peterson and Rik Emmett. In 2010, he became a recipient of the Canadian Smooth Jazz Guitarist of the Year Award.

"B.E.L.L." is his third release, after "Without Words" and "The Right Time."
- By: Cendrine Marrouat, Canada Art Reviews Examiner

"Rob Tardik at the 25th Annual Catalina Island JazzTrax"

Review of: Rob Tardik at the 25th Annual Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival After Party Show
Review by: Art Good

The energy level was Super High even though it was Super Late when 2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Guitarist of the Year Rob Tardik made a Super Surprise Appearance at the 25th Annual Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival Late Night After Party. Playing his North of the Border Beat, well South of the Border, and 26 Miles Beyond on Smooth Jazz Island, his last note, fed by audience delight, did not come until The ‘M’ Bar & Grill’s final reluctant Last Call for Alcohol. The JazzTrax Festival since 1987 has been delivering up After Party surprises keeping the festival heart beat going nightly, even after the actual concert sessions end in the Avalon Ballroom....looking out to Sea. 1991 the late Grover Washington Jr. suddenly popped up “after” his Ballroom appearance jammin’ with a local band at the Blue Parrot. 1994 saw emerging trumpeter Rick Braun and an unknown saxophonist named Mindi Abair jammin’ in that same Blue Parrot Bar singing “Mustang Sally” together (which they repeated together for Rick’s final night of this year’s festival encore). and now Rob Tardik has left his unique mark on the Island too.
- Art Good Jazz Traxx Show

"B.E.L.L. CD from Rob Tardik"

Rob Tardik - Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love
November 2, 2011

Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love. According to Rob, these are the four key ingredients that lead to a rewarding and fulfilling life. He has taken that philosophy and applied it to this latest collection of original music. The lead off track, East Meets Wes, is a tribute to Wes Montgomery, the late California guitarist who has been such a major influence on so many players, including Rob and Paul Brown, who co-wrote the track, co-produced it and played the electric lead. There are several other familiar names on the guest list. Warren Hill adds his sultry sax to Sunday Morning, Don Briethaupt co-wrote and plays on several tracks including Blue Midnight, Darren Rahn works his special magic on Shakin’ The House , Davor Jordanovski sets the pace on the lighthearted and aptly titled Frolic, Jaared plays some tasty counterpoint to Rob’s guitar on Smile and Gabriel Mark Hasselbach steps in to lend a hand on Waiting For Love. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the fine vocal talent of Francois Mulder featured on The Right Time and When It Comes To Loving You.

Congratulations Rob for a very entertaining collection of music and for sharing your approach to life. It does ring a B.E.L.L and it’s loud and true.

- Bob Farrow from the Wave.FM

"B.E.L.L. is Here"

Rob Tardik - B.E.L.L. (BALANCE, ENERGY, LAUGHTER, LOVE) (2011)
Review by: Patrick Van de Wiele,

Canadian smooth jazz guitarist Rob Tardik won the 2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards, and has released a new album. For him Balance, Energy, Laughter and Love are the key ingredients in leading a rewarding and fulfilling life on every level. He applied those ingredients into this new album, and the result is beautiful. Each letter stands for three songs, and Rob composed eleven out the twelve tracks. Opener on the first theme is the single ‘East Meets Wes’, co-written by Paul Brown, who also plays electric guitar and percussion on it. It’s a radio friendly track, with a nod to Wes Montgomery, across the two sides of the United States. Track two ‘The Right Time’ is sung by newcomer and South African Francois Mulder, with Rob playing in the background. The lovely ballad ‘Kimberley’s Song’ features Carson Freeman on sax. The second theme can be heard through the up-tempo song ‘Shakin’ The House’, co-written by Darren Rahn, who also plays tenor sax, Rhodes, Hammond B-3, synthesizers and drum on it. This could be the second single from the album! Then comes ‘When It Comes to Lovin’ You’, again sung by Francois Mulder, with a slight touch of bossa nova. ‘Frolic’ bubbles with energy, and again Carson Freeman lends his sax. “Laughter” is the third instalment, opened by ‘La Buena Vida (The Good Life)’, a happy Latin track, with fast playing from Rob. Sax man Warren Hill features on ‘Sunday Morning’, a mid tempo song, while another sax man, Jaared, opens the equally happy ‘Smile’. The final theme comes as romantic as can be with ‘Blue Midnight’ that features Don Breithaupt on piano, synthesizers, bass and drums/percussion programming. Countryman Gabriel Mark Hasselbach adds the finishing touch with his trumpet. ‘Waiting For Love’ is a loungy track with again Gabriel Mark Hasselbach’s muted trumpet in the background. When Rob closes with the flamenco like track ‘Carazón Contento (Happy Heart)’ he does it with a touch of world music. Again Rob proves that he’s in the upper class. He clearly loves his guitar and through this album shares it with us. Hats off!
- Smooth Jazz Europe

"B.E.L.L. Release"

New Album for Guitarist

October 13, 2011 - Award-winning Mississauga guitarist Rob Tardik has just released his third album, B.E.L.L. The title of the 12-track CD is an acronym for balance, energy, laughter and love.

It's billed as an "eclectic, jazzy mix of genre-bending smooth, funky and infectious contemporary instrumental music grooves" with contemporary jazz, pop, world, lounge, Latin and flamenco influences.

The adult contemporary, or smooth jazz, guitarist invited musicians to join him on the album, including contributions by drummer Tony Moore and bassists Mel Brown, Eric Soostar and Rich Brown. Tardik's core band includes saxophonist Carson Freeman, bassist Curtis Freeman, keyboardist Davor Jordanovski, drummer Jeff Salem, percussionist Gino Mirizio and guitarist Geoff Hlibka.

The album, co-produced by Tardik and his keyboardist, is broken down into four, three-song segments. Each corresponds to the album's acronym. So, one is inspired by balance, another energy, and so on.

Tardik collaborates with longtime Mississauga songwriter/pianist Don Breithaupt on two tracks, When It Comes To Lovin' You and Midnight Blue. The Emmy Award-winning Breithaupt no longer lives in Mississauga.

Other musicians to appear on the album include alto saxophonist Warren Hill and Juno Award-winning trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach.

Tardik was the recipient of the 2007 Mississauga Arts Award in the Established Performing Arts category and also received the Guitarist of the Year award at the 2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards.

Chris Clay,
- Mississauga News

"B.E.L.L. CD release"

Balance-Energy-Laughter-Love [B.E.L.L.] - Rob Tardik
September 21, 2011

Rob Tardik, winner of the 2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards for Guitarist of the Year has produced a new album, now available for sale. Tardik’s third album titled, “Balance-Energy-Laughter-Love [B.E.L.L.]” has an organic feel with several artist collaborations. Whether the artists contributed technically or artistically, there is creative harmony and diversity. For the first time, Tardik features Francois Mulder, born in South West Africa, to perform the vocals for two of the album’s tracks.

Unwrapping this album is like opening four mini presents at once. This album’s strength and foundation are from Tardik’s simplistic motto for living, “Life is all about Balance-Energy-Laughter-Love … so let’s all keep ringing this B.E.L.L. loud and clear!” Each letter of the acronym is segmented on the album into three songs totaling 12 tracks. The album has 11 newly composed songs plus the remake of “The Right Time”. Listen carefully and hear Tardik’s journey and purpose for life from his eyes. The placement of the songs is just as important and gives some insight into this artist’s passion for his music and life.


The song “The Right Time” might suggest time and space but it represents a declaration of love and its timing in the scheme of life. Mulder gives new life to this remake from Tardik’s self-titled album released in 2009. “Kimberly’s Song” is a thoughtful composition written for someone very dear in the heart of the artist. Not to be overlooked, “East Meets Wes” is an excellent introduction piece to the album and has been climbing the charts since its debut.


Energy can be a contrast and these songs express several facets. In this love ballad, Mulder gives “When It Comes To Lovin’ You” a fullness, richness and soulfulness with every word sung. The lyrics expose a lover’s intense feelings about the love in his life. It is the quiet energy that fortifies the soul and soothes the heart. Of course, “Frolic” and “Shakin The House” are examples of energy gone outside of the box.


If laughter is needed, then these cuts will give listeners reasons to be glad to be alive. The three songs “La Buena Vida [The Good Life]”, “Sunday Morning” and “Smile” make the heart and soul happy. “La Buena Vida [The Good Life]”, sounds like a flamenco dancer’s choreography set to music. Could life get any better than this if it were not set to this musical rendition of living life head on?


These songs were written from the heart and for the heart while Tardik plays his nylon guitars for all three tracks. “Waiting for Love” features Gabriel Mark Hasselbach on trumpet and flugelhorn and is a beautiful instrumental that seamlessly intertwines the two instruments. The finished piece is a musical gooey goodness that oozes love from every played note.

What makes this album unique in its production is the generosity of Tardik to share and collaborate with other artists to present an album for listeners to enjoy. Bravo for Tardik’s generous spirit and foresight to give us such a diverse album. Interestingly, Tardik did not give the album a self-titled song but chose to let every piece contribute to the B.E.L.L. album title. The album not only affirms Tardik’s talents but displays his love for the music he plays. As an Indie artist, Tardik balances the art and business sides of the industry and has creatively conquered both with finesse.

With each purchase, there is exclusive access to additional downloads and privileged content by using a special key code, located inside the album cover. Support this artist’s quest to continue bringing his artistry and passion to the world. Listen to sample cuts and purchase the album at

Kim Yvette Stanley, (review source)

- Jazz Times

"Tardik Tops The Charts, November 2010"

Mississauga guitarist Rob Tardik continues to make a name for himself himself south of the border. Tardik's most recent album, The Right Time, is No. 1 on the U.S Smooth Jazz Charts for the fourth straight week. The 12-track album was recorded at Mississauga's Big Bang Music Recording Studios with studio owner Davor Jordanovski and released in late 2009. "It's a very positive album and filled with good energy," Tardik told The News earlier. In April 2010, Tardik won the Guitarist/Bass Guitarist of the Year award at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards held at the Living Arts Centre. He was also the recipient of the 2007 Mississauga Arts Award in the Established Performing Arts category. The Right Time sells for $15 and can be purchased at

Chad Hackl, (original source)

Please see link below. - Mississauga News

"The Tempo Never Slows Down for Jazz Man"

Please see below web URL! - Mississauga News Business Times Dec 2010.

"The Right Time CD Release"

Featured Artist: Rob Tardik
CD Title: The Right Time

Rob Tardik, a 2010 Guitarist of the Year nominee for the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards, resonates of good cheer on his newest CD The Right Time. Playing all electric, acoustic and flamenco-nylon string guitars, Tardik is an artist whose talents should not be locked up in a music conservatory training aspiring guitarists. There is too much sunshine radiating from his playing that needs to be unleashed. His music cradles listeners in a cozy warmth reminiscent of cottony-cloud softness.

Accompanied by saxophonist Carson Freeman, bassist Curtis Freeman, keyboardist Davor Jordanovski, and drummer Jeff Salem, Tardik’s music is a sonic vision of bliss and all the enjoyable sensations that life has to offer. Implementing elements of smooth jazz and contemporary pop, Tardik’s instrumentals provide an inviting escape for audiences with fields of serenely sedate vapors and gently grazing sensations.

His guitar strings are tasseled in ruminating piano keys and plumes of soothing saxophone billows through “Frame Of Mind.” Tardik administers a balmy treatment in his chord progressions along “Flow,“ depicting an island breeze and transitions into a romantic hue in the soft sway of his chords gliding across “Summer Nights.” The music projects an intimate setting in “Virtue,” with calming strokes that act like a soothing ointment on the senses, as the upbeat tempo of “Cruisin” and “Flip Flop” injects a dance groove into the mix. The title track and “Smoothy” have a comfy, pulsating rhythm that turns into a dancehall vibe in “Bounce.” There is a hint of old-fashioned romanticism in Tardik’s music though he never loses touch with elements of contemporary melodicism.

The main objective of Tardik’s music is to provide pleasure to listeners and he does so effectively on his recording The Right Time. It is an album that listeners can sit back and play to over and over again without ever feeling tired of being engulfed in its rolling waves of tranquility. He offers an escape that promotes blissful moods and cheerful ambiences. The Right Time is the follow up to Tardik’s debut album Without Words and furthers establishes Rob Tardik as a persuasive smooth jazz artist.

Susan Frances, - Susan Frances Jazz

"The Right Time 2009"

Rob Tardik
The Right Time (2009)

The newest smooth jazz sounds come from Canada this time. Guitarist Rob Tardik composed nine new instrumental tracks, and combined them with three new versions of songs from his previous album. He plays all electric, acoustic and flamenco nylon guitars, and is backed up by Davor Jordanovski on piano, keyboards and Hammond, by Curtis Freeman on bass guitar, by Jess Salem on drums and percussion, by Carson Freeman on alto, tenor & soprano saxes and on flute, and by Mike Petkovski on piano on ’That’s a Strut’. The result is fresh smooth jazz with the joyful ‘Cruisin’ as opener, followed by the more relaxed ‘Frame of Mind’. ‘Flip Flop’ is again cheerful and uplifting. The title track shows that Rob can deliver interesting melodies, and the beautiful ‘Smoothy’ is one of my favourites. ‘Bounce’ does just what it says, the song just bounces from my speakers and sparkles. With ‘Flow’ Rob eases down and lets romance kick in. ‘You Know What I Mean’ is a relaxed mid-tempo track, and Rob sure knows how to bring a smooth jazz instrumental. On ‘Summer Nights’ you can easily imagine you’re out on the porch gazing at the stars while this cool tune plays. With ‘That’s a Strut’ you can take a leisurely stroll, and on ‘Virtue’ you can sit back. Closing time comes in the form of the ballad ‘Waiting For Rain’, an intimate song brought to you on nylon string guitar. An interesting discovery for me, a name to remember next time you’re looking for some sleek guitar music.

Patrick Van de Wiele, - Smooth

"The Right Time release Oct 2009"
Jazz Recordings
Audiophilia("Online Journal for the Serious Audiophile")

I caught a couple of sets of Toronto jazz guitarist, Rob Tardik at the beginning of the summer. His solo turn was superb. Great renditions of standards. The playing was technically accomplished, he has great chops and the whole package is evocative and sophisticated.

I really enjoyed his latest CD, The Right Time (available at his website and soon on iTunes). No covers here. All songs are original. Tardik’s style on his latest recording is laid back and in a very pleasant groove. I could imagine driving on a sunny day, on a winding road with the top down. It would be a perfect accompaniment. But it does give pure musical pleasure, too.

Tardik is classically trained and has excellent technique on electric and Acoustic/Flamenco nylon guitars. The lovely sound he produces mixes well with the Sanbornesque sax playing of Carson Freeman. I was not quite as fond of the keyboard solos, and I thought the bass could have come up a little in the mix, but starring along with the superb Tardik is one of Canada’s greatest drummers, Jeff Salem. Salem’s flawless drumming on this CD is a constant pleasure.

Tardik’s CV mentions that he also doubles as a recording engineer and trained for this role at Toronto’s prestigious program at Humber College. The recording is first rate. Natural, with a lovely sense of space. My only caveat is the aforementioned bass guitar. I would have liked a smidgen more.

If you are into smooth jazz (not the muzak that many of the ’smooth jazz’ radio stations play), then try Tardik. The music on this CD fulfills many roles. As musical enjoyment, for guitar aficionados and as a backdrop for a sophisticated evening. Enjoy! - Anthony Kershaw

"Wave Fave Nov 2009"

Rob Tardik
The Right Time

I've had the pleasure with working with Rob Tardik and know from first-hand experience what an amazing guitarist he is! I also still have the pleasure of working with sax-man Carson Freeman, delightfully featured on Rob's stellar new CD "The Right Time". So just imagine how thrilled I am to see both these beautiful boys receive nominations for the 2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards! This new CD is definitely a "Smoothy". From one track to the next, Rob's mellow groove shines through. "That's A Strut" has always been a personal favorite, and "Flow" does exactly that, layering Davor Jordanovski's gorgeous piano with Rob's perfectly nuanced guitar and Carson's always tasty sax. My new favorite? The final track "Waiting for Rain". What can I say ... it is breathtakingly beautiful. It is obviously "The Right Time" for Rob Tardik. Welcome to the big time, my friend!

Vickie van Dyke,
Midday Host
Wave 94.7FM - Vickie Van Dyke Wave 94.7FM

"Without Words CD Review"

Without Words

Robert Tardik | Self Produced (2006)

The Sunday shimmer and tropical warmth of Robert Tardik's instrumental version of Sting's ”Fields of Gold” doesn't need lyrics. On its own, elevated by Tardik's seductively pretty acoustic strings, the piece generates a feeling of summer transcendence; you don't need Sting's voice for the song to transport you into another world.

On Without Words, Tardik showcases his mastery with the nylon guitar, his fingers weaving various moods and textures. On “Summer Time,” Tardik's crisp guitar work creates a lulling affect. It's almost hypnotic how Tardik subtly captures the laid-back atmosphere of vacation getaways. There are really no lyrics needed; the supple, dreamy music paints vivid illustrations of its own. With the next track, “Smoothy”, Tardik speeds up the tempo, producing an upbeat and thoroughly soothing vibe.

However, the real key to Tardik's success is his eclecticism and willingness to adopt international flavors. “Salsa Nights”, for example, engages the ear with a saucy Latin beat; it's one of the best tracks on the record, sizzling with brazen sensuality and exotic colors. And this isn't just about Tardik's guitar playing, either. “A World Apart” features robust, thrilling percussion.

The covers of “Fields of Gold” and Madonna's “La Isla Bonita” are courageous moves, displaying not only Tardik's versatility but lack of fear in crossing over into a pop field often shunned by jazz purists. But Tardik makes the songs his own. “Fields of Gold” has a mesmerizing afterglow, and “La Isla Bonita” strips away its old Top 40 gloss for a truly authentic taste of Spanish culture.

Visit Robert Tardik on the web.

Track listing: Summer Time; Smoothy; Salsa Nights; That's a Strut; Fields of Gold; You Know What I Mean; A World Apart; Take One; A Beautiful Sad Song; Get Up; La Isla Bonita; Manha De Carnaval; A New Life.

Personnel: Robert Tardik: guitar.

Style: Contemporary/Smooth

Author: Michael Sutton
All About Jazz
Link to Original Review -

- Michael Sutton, All About Jazz Magazine

"Robert Tardik CD Review"

'Without Words'

- Genre: 'Adult Contemporary'

Our Rating: 9 out of 10 stars

You can call it "smooth jazz" or "Adult Contemporary" or, is in the case of the opening cut, "Summer Time," even folk, but the crisp, soothing guitar work of Robert Tardik ( defies categorization.

Balancing a number of influences, Tardik has an eclectic palate that adds spice to these laid-back instrumentals. Tracks like "Salsa Nights" has a striking Latin pulse, punctuated by horns, that is hypnotic to the ear. You fall under Tardik's spell. "Salsa Nights" paints such vivid imagery in the brain that lyrics are not necessary. There's a sense of liberation in "Salsa Nights," the sound of inhibitions fall by the wayside, that is intoxicating.

Tardik can segue from something as fiery and passionate as "Salsa Nights" to the tranquility of "That's a Strut" without losing a beat. The cover of Sting's "Fields of Gold" should help Tardik find a larger audience; it's nearly identical to the original, the biggest difference being that you don't hear Sting. Stripped of Sting's voice, though, it's truly a revelation, showing what a work of art "Fields of Gold" is, transcending the definition of pop. Tardik does it again on his version of Madonna's "La Isla Bonita," making it haunting and cinematic. Gorgeous.

But Tardik on his own is already special and compelling. "A Beautiful Sad Song" is lush and drop-dead pretty.

Author: Adam Harrington
Whisperin & Hollerin
© 2002 - 2006
Link to Original Review -

- Adam Harrington, UK

"Wave Fave, Robert Tardik's Without Words CD"


Robert Tardik - Without Words

If you're a fan of Jesse Cook and Johannes Linstead, but like a little more solid groove with your guitar, you will love Robert Tardik's debut CD "Without Words." His playing is soulful, playful and groove-ful. I love his WAVE 94.7 hit "Smoothy" - it truly is a smooth delight. "That's A Strut" continues to lay it down and Robert's take on the Sting classic "Fields Of Gold" is simple and stirring. I even like his version of Madonna's "La Isla Bonita"! Who knew Madonna could be smooth jazz? Robert is definitely one of my favorite new guitarists, perhaps because he plays with me on occasion! Check out his website at and come see us next month at South 202 in Milton and the Lowville Bistro!

Author: Vickie van Dyke
Midday Host
Wave 94.7 FM
Link to Original Review -

- Wave 94.7 Radios Vickie Van Dyke


2011 Billboard Charting Artist
2011 Rob Tardik's B.E.L.L. (Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love)
2011 David Wells "Light " CD, Rob played on 2 tracks
2010 4 tracks on "Simply Christmas" by Vickie Van Dyke
2009 Rob Tardik's "The Right Time"
2006 Rob Tardik' "Without Words"

2011 Billboard Charting for 20 weeks with single "East Meets Wes" featuring producer Paul Brown
#1 On Music Choice Satallite radio in the U.S for 4 weeks in Sept/Oct 2010.



Rob Tardik- Biography

In a career spanning nearly two decades, Rob Tardik has established himself as an award winning guitarist and a rising instrumental music artist. He has performed for 5 consecutive years, and running, at the coveted Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards, held annually in Mississauga’s Living Arts Center. Rob has shared the stage with the likes of legendary producer Phil Ramone, Tower of Power founding member Greg Adams, two time Grammy winners Paul Brown and Liberty Silver, guitarist Peter White, and 4-time Grammy award winning saxophonist David Sanborn. Rob has also opened for legendary guitarist/singer Jose Feliciano.

Rob has once again taken center stage with this years brand new fall 2011 3rd CD release Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love (B.E.L.L.) which features many new guest collaborations from Grammy winning artists such as Paul Brown, and contemporary jazz stars like Warren Hill, Darren Rahn, Jaared and Gabriel Mark Hasselbach. Debuting on this CD are two new vocal tracks Rob wrote; “The Right Time” and “When It Comes To Lovin’ You”, co-written with Emmy award winning musician Don Breithaupt.

Having won the prestigious 2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Guitarist of the Year, Rob held the #1 spot on the U.S.-based, Music Choice Contemporary Jazz charts for 4 weeks in Sept/Oct 2010. Rob always finds a way to combine his guitar virtuosity and ever tasteful melodic sense to create his signature liquid smooth sound.

Born and raised in Toronto, Rob began playing the guitar at the age of 7. By 17 he received a high school music scholarship, and then went on to study music at York University in Toronto. Rob also holds diplomas in both Recording Engineering and in Media Arts from Humber College. In 1991 his musical act, Paradise Alley received a recording contract with MCA/Duke Street records. Rob has also been honored being named Mississauga’s 2007 “Established Performer of the Year” for his musical contributions, an award won previously by Oscar Peterson and Rik Emmett.

Rob has worked for Roland Canada as a guitar product specialist/clinician and has been a faculty member at the prestigious Merriam School of Music in Oakville for over 15 years. Rob has also taught at the Guitar Workshop Plus music program and has served as an adjudicator for the Midland Y’s Music Festival. Rob has played several prestigious venues which include the 2011 Catalina Island Jazz Festival, The 2010 American Smooth Jazz Awards at the DuSable Museum in Chicago, Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto, Mississauga’s Living Arts Center and Celebration Square Amphitheatre, Roy Thompson Hall, the Buffalo Center for the Performing Arts, Spaghettinis and Anthology in California and the 2009/2010/2011 Toronto International Film Festival, and the Oakville Jazz Festival.

Rob also organized and hosted his first annual “Out of the Cold” Contemporary Jazz Charity Concert at Carmen’s dinner theatre to a crowd of over 300 guests in February 2011 with the help of Grammy award winners Liberty Silver, Paul Brown and many other talented local musicians with all net profits going to help the families of our fallen Canadian soldiers for the “Canadian Hero Fund”. The annual event is one not to be missed by fans of Contemporary Jazz and great positive energy fueled music.

An industry veteran, and a highly respected guitarist, Rob’s work can be heard on his successful debut CD “Without Words” and 2nd sophomore release “The Right Time”. In spring 2006, Rob earned a #1 Smooth Jazz chart single in Canada with his soulful remake of Stings “Fields of Gold”. His albums have all been met with great enthusiasm and radio play from the U.S and Canada to the U.K and many other European countries. They have featured many hit singles such as “Crusin”, “Smoothy”, “Frame of Mind” and his current first single off his latest CD B.E.L.L. “East meets Wes” continues to chart on Billboard after 20 weeks and all have been favorites on hundreds of terrestrial and internet radio stations world wide.

With diverse musical influences such as Larry Carlton, Al Di Meola, Paco De Lucia, George Benson, Lee Ritenour, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Sting to Eddie Van Halen, Rob’s newest and highly anticipated 3rd CD Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love (B.EL.L.) are an amalgamation of these inspirations which have helped shape his musical voice on the guitar and are moving him forward as an artist in Contemporary Jazz.

Rob Tardik

2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Guitarist of the Year
2007 Mississauga Established Performing Artist of the Year

Balance ? Energy ? Laughter ? Love

Let’s all do our part to ring this B.E.L.L of life loud and clear!!