Rob Van Zandt

Rob Van Zandt

 New York City, New York, USA

My music is something different. It's not what you hear from every other artist, similar to what music is coming to. I'm looking to make a difference, and start a movement with my music; just like the old days. Stories within a song are where it's at. Just shut up and take a close listen.


Rob Van Zandt is an 18 year old kid from New York City. He's been in and out of bands since the age of 14. His biggest music project, January's Ending (Solo), was a rather popular project reaching over 1,000,000 views and plays on myspace during the popular myspace era, and sold many copies of the debut EP (The Sidewalk Chalk EP). Due to internal issues, January's Ending finally ended. After this, Rob Van Zandt decided to continue writing and trying to get back on his feet in the music industry. Since then, He's released two free download albums and plans to release a full length in the summer of 2011.

What separates Rob Van Zandt from other musicians in this genre is that he puts meaning into every word, and every song. NOT every song is about some girl, nor is it about how some girl left him. He writes songs about every aspect of life in the folk style. He really tries to catch the listeners ear with songs that reach out to make a difference, as shown quite deeply in the song The Light In Everything.

His influences are rather broad, as well. Unlike his folk-ish genre, his main influence has always been John Mayer and Johnny Cash.

Rob Van Zandt is a dedicated musician, and plans to continue making music until the day he's on his deathbed. He's a guy who doesn't quit, and will do anything to make a difference in the world. Give it a listen; you won't be disappointed.


The Light In Everything

Written By: Rob Van Zandt.

I met the devil on a hill in Mexico. He said, "Young Boy, i have some thing i feel you need to know. The World is going to end with society on my side." There i stood on a blackened hill with the devil by my side.

I met the saviour God on the far side of Deleware. He said, "Young boy, I have some things i feel i need to share. The world is going to end if you just sit there and cry. If you want to make a difference, all you've got to do is try."

I found myself, in the arms of a girl. I said, "I need to say some things i feel about the world. People need to see more light in everything. And all it takes is a simple change and that light will start to sing.


The Sidewalk Chalk EP (2009)
FREE Acoustic Mixtape (2011)
Expected Full Length (Summer 2011)