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Same Ol' Love

Written By: Rob Wilson

Same Old Love (R. J. Wilson)

Verse 1.
I was doin’ ok, At least that’s what I’d always say
I was doin’ my best to forget you everyday
I was over you,
As long as I could keep your memory from a comin’ on through
I could go on but then I saw you

Bridge 1.
That same old smile caught me by surprise
All at once I’m captured by your eyes

Now I’m fallin’ back in that same old love I used to be in
Your smile is chemically deceiving
But I say, seein’ is believin’, and I believe in you
Back to that same old huggin’ & a kissin’
Your touch I have been a missin’
Same old love I used to be in, I’m hopin’ you’re in too

Verse 2.
I can recall, girl we used to be great
Ain’t it funny how the memory of the bad times slip away
It’s all I can do, I keep thinkin’ of the time when I was with you
By your eyes, you can feel it too

Bridge 2.
Out of sight was rarely out of mind
Built a big stone wall that I could hide behind