Robyn Barbour

Robyn Barbour

 Regina, Saskatchewan, CAN

Robyn's acoustic character is the result of calling the prairie stretch of the #1 highway her home. A grounded surge of hope and truth from a voice that has been described as being steeped in fresh tea comes a sound that can go with any occasion.


Robyn currently puts food on the table by working at her friendly neighbourhood prison as an addictions counsellor, often regaling inmates with new and upcoming material. A passion for people and relaying authenticity in the things around her have provided the foundation for her songwriting.

Having been brought up in the classical music sphere, her timeless sound bears the evidence. She can be seen around her own Cathderal Village neighbourhood, playing at such venues as the Artesian on 13th and the Abbey.

In addition to musical art, Robyn also pursues visual art in the form of mixed media and has participated in the Mackenzie Art Gallery's annual BAZAART showcase.

Influences include Iron & Wine, Pedro the Lion, Hawksley Workman, Cat Stevens, Andy Shauf, and Ben Folds.


The Money's All Gone (A Waltz)

Written By: Robyn Barbour

everyone's saying that the money's all gone
from the man in his mansion to the man in the
pawnshop who's fighting for broken cassette player's lives
and who's praying his worth's not so easily consigned

you tell me that there's only one thing i can do
please convince me that matching set's long overdue
spend some more, spend it all
drive your ford to the states
as long as it drives the employment rate

everyone's saying we should lay down some rules
but our hats are turned upwards
and we own our barstools like a soapbox
we preach about what we should be
can i have a change of heart and expect that it's free?

you tell me that there's only one thing to be done
that you'll clear up some funding when the war has been won
when the war has been won, we'll go back to the mall
with no lessons learned and no memory at all

can we see through the fire?

I, Tragedy

Written By: Robyn Barbour

we talked all night
i'm so confused
i can't explain it
it's all on you

and it makes me shake my head
back & forth

you contradict
every part of me
where you find joy
i, tragedy

and it makes me shake my head
back & forth

if you had asked me
for my fumbling view
i'd have said we needed
some saving too

and it makes me shake my head
back & forth

come look and see
it's something new
i guess it's not
new enough for you

God Pressed Play

Written By: Robyn Barbour

we were buried in the ground
where roots and ashes lay
we were jars, yes, we were jars
made up of broken clay

and the morning came to be
when the sun came up that day
when we left each other's sight
we noticed god pressed play

we were face down in the deep
taken hold of by the waves
we were scarred, yes we were scarred
pale and cold, bruised with shame

and the morning came to be
when the sun came up that day
as it trickled down our cheeks
we noticed god pressed play

i was never told outright
that someone had to pay
here! he's coming up the back porch
and he's barely 15 feet away

and the morning came to be
when the sun came up that day
there is nothing wrong with love
we just noticed god pressed play


Currently recording an album with Nebulus Entertainment for release in mid 2011!