Robyn Bonucchi
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Robyn Bonucchi

Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States

Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States
Band Rock Pop


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"Artist Releases Debut Album"

Artist Releases Debut Album

By Shannon Chrisman

Robyn Bonucchi, 24, has been singing for as long as she can remember. She has lived in Sterling Heights all her life, but her parents have second home in Harrison. Robyn loves Harrison and would live here full time if she could because everyone is so friendly and it's a nice place where you recognize faces.

Singing has always been her passion. In school, she attended choir and it gave her a sense of performing in front of audiences. In her senior year, she took four choir classes. She does not play any instruments, but uses her voice and writes lyrics and poems. After graduation, she started college where she pursued a Bachelors of Business Management.

In July of 2005, Robyn found a local recording studio called Sound Center Studio and recorded "Hero" by Mariah Carey as a gift for her niece. After she left, the owner of the company, Rich Vogellehner, contacted her by e-mail and asked if she was interested in recording original music and a CD. Of course, she said yes. She has been working on the CD since September. The songs on her CD are inspired by life.

The title of the CD is Who I Am and it's simply about her and where she came from. There are songs about love and struggle. She will be getting married in February, so she wrote a song about her father. There are two songs relating to children as well. One was about a little boy who passed away at the age of 6. He was sick for a long time but he had a light in his eyes every time she saw him. The other song is about child abuse and titled "Forever". The song touches on children who are scared and lost and expresses the need to reach out to children in their position.

The album will be a pop/rock genre. Robyn likes to relate it to Kelly Clarkson or Avril Lavigne with an 80s sound. There are lots of guitars and drums and a strong lead voice.

The CD is set to be released December 15th and she will be in Harrison at the Snowbird Lanes on the night of the 16th.
- By Shannon Chrisman

"Stevenson Graduate Reaches for the Stars"

By Matt December

Source Staff Writer

Robyn Bonucchi grew up in Sterling Heights. Now she aspires to move on to a bigger and better world: the world of musical entertainment.

The Stevenson High School graduate will have her first CD released December 8.

Bonucchi, 24 has a life-long love of music that stretches back through her years in school. Her favorite classes in high school were always choir related. She even took four choir classes her senior year.

While attending college for a degree in business, Bonucchi kept her vocal skill sharp by singing karaoke.

Then, a little more than a year ago, Bonucchi met her future producer, Rich Vogellehner.

I met my producer when I went to record a song for my niece for her birthday. Bonucchi said. After I left, he e-mailed me and he asked if I would want to put out an album.

They started recording her album, Who I Am shortly after that.

Bonucchi relates the sound on her album to Kelly Clarkson with 80s musical influence. She wrote the majority of the CDs lyrics while Vogellehner wrote her music.

He's a genius. According to Bonucchi, the songs on the CD are about life and were inspired by things such as her father and family.

I like the fact that I write my lyrics, she said. A lot of artists just take the music, I want to have some kind of part in it. I don't just want to have someone hand me something.

Bonucchi has many musical role models including Martina McBride and Patsy Cline.

I love Mariah Carey, I don't care what she does in her personal life. She has the greatest voice.

Bonucchi recently accepted a role as the lead female vocalist in the bank Moneypenny, based out of Canton. She said she hopes the exposure gained from playing with an experienced band will help her further her career.

I would love to be on stage in front of a million people singing and have a record contract, but at the same time I am happy going to karaoke on a Saturday night and have people enjoy listening to my music. I love it. I want to make people happy. That's just what I want to do. I want to put a smile on somebodys face. Everybody has a way of doing that and I think mine is through singing. - Source Newspapers


Who I am
Bomar Records 2006



This young lady has put her heart and soul into this CD and it warrant’s your attention-AOR Dream Zone.

My name is Robyn Marie and I’m a recording artist in the Metro Detroit area. Music is my passion and the quote above is referring to my debut album “Who I Am.” I co-wrote 11 of the songs on this album and it’s currently available on CDbaby, ITunes and several other digital sites. The album was a big accomplishment for me as any album is for any artist. It’s a piece of me and that songs came from life experiences. Through the years, I gained experience about the music business and have had the opportunity to pour my heart in to my songs. With hits like “Don’t Ever Change”, “Standing in your Shadow” and “Soar”, I have gained the attention of many important people.

I find music to be an outlet to express how I am feeling and hope that my words and voice can touch others out there. I shock a lot of people with my wide range and strong vocals“and I’m often referred to as “The little girl with the big voice,”

I have experience as a lead singer for local bands of (Money Penny and Mystery Key). I’ve been involved and placed in many local singing competitions. I am proud to have won the Harrison Street Fair singing competition in the summer of 2008 and returned in the summer of 2009 to perform two sets for the fair. I also appeared on Oakland University’s “Live at Oak” TV show and I’ve been honored to sing the National Anthem at many sports events including the Detroit Shock.

I continue to grow as a musician on a daily basis and I’m always excited to share my talent and hope to put a smile on my fans faces.