Robyn Cunningham

Robyn Cunningham

 Peterborough, Ontario, CAN

Robyn Cunningham is a singer/songwriter whose keen musical observations scratch away at the quirkiness of everyday life.


Robyn Cunningham is a storyteller in the truest sense of the word. Her music turns the mundane into the magical; such as the coming of spring in "All I Want Is Spring" or a chance and awkward encounter with a B level Canadian indie star in "Hayden". Combining hints of blues, pop and folk traditions, Robyn manages to craft whimsical and playful songs that are as charming as they are insightful. Her songs are incisive local fairy tales about neighbourhoods, family life and simple joys.

Produced by Beau Dixon, who has recorded artists such as Greg Keelor (Blue Rodeo) and Willie P. Bennett (The Fred Eaglesmith Band), her laid back acoustic sound is intimate and honest. Harmonies abound, and catchy melodies do too. It's the ideal soundtrack for summer days spent watching people or clouds roll by.

Currently based in Peterborough, Robyn originally hails from Newmarket, Ontario. She honed her songwriting skills at years of campfires in her backyard, under the stars and removed from the lights and noise of nearby Toronto. Robyn began singing at an early age and was headed down the classical road until she found Aretha Franklin, Joni Mitchell and Sarah Harmer. After that, things changed and Robyn found her own voice and musical style.

In the spring of 2011 Robyn released a 5-song EP, "Five Year Nap", available on iTunes. She is currently performing locally in Peterborough as well moonlighting with the country band, "Canteen Knockout" in Toronto.


Silver Bean

Written By: Robyn Cunningham

Oh Silver Bean your sign is gone

I knew something in the air was wrong

When I walked on Water


'Cuz it'll be months before your bring

Your tables out, that rite of spring

And I'll sip on coffee

While I watch kids play

It's just too premature

Summer was, I swear, just yesterday

Take out the beachbag from the car

Now the drive will feel too far

For a Hamblin's milkshake

And a zoo trainride

They're planting bulbs at city hall

And opening doors to the great big mall

God help us if we have to play inside

It's just too premature

Summer was, I swear, just yesterday

There's a chill in the air now

That wasn't there before

Crank up the furnace

And shut the door

Find your mitts

And your snowpants too

I hope they fit

But I think you grew

Soon the market will go inside

Line up for cider

While we hide

Under puffy coats and clunky boots

Maybe this winter we'll go away

To somewhere hot where the palmtrees sway

Who am I kidding

Toronto will do

It's just too premature

Summer was, I swear, just yesterday

Soon we'll line up

For the Santa Claus parade

Monster trucks

And light cavalcades

Shove your faces

With candy canes

Wait for the sugar rush

And his sleigh

Oh Silver Bean I miss you so

Your closed doors makes my heart sink low

But all good things must

Come to an end

I'll keep my eyes out when it's hot

For your sweet sign and my thinking spot

It'll be so

Good again

Then we'll know it's spring

And your cup will bring

Hope back again


Five Year Nap (EP)- 2011
Sunday (EP)- 2003

Set List

1. Vacation
2. London St. Bridge
3. Bicycle
4. Soda Machine (Fred Eaglesmith)
5. Oleander (Sarah Harmer)
6. Why do we only dance at weddings?
7. All I want is Spring
8. Let the Mystery Be (Iris Dement)
9. Wedding Song
10. Hey Mister