Robyn Thrasher

Robyn Thrasher


Led by the tough, sexy siren with a powerful, smokey voice this hard rocking, bass driven three piece commands attention and delivers quality music.


Songwriter and band co-creator, Robyn Thrasher began her career in Florida and has since graced stages throughout the country. A published author, BMI artist and internationally awarded songwriter, Robyn leads a crew of seasoned yet youthful artists. This band combines a multitude of influences with a modern rock sound. The outcome being powerful, talent driven, hard hitting rock and roll. Robyn's voice has the ability to captivate the listener leaving them eager for more and her moving, poignant lyrics tell a story that anyone can relate to.
Over the past few years, Robyn has been working with Nickelback's Chad Kroeger and the band has played with and/or opened for; Skid Row, The Verve Pipe, Cinder Road, Seven Mary Three, and many more over the years.
Over the course of 2007-2008, Robyn's career was in high gear as the band was being aired on radio stations throughout the upper midwest. Realizing it was time to place themselves in a more profitable market, Robyn and James made the tough decision to replace their drummer and relocate back to Florida.
In the coming months, the band will begin touring starting in the upper midwest and working their way back to Florida. In the late fall/early winter months an overseas tour for the troops is in the works.



Written By: Robyn Thraher

You had to have her and you sacrificed your soul
You can say you didn't mean it but she'll never let you go
You can't remember ever feeling so alone
Even when she's with you, God it feels like no one's home

Tears all around you, guilt will surround you you've only got yourself to blame
Looking behind you, noone to find you, you've only got yourself to blame

You keep on, driving by start to cry, wonder why you threw it away
Lie in wait, hesitate, can't relate, you threw it away.

She's lookin so damn good and, the kids have grown
You would have never left if you had only known

What Happened to Us

Written By: Robyn Thrasher

I find myself remembering the good time that we had
How could something so damn good turn into something bad
I lie awake in bed at night and wonder who you are
You'd think I'd know that much by now, how'd it get this far

What happened to us? Do ya know?
When did I change? Where did you go?
We promised forever now forever is here
What happened to us? Isn't it clear?

There was a time when I thought you could do no wrong
Looking at you now it seems the admirations gone
We're searching in the darkness for a life we left behind
Hanging on to memories, afraid of what we'll find

My Punishment

Written By: Robyn Thrasher

Baby you;re the only one who ever gave a damn
In spite of everything I was and everything I am
You left me here alone with me, I'm very near the end
The bottle and the drugs won't save my life for me again

This is my punishment, no need to ask why
I scream from the heart as I sit here and die

Don't ya know you got it wrong, I didn't hide
You ran away without a fight I kept it all inside
I wonder if you'll ever know the mess you left behind
The wreckage of a broken girl noone will ever find

Last November

Written By: Robyn Thrasher

I remember last November, the way you looked into my soul
How you changed my life forever, I feel you everywhere I go

I remember last November, every single word you said
Now my life is changed forever, all I want is inside your head and you

Drove me to insanity and I'll never be the same

You say jump and I'll say how high
You say when and I won't ask why
All I want is to get inside your head

I remember last November the way you looked into my soul
Now my life is changed forever, I fell you everywhere I go and you

Drove me to insanity and I'll never be the same

You say jump and I'll say how high
You say when and I won't ask why
All I want is to get inside your head
You say please and I say maybe
You say tease and I say baby
All I want is to get inside your head


2009-'Slow and Painful' (in process): a harder and darker offering guaranteed to be their best production yet.
2007-Weni Yu Di- (Which, in Cherokee, means "When You Die") featured the award winning hit; "Last November" and the hook laden "What Happened to Us" along with ten other hard hitting tunes.
2006-Robyn Thrasher- self released nine song LP spawned the popular songs; 'Read my Lips' and 'I Wanna Get High'.

Set List

One set original- Length depends on venue and agreement and can run as long as one and a half hours.
Song list;
Inside Me
My Punishment
700 Miles
What Happened to Us
Last November
Come on Over
Pretty Little Boy
When You Die
Fairy Tales
Can't Hurt Me
I Wanna Get High
Read my Lips
Is that the reason
How You Feel
You Chose Me
Sell Your Soul
Slow and Painful
Do you really want the answer