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"Local band on the rise"

"Robyn Thrasher is straight forward hard rock that anybody can get into! This band is going places and you heard them first here in the extremely local zone on Q106"- Brian; DJ of "The Extreme Zone" - Q106fm radio


Among the many moms on stage, Robyn Thrasher tore through a few bluesy numbers..... Her presence was electric and her voice cuts right through you. - Chicago Tribune

"Her Music, Not her gender defines her"

Feb 14, 2007 Noise interview

Published February 14, 2007

..> Music: Robyn Thrasher
Her music, not her gender defines her

Christian Czerwinski


Don't stereotype Robyn Thrasher as a "chick rocker."

Sure, she's a woman and plays guitar. And yes, she's a woman who sings.

But while record labels have tried to put the spotlight on her, all she wants to be known as is a member of a band, albeit one that holds her namesake.

"I get frustrated, it's a s--tty business for a woman. They always want to turn you into a pop star or a sex kitten. I like holding a guitar because I actually enjoy playing it," she said bedecked in a black dress in the band's practice space in drummer Jeff 'DoZeR' Barnes' basement.

"I don't want to be defined as a girl singer or a girl guitarist. All I ever wanted to do was just play rock."

The band hasn't made the transition yet from a hard-working outfit to big-league major act but it's not because of lack of talent. In person, they're down to earth, gregarious and bounce off each other well.

Thrasher -- who first got paid to sing at age 9 -- uses her voice (think a more gravelly version of Pat Benatar) to embellish the trio's gritty rock foundation and in-your-face attack. The trio might sound a bit punk, but it's a total aberration because Thrasher never listens to it.

The band, however, almost never came about. Thrasher quit singing about four years ago. Only a meeting with Nickelback's Chad Kroeger outside a concert in Grand Rapids changed that.

He loved Thrasher's voice and that inspired her to keep it up. Kroeger said if Thrasher gets a record contract, he'll produce her.

The band has penned about 20 songs and plans to go into the studio soon to lay down their first album. Still without a contract, they're not discouraged. Thrasher thinks it's her style that sets the band apart.

"We play modern hard punk rock. In genres, it would be like Shinedown, Three Days Grace or Breaking Benjamin," she said.

Bassist Jim Frazee calls it an honor to work with Thrasher and pushes her to keep making music. He said she's the most talented person he's ever worked with.

Thrasher, who is also a practicing Christian witch, doesn't let her beliefs seep into her music.

"I try to keep religion and politics out of my music. I don't believe the people come to see you to hear about that. Also, my songs are different in that no song talks about 'how you broke my heart.' It's more like 'I'll break yours,'" Thrasher said.

"I let my frustrations out through music. One of my friends said they don't want to piss me off because they don't want to be the subject of my songs."

The band's signature song, "Last November," shows off her brutally honest song chops: "I remember last November, the way you looked into my soul/How you changed my life forever.../Now my life is changed forever, all I want is inside your head."

The trio plays a good amount of shows in the local scene and was one of the band's selected for the Q106 Homegrown Throwdown. (For more on this year's competition, see Page 16.)

When they play, expect a blistering and loud live set.

"It's high energy out there. At the end of the set, we're sweaty and beat up there," Thrasher said.

Get to know them

Robyn Thrasher

Favorite band: Nickelback

Favorite drink: Amaretto

Favorite horror movie: "Shaun of the Dead"

Dream vacation: Bimini, Bahamas

Best concert attended: Hall & Oates

Jim Frazee, bass

Favorite band: Kiss

Favorite drink: Jose Cuervo

Favorite horror movie: "Nightmare on Elm Street"

Dream vacation: Fiji

Best concert attended: Anthrax/Iron Maiden, 1990, The Palace of Auburn Hills

Jeff 'Dozer' Barnes, drums

Favorite band: Mudvayne

Favorite drink: Jager Bomb

Favorite horror movie: "Saw"

Dream vacation: Australia

Best concert attended: Ozzfest - Lansing Noise

"Local Talent Shines"

...Robyn Thrasher reminds me of Pat Benatar but with a modern sound and a native American Stevie Nicks (style wise). Her power and passion light up the stage and I love seeing a woman up there ripping on the guitar! - Musician Exchange

"Unisong International"

Last November selected for Honorable Mention in the Rock/Alternative category. - Songwriting Contest


2009-'Slow and Painful' (in process): a harder and darker offering guaranteed to be their best production yet.
2007-Weni Yu Di- (Which, in Cherokee, means "When You Die") featured the award winning hit; "Last November" and the hook laden "What Happened to Us" along with ten other hard hitting tunes.
2006-Robyn Thrasher- self released nine song LP spawned the popular songs; 'Read my Lips' and 'I Wanna Get High'.



Songwriter and band co-creator, Robyn Thrasher began her career in Florida and has since graced stages throughout the country. A published author, BMI artist and internationally awarded songwriter, Robyn leads a crew of seasoned yet youthful artists. This band combines a multitude of influences with a modern rock sound. The outcome being powerful, talent driven, hard hitting rock and roll. Robyn's voice has the ability to captivate the listener leaving them eager for more and her moving, poignant lyrics tell a story that anyone can relate to.
Over the past few years, Robyn has been working with Nickelback's Chad Kroeger and the band has played with and/or opened for; Skid Row, The Verve Pipe, Cinder Road, Seven Mary Three, and many more over the years.
Over the course of 2007-2008, Robyn's career was in high gear as the band was being aired on radio stations throughout the upper midwest. Realizing it was time to place themselves in a more profitable market, Robyn and James made the tough decision to replace their drummer and relocate back to Florida.
In the coming months, the band will begin touring starting in the upper midwest and working their way back to Florida. In the late fall/early winter months an overseas tour for the troops is in the works.