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Born and raised on the infamous south side of Chicago, rapper Rocboi dishes out his latest collection of material on “Aggression.” Rocboi does an amazing job of fusing hip/hop with hints of R&B, all while staying true to his underground rap roots. With a rapping style similar to NAS, Rocboi flaunts his poetic word play on songs such as “Believe It” and “I Do It.” Both tracks are full of brilliantly penned lyrics and fused with some soulful R&B instrumentation. He also delves into the world of sex with the very adult number, “Nasty.” Although this song does have some mature lyrics to it, the song is rap at its best. Any fan of Jay Z or good grooving hip/hop will thoroughly enjoy this album.
-Shaun H. and the reviewer team - radioindy


released 3 lp albums: LUV ME OR HATE ME, SWAGG CITY, and
AGGRESSION. tracks are streaming @



Rocboi was born and raised in Chicago,Il. on the southwest side. His goal was to be famous when he was young, his hobbies were basketball and video games. In his teens he learned that he had to work hard to earn money and credibility. In spring 1999 he moved to Gary Indiana with his family members. He did not have a job at that time so he began writing lyrics with all the spare time. In this stage In his life reality set, and he knew It was time to create goals and options for success If he wanted to be successful In life. He later met up with different music Engineers’ who helped him learn how to evolve with his music, such as demo tapes and studio knowledge. In summer of 2000 he met with another artist known as deadbodiez and formed a group called crunkhustlaz which released two underground albums. In 2004 Rocboi began working on solo projects and mixes. He completed an album called Luv Me Or Hate Me, and a mixtape called Tha Roc Out! In 2006 released another lp called swagg city, which is available on itunes! Rocboi has sold over 10,000 mp3 from his latest album and has a big fan base on myspace. A new release for his upcoming album AGGRESSION is set to release in feb 09! For more Info on Rocboi email or www.myspace. com/villanzent.