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Poppin' is the next big icon in thiss music industry. He has a certain swag to him that cannot be copied. His music speaks for itself. All his songs makes to feel exactly what he was feeling when he wrote that track. Poppin's a monster. Believe it!!!!


Poppin’s Bio

Poppin’, born James Monxhwedey, has a certain swag about him. It’s a swag that
can only be found in Harlem, New York. Growing up in New York was where his love for
rapping and beat making came from. Poppin’ did not get into music until Jay-z dropped
The Life and Times of Shawn Carter Vol.2 LP. Because cause of that album, Poppin’ went
back to do his homework on what he was getting to know as Hip-Hop. After all the
homework, Poppin’ began to work on his craft which is influenced by the likes of Biggie,
Jay-z, Nas, Method Man, 50 Cent, and many more. After graduating high school, Poppin’
attended a music engineering/production school to learn the boards and what the machines
really did and why they did what they did. In 2005, Poppin’ founded Ether Studios which is
his home studio. Later that year he landed an internship at Joi Studios, home to R&B
sensation group Jagged Edge. While working as one of the studios engineer and producer,
Poppin’ is consistently banging out hits and recording hits for his upcoming album entitled
Acceptable Risk. Poppin’ is not here for the fast cash nor to be a one hit wonder. He is here
for longevity and will achieve greatest in the game. Believe it!!!!


My latest single is called Another World which is on www.myspace.com/rocboxmusicgroup. I am currently working on more music.

Set List

My set list is usual 4 songs including: Girlfriend, How your like that, Another World, and Life. I sometimes do cover.