Rocco embarked on his musical career as a young child. At the age of six, Rocco enjoyed listening to and mimicking the sounds of his dad's opera records. Playing "Winnie the Pooh" in the 4th grade really set the stage for the future. Rocco's teacher suggested that his talent be developed with classical vocal lessons. On December 8, 1980 Rocco cried as did millions of people around the world. In music class the next day Disco Dionne, as he was known, put on Sgt. Pepper. Rocco realized then that he wanted to be like his hero Lennon: a songwriter.
At the age of 16 Rocco began writing his own songs. In high school Rocco competed and won All-State Chorus two years in a row and All-Eastern Chorus his senior year, being only one of eight from New York state. These records still hold. Junior year had Rocco starting his first band LAIZZE FAIRE playing bass and keyboards but mostly writing and singing. The bands first gig came when they got a chance to play at SAFA - Students Against Famine in Africa.
During his college years, Rocco performed in leading operatic roles including Puccini's "Gianni Schicci", Mozart's "Cosi fan Tutte", Poulenc's modern opera "Dialogue of the Carmelites" and Gilbert and Sullivans "The Gondoliers". Rocco also sang and acted opposite Edie Falco in the Purchase production of Heartbeat the musical. In the early 1990's Rocco was playing in the N.Y.U. band Newark, writing and arranging songs for the band as well as being the rhythm guitarist. With NEWARK Rocco had a chance to play in the CMJ Festival and was featured on TV Blue Channel.
In 1997 Rocco appeared in a video with Angelina Jolie and Mick Jagger called "Has anybody seen my baby."
September 11, 2001 also marked a period of transistion. Rocco began work on his debut solo album "A Walk with Rocco" on October 29, 2001 with the recording "September Sadness". Mastering was completed at "Gateway Mastering Studios" in Portland, Maine in summer 2003. Rocco's September Sadness was the first from what would come an album that some have called miraculous. After hearing "September Sadness", a reporter from the BBC, Pamela Grier, asked Rocco to be on her TV show to perform this haunting piece and to also sing a song called "I want the old New York" that he wrote. That performance was November 11, 2001 at Ground Zero.
Rocco's instrumental composition "September Sadness" from the solo debut album "A Walk with Rocco" on Pagliacci Records, has had over 25,000 downloads to date on, a German music website. In April 2003, "Gardens of Imagination", from the same album, was chosen by the National Holocaust Museum as the dedication piece for the opening of the Children's Memorial Garden. In September 2003, "A Walk with Rocco" is released on Pagliacci Records to critics' and fans' delight. The music lovers of Sweden by word of mouth and web chatter got Rocco's debut and loved it which led to a distribution deal with Delicious Goldfish Records in Sweden. In May 2004 Rocco is a Top 10 seller in the Hong Kong music store "The Panic." Summer 2004 had Rocco doing his first interview with Swedish magazine ETTNOLLET. In May 2005 Rocco signed his first Hollywood contract for his instrumental piece "Just you and me baby" to be featured in a movie. In July of 2005 Rocco's instrumental gem "Return of the Jade Idols' was chosen by the 2005 Theremin MOOG Original Composition Contest as one of the five best theremin songs of the year. In August,Rocco traveled to North Carolina to receive his award and meet with the worldwide theremin community that attended the festival. The song entrants were amongst the stiffest of competition from around the world. In the Fall of 2005 Rocco will release his second album "For a Day" on Pagliacci Records.


Sunset for Richie

Written By: rocco

Sunset for Richie

I don't think I ever met a braver man than you
Knowing now you had so much pain-you never complained
You made it look so easy
as if..
it were some game

I can still see you on your motorcycle
Coming down to the beach
to watch the sunset
and talk with all your friends
till it was night

I can still see you with a cigar in your mouth
Smiling, loving your new bike, loving life
I heard someone say you must of done alright and good
to be taken from us on that night

I still can't believe it but if I saw you again
I'd know just what I'd say
A sunset will never be the same again

Just keep riding into the sky

I'll never forget the last time that I saw you
It was just like a movie
You were riding your bike
down to the wall
to watch the sunset

Like you've done a thousand times before

You looked at me and you wondered why more people weren't here at the beach
to appreciate the things in life that are free
like a sunset

You said it so beautifully

"It's just great to be alive"

Well now your riding into the sky

We'll always remember the sunsets
the conversations, the laughs the friends
things will be different-out of synch

They'll never be the same again

I remember saying to you that I had written a song
for an undeserving fool
and you said to me you wished
someone would write
a song
about you

Heres your song

I hope you like your song

I hope it's not to long


A WALK WITH ROCCO Pagliacci Records 2003

Set List

I always go by my audience to set my set list. A show for 25 would be alot different than say a show for 250, 2500 or 25,000 for that matter.
I strive to connect with my audience and leave them musically satiated and entertained. I can sing anything if given the opportunity.